28 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs To Thee”

  1. 90% of White women belong in cages. They’ve become a (((manipulated))) subservient element.

    1. NO SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one am so sick and tired of their noise…..

  2. CA,
    Off topic question here. Is Remus at The wood pile report doing ok?

  3. Communism is a dinosaur, bitch! I’d be happy to just watch you fix your own sewer, sweetheart.

    1. MTH – I doubt that she can even fix her own sammich much less an actual repair task of any sort.

  4. Actually, it takes straight people to make any significant populations, so the queerer they get, the more they die out.

    1. This suggests the sodomites are ‘born that way.’

      They are not. They are products of overbearing mothers, absent fathers, and predatory sodomites.

    2. They do reproduce, that’s why they take control of the places where children are. The are not “born this way.” Those that get molested become molesters and many turn queer.

      1. PGF – they do ‘reproduce’ (after a fashion) but they do a LOT more recruiting to bolster their numbers.

  5. Hmm. I’m sure all those genetic dead ends will have a long legacy, indeed.

  6. the little cunt is right ewe know

    as long as they are protected and nurtured..

    ewe think things are ugly now?

    rid the landscape of cops (they’ve earned it) and begin the wholesale process

    just 299 million to go after that…

    tfA-t is a positive force for change 🙂

    1. These little white bitches have no clue what mass rape is, protected and coddled for generations and soon they will discover the joys of real communism. The Bolsheviks have always allowed and used rape as a means of subjugating the masses. No reason Americans can’t join in the learning experience too.
      And we’re at that point that we’ve become so dumbed down, a little practical application will enhance the learning curve for the idiot masses.

      1. These little white bitches have no clue what mass rape is… a little practical application will enhance the learning curve….

        . And wouldn’t ya know, you and tFat are champing at the bit for the day to arrive where you two can do just that without fear of retaliation.

        All in the name of freedom, of course.

  7. Sorry to bust your “fantasy bubble” with the pointed stick of reality; brain-addled and delusional young twat; but the ‘dinosaurs’ you so foolishly believe you will watch die; have “claws and teeth”. Not to mention the anger that the stupidity of you and your ilk have brought to a slow, rolling, boil…
    Yes, please; by all means keep your screeching… and discontent.
    I can promise that you all will get what you’re asking for, likely just in time to realize that it wasn’t what you wanted. And it won’t go the way you think it will.
    And then you’ll die, and get tossed onto the pile. Easy, peasy.

  8. Have you noticed that every one of the guys associated with this movement are little soy-bois, and every woman associated with this movement is absolutely but-ugly?

    1. …and every woman associated with this movement is absolutely but-ugly?

      Ugly girls need lovin too; just ask tFat.

  9. So she’s a carpet munching anti-Christ, obnoxious, obstinate, unrepentant mudshark….

    Seems like a nice young lady, commie revolution is winning.

  10. Words, (assumed, no veracity known), from Soros lickspittle States AG project Kamala Harris yesterday:

    “And once he’s “ Trumps” gone and we have regained our rightful place in the White House, look out if you supported him and endorsed his actions, because we’ll be coming for you next. You will feel the vengeance of a nation. No stone will be left unturned as we seek you out in every corner of this great nation. For it is you who have betrayed us.”

    Oh, you don’t say?
    Always be careful what you call for.
    But yeah.
    Bring it.
    Nothing like some good old fashioned nemesis to set things straight.

    1. @ mtnforge: Re: ““And once he’s “ Trumps” gone and we have regained our rightful place in the White House, look out if you supported him and endorsed his actions, because we’ll be coming for you next. You will feel the vengeance of a nation.”

      I once heard it said or perhaps read it somewhere, that when black folks get angry and feel threatened, neighborhoods and perhaps cities burn. But when white folks get upset, continents burn. The author of the quote went on to say that he wasn’t endorsing violence or calling for it in any way, but that he was simply making an observation about what happens when white folks think it is time to – as the military says – “break things and kill people.”

      In other words, Kamela Harris would be wise to be careful about the things for which she wishes. Just as you mentioned….

  11. When these lickspittles masters have lost, and the question of whats to be done with the whole lot of them is being decided, there’s always the Helicopter solution. Certainly a well earned honor for certain individuals.

    There is though a very cost effective mass solution for the large numbers of such poor wittle’ aggrieved dissatisfied put upon useless ghetto rats and soi red diaper babies, all who have never contributed drop one of blood or sweat to anything worth more then a bucket of warm spit to civilization. They want to tear up and wreck shit everyone else worked so hard for? Believe they are endowed with divine victim stance status?
    Give these clowns what they are talking out their arses and genociding for.

    Take the whole lot, give them some shovels and hoes, some seeds, couple dozen hogs and chickens, put them on a big deserted island, set up fish barricades about 1/4 mile offshore circling the island, stock the enclosed water with lots of white sharks, some underwater ant-personal land mines, a Coast Guard fleet of a dozen or so small 5 man gun boats, leave em be. Shoot on sight till they stop moving any that make it past the sharks.
    Finding volunteers to man the guard boats will be no problem.

    They can have their utopia. Create whatever cloud cuckoo land paradise they want.
    None of us White nazi’s will bother them. They can do whatever suits em’.
    Maybe, go in a few years later, see if any want to change their political views.
    Maybe, 10 years instead. Then you would be getting into formative life experience time.
    Hypothetically of course.

    1. “..Take the whole lot, give them some shovels and hoes, some seeds, couple dozen hogs and chickens, put them on a big deserted island, set up fish barricades about 1/4 mile offshore circling the island, stock the enclosed water with lots of white sharks, some underwater ant-personal land mines, a Coast Guard fleet of a dozen or so small 5 man gun boats, leave em be.”


      Such WAS tried, on a smaller scale on a couple of episodes of a survival show. The MEN, with the time and resources available to them built more than adequate shelters, a place to properly prepare and cook food (they had a pig they caught and butchered for bbq) and most importantly a way to filter and store water. The women made a pet of the pig that wandered in, frolicked in a nearby pond and then huddled in abject misery under some improperly constructed lean-to’s.

      Women CAN’T (for the most part, there’s always outliers on the Bell Curve) properly look after themselves..left to their own devices they WILL either starve or die from the elements.

      I say, let nature take its course as most men WON’T do the sensible thing of removing women’s un-earned privilege of voting, ending their empowerment or ending ALL welfare, both domestic and international.

      NorthGunner -The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. As the proprietor of Chateau Heartiste was fond of pointing out on his late lamented website, western women have been engaged in a generations-long ” sh*t test” in which they have pitted outsiders – the diaspora of the Third World, criminals, illegal immigrants and Muslims, to name just a few – against their own kind. They have also violated centuries of western social taboos and time-tested customs regarding the institutions of the family and marriage. Why? The answer lies in the immutable facts of human biology – male and female alike.

    If the reader will pardon a moment of being crass, in biological terms – sperm are cheap and common, whereas ova (eggs) are rare and valuable. Most women are driven – highly driven – to be hypergamous, which in colloquial terms means that they wish to “marry up” and to mate with the most-dominant, highest-status male available.

    Since such prospective mates are always in short supply, competition for them is – or can be – fierce. In societies where polygamy is permitted and/or practiced, high-status high-wealth males tend to accumulate multiple females. The dominant (alpha) men – tribal chieftains, kings, rulers, the wealthy, etc. – tend to get a predominant share of the women, and lower-status, less-powerful (beta) men do without or are forced to accept females they would not otherwise choose.

    What is the fate of the so-called beta man, the average guy on the street who desires a good life and would make a suitable mate, but cannot get one due to hypergamy? One of the many glories of traditional western – which is to say Christian – civilization, is the manner in which it dealt with this problem.

    For many centuries now, polygamy has been frowned-upon and proscribed, if not actively prohibited by law & custom, in the vast majority of western nations. This did two things, at the very least. First, it kept the dominant men from monopolizing all of the high-caliber women for themselves. Second, it gave the typical beta or gamma male a place at the table, a stake in the success of his society, culture and civilization.

    In return for this social contract – which also made the male the traditional head of the household and primary wage earner – the beta/gamma male agreed to provide for his spouse and off-spring and to be faithful to his chosen mate. In return for the marital fidelity, protection and economic security he would work to provide, she would do the same in return. So western male and female led their lives down through the eons, in this, the traditional model of the family. It’s success was no small part of why western (Christian) civilization attained such enormous success over the last millennium, particularly over the last three centuries or so.

    Cultural Marxism – of which feminism is one subset – changed all of that. The “successful” century-long march through the institutions of the West, up-ended the stable equilibrium and status quo between the men and women of European civilization, and discarded it in favor of what we see around us today. And there lies the rub of the matter.

    Ironically, having dismantled the old ways of doing things, the post-modern western female now finds herself not happier and more-content, but increasingly unhappy, barren and alone. The rates of successful marriage and family formation are today vastly less than in the past of even fifty years ago, let alone seventy-five or one-hundred years ago. Western men, having been told in so many words that they were unsuitable – that they were oppressors, bigots, haters of women, etc. – have retreated en-mass from these formerly successful and vitally-important institutions.

    Having rejected the men available to her in her own society, and unwilling to alter her map of reality to fit the facts, vast numbers – although certainly not all – western women are now pushing for open-borders, and for admitting outsiders to the civilization their ancestors worked so hard to build. A tidal wave of so-called immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and the diaspora of the Third World are now swamping and steadily-erasing what remains of western civilization, in many places around the world.

    What of the newcomers? What is their role in this existential little drama being played out?

    Feminist women, having consigned the traditional western man to the scrap-heap of history, are now complaining that they do not like the choices of men on offer. “Where have all the cowboys gone?” they ask. Why, you made them illegal and abolished them, is the answer – but of course they don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to face the fact that the vast numbers of soy-boys and near-do-wells out there are the direct result of the soceity they pushed so hard to create, the society they demanded be made for them.

    Instead of facing the facts, however unpleasant they may be, a great many women instead are placing their bets on the newcomers to solve their problems for them. If a native Swedish or German man won’t ask her out and cater to her every whim, then maybe it is time for those men to be replaced – replaced by the swarthy-skinned and “exotic” outsiders from far-away places.

    This is not merely hyperbole, either: In both of the nations cited – Germany and Sweden – the government (globalists to the core in both places) are actively mounting campaigns to get native-born women to date, marry and sire families with the new-comers. Ad campaigns and government social-welfare programs which promote inter-marrying between native women and the new arrivals. Subsidized housing for the newcomers, cradle-to-grave welfare benefits for them. In Germany, Angela Merkel’s government went so far as to evict native Germans from government-sponsored housing because it is “needed” by the immigrants and refugees!

    The foregoing are some of the reasons why Chateau Heartiste calls feminism a multi-generational “sh-t test, one which western males have failed. Perhaps, but it is also one women – especially feminist women – have failed. Bigly, as a certain man with orange hair would say.

    At the very least, these harpies, feminists and assorted ingrates have failed to appreciate in the slightest the glories of western civilization, one which its men labored for literally centuries to build. Western men built what is arguably the finest and most-successful civilization in human history, and they said that it wasn’t enough.

    If they believe the newcomers can do better, they are in for a rude awakening. A very rude awakening.

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