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  1. Once you have seen it played out before your naive eyes, it’s much easier to recognize what’s coming your way.

    1. As I keep pointing out, exceptional arrogance isn’t an attribute for winning.

      1. Some folks just have to keep doubling down where
        stupid + ego + civ nat mythology are concerned……

        It’s not like the fact that most ‘repub pols’ ARE
        leaning more and more to the bolshevik side is
        escaping people…the ‘Overton Window’ is shifting
        and IF those ‘repub pols’ want to KEEP getting
        re-elected, then they WILL shift over to what their
        bolshevik voter base increasingly wants and demands.
        Even Black Pigeon Speaks has noted this….

        So much for ‘the vote’…also remember that Duschavelli
        said, “It’s not who votes that matters..it’s who COUNTS
        the vote!”.

        And since the FUSA HAS adopted the majority of the planks
        of the communist manifesto…’Mureica IS a de facto communist
        country…it just hasn’t imploded like it’s neighbor to the South…

        Tick tock…Tick tock…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. I think there’s a large part of the cops that don’t want to see who owns them, that they actually work for the Bolsheviks. They live in their own bubble; work together, party together and have their own club of the Boys in Blue. A large part of the conservatives adore them, not realizing either they’re communists in disguise. Look at the retirement plans set up by their handlers, they’re well taken care of for their loyal service to the elites.
      Most of the western white world lives in a state of constant Bolshevik media brainwashing and has no clue what’s really going on, they’re confused and bombarded with new squirrel hunts every day to distract them from who really runs the show, always pointing out new enemies that didn’t exist a year or five ago. When the evil empire collapsed 30 yrs ago, they created 100 new ones since. And nobody has figured it out, since they’re told not to look there, it’s bad think.

      1. The pension stuff is a pain point for the popo.

        Once they understand the combo of underfunded, with unrealistic return forecasts, and paper that is just another asshole’s bad debt, they get loud and then real quiet.

  2. “So always be on guard…..” True that. However, this pretty young woman is preaching to the choir. Here in Rawles Land, the shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, vaping Mall Zombies, Normies, Sheeple, Cucks, Woke Millennials, geriatric Greenwoodites and other human dreck just roll along their merry way. There have been “defund the police” protests. But, in a community where there are over 600 retired cops between CDA and the Canuck border, the local Crazy Cat Ladies, bearded man-bun soy-boys, and their alpha female girlfriends are not being received graciously.
    It makes for good entertainment for the rest of us who get it and, who are training and prepping like mad. Big GSSF shoot at the Fernan Lake facility 07/10-07/12. Many folks expected. Local retailers are rationing 9MM ammo. Handguns are hard to come by. Will post more info as I get it. Good to be back among friends. Bleib ubrig, my brothers and sisters.

    1. Dweezil, check your email. I’m in ID now – a bit north of you. Forestar

      1. Forestar: I received your email and replied back. Let me know when we can meet.

  3. “Yet, while denial might placate those who do not prefer to confront unpleasant facts, truth does not mold itself to the wishes and desires of the willfully ignorant.”


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