5 thoughts on “Briggs: Coronadoom Is Now Entirely Political”

  1. Coronadoom Is (was?) Entirely Political?

    Don’t tell that to Asop… that was his bread-n-butter for Q1 2020.

    1. Aaaand…the tribals double down on ‘Stupd-1984 beer virus’ for $1000 Alex!

      Yup,…even though statistically, indians do come in on the IQ status just below
      whites..the local ‘Rez-Lords’ near my AO HAVE just decreed that ‘THE MASK’
      is mandatory to protect “it’s most at risk members” from the ‘boo-hoo-bogey
      flu’…the local town of Parker, Az ISN’T happy with it and IS trying to fight it..
      with the issue going in front of the ‘Board of Stuper-visors’ asap….

      Here’s the info:

      CRIT requires face masks in public, Town of Parker rejects similar measure

      Please read the comments – the majority of them are from folks that are NOT
      having any more of this plandemic fear-mongering bullshit and they’re NOT
      being silent about it..a few have even properly raised the facts that this ‘bug’
      is not even in the 1% leathality range and that the reports of mass deaths ARE
      fraudulently inflated to create a panic.

      Makes me wonder if the tribal chairman and other members just happened
      to purchase cough-cough ‘Covid-19 Pandemic Stocks’ recently cough-cough….

      Of course ‘aeslop’ would be mentally abusing himself with the news..he’s
      deep into ‘confirmation bias’ even after his ‘EEEEEEBOLLLAAAAA’ bs implosion…..

      If the ‘shit of crit’ REALLY wanted to ‘help’ their “most at risk members” as
      well as the rest of the indian community, the best thing they could do is to
      get themselves OFF their addiction to WELFARE/gov handouts at ALL levels – that has a
      completely disporportionate destructive effect to ALL indians far more than any nothingburger
      two-bit cold virus!!

      Fuck crit and their face-panty dicta!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire

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