4 thoughts on “Lind: The Suicide Of The Left”

  1. “I fear the blacks may bear the brunt of the reaction.  The cultural Marxists are using the blacks as weapons against whites, much the way Reconstruction in the South after the Civil War used local blacks against whites.  That poisoned race relations in the South for a century.  I don’t want to see the same thing happen nationwide now.  Most blacks just want to live normal, middle-class lives.”

    Absolute BULLSHIT!! I worked as a teacher in Lynwood, California for many years with many black teachers and, to a person, behind closed doors, they *all* hated whitey. (Every white teacher I knew was of the same opinion.) Some more out in the open than others, but all without question. All niggers. Every one.

    The only time I got a fair shake from a black was from the Nigerian immigrant teachers, who, BTW, could not stand American blacks.

    “I fear the blacks may bear the brunt of the reaction.”

    I fucking hope so.

  2. The Marxists are no longer Cultural. They have street action, hierarchy, planning, and funding and are backed by the US governments. The bias is showing.

  3. The rioting, the looting the gun-toting black thugs on the streets are driving even Mr. and Mrs. Normie-Con further and further to the radical right… and making the StormFront types look reasonable and appealing. Every time a porch-dwelling street goon decides to play the ‘knock-out-game’ on a 92 year old woman minding her business on the street–these people start to line up at the gun stores.

    The rampant looting and outright chaos two weeks ago did nothing but make people reach for their Glocks–if they had them that is. Like I mentioned above, even in California the gun shops in the big cities are sold out. Ammo is sold out. Tactical gear is sold out practically. You have to make an appointment to visit most gun shops in Ca.

    The BLM communist movement led by these loud-mouthed thugs have done nothing but set race relations back to the 19th Century.

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