12 thoughts on “Hatelaugh”

  1. The whole Noosecar thing was a staged event, all of it, end to end. There were no mistakes or errors made by any of the players or parties. The Soviets must be blushing.

      1. lessee

        big lips
        kinky hair
        white teefus
        black face
        stink like shit
        ghetto taste

        they all look the same to me

        1. 01. Bantu
          02. Bushman
          03. High Yellow Flim-Flam
          04. Banana Mouthed
          05. Hair Did
          06. Rastafarian
          07. Blubber Lip
          08. Cross-Eyed
          09. Chimp
          10. Gollywog

          1. You forgot:

            Pavement Ape
            Porch Monkey
            Dindu Nuffin
            Spear Chucker

            The nigger cares only about three things in life;
            loose shoes, tight pussy and a warm place to shit.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. He’s a halfrican. Used his black privilege. Why didn’t he use his white privilege ?

  3. Sadly, his bullshit got the cowards to tell NASCAR fans that the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia – called the ‘Confederate’ or ‘rebel’ flag by some – was no longer welcome at NASCAR races or events. The ignorance in this country is stunning. Apparently, NASCAR is clueless about its primary fan base. Let me remind everyone again; if you count every knee grow in this country, they are 12.7% of the population. Twelve point seven percent. If they are unhappy here, in this white, Christian, heterosexual, privileged society; please accept our invitation to get the fuck out of here. And, as incentive – you fools who opt to stay and continue on with your bullshit until we strike back – just keep it up. I don’t want all this fuckin’ ammo to go for naught. I’m an old white guy, what you black fuckers call a ‘polar bear’. I seem to have heard you like “hunting” old guys like me. And you will, until your hunt brings you to me. Then, let’s dance, shall we? I welcome the opportunity to ‘share’ the things I learned in the Corps.

  4. A dirty stinking commie false everything flag doesn’t get any more obvious than a ghetto rat named Bubba Wallace driving a car for weaponized NASCAR.
    Except a usurper named Hussein Obama.

    Whats next? Restrictor plates to make it fair for all when they sanction drive by shootings and carjacking in the rule book?

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