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I’m Walter Sobchak from Kansas. I’m a mechanic by trade, blogger, freedom activist and reformed street racer. I actually have been around some big fights/small riots so I’m familiar with chaos. I discovered WRSA, actually it was probably around 2014, around the time of Ferguson riots, I think via the old hcstx blog.

The Tulsa Trump rally was really very crazy. A recent AmPart article on the antifa organization gave me a real good primer on what to look for. I have been aware of the BLM/Revcom since Ferguson. It was shocking to see the whole antifa operation on full display at work in Tulsa.

Everything I read in the AmPart article and DTG’s recent info graphic I saw firsthand with only minor variations. Overall there was very little actual violence in Tulsa. I believe from my observations that antifas goal in Tulsa was to suppress Trump supporters from entering the rally, to give the illusion of depressed turnout and they were successful. I’ve been following these communist vermin online for years, but to actually witness the organization and scale of the antifa operation firsthand was shocking. The Trump supporters there aren’t giving them enough credit.

I observed the ‘medics’ the black block, the bicycle scouts, everything was there. It was a milieu of shady non state actors at our hotel, which unfortunately turned out to be in the BLM staging area. I saw a guy with a revcom banner marching with the black block. I was deliberately dressed pretty ‘gray man’ so I didn’t stand out and this was a good choice, incognito. The msm media reports on Tulsa are a total fabrication and not at all what I observed. Locals I interviewed were shocked by the antifa circus, those guys definitely weren’t from around here.

Yes I absolutely recommend that anyone else in the freedom business do what I did, go to a Trump rally. Especially if it’s in friendly territory like Tulsa. Don’t even go in, the real show is outside. The deplorables are the nicest people to street camp with pre rally. Follow the antifa around and photograph them, they hate it.

I see the USA in chaos in 12 months. I’ve been pondering the possibility of what comes next and there’s a lot of possible outcomes but probably the ongoing cold civil war is hot by then. Neither side is going to concede this election and D voter fraud will be massive. The chaos is and will be worldwide and will only get worse.

My best decision in the freedom business has just been being in the freedom business. Reading everything I can get my hands on, knowledge is power.

I really wish I could have got some SIGINT at the rally. We were basically a tiny team and were able to observe and report. I listened in/scanned on an HT on Friday 19 before the rally but I didn’t hear anything. I wasn’t monitoring on the day of but I did observe that the antifa present at this event were using Baofeng or similar HT’s, the uv5r. Getting a hotel room in the middle of BLM territory was a little sketchy, more time to scout ahead of the event would have helped.

I will definitely vote for Trump. The deplorables I talked to believe it a battle with good and evil. They are more optimistic about Trump fixing things than I am, they see him as a last chance for peace before open conflict with the communists, people I talked to anyway. It can’t hurt and it might help. He’s the anti communist vote and triggers the left, so voting Trump can’t hurt. Everyone should vote Trump in my opinion just to hopefully offset the massive dem fraud.

Odds of open chaos and violence in 17+ states next year is probably quite high imo, the fact that communists ran an op and marched in the streets of Tulsa is crazy to me, anything is possible at this point.

When it comes to food, water and ammo we definitely don’t have enough, no one does. I’m trying to build community, no man is an island, we are probably not making it through what’s coming alone.

My favorite pro freedom meme has to be the roof Koreans, love the roof Koreans. We were ready to roof Korean in Tulsa if we’d had to for sure.

It was really important for me to write this, what I saw was crazy and shocking and the media is not reporting it at all. People need to know how big, organized and well funded this antifa operation is. They were extremely successful in inciting riots a few weeks ago and they were extremely successful suppressing rally turnout. They were outnumbered by team freedom in Tulsa, if they had gone kinetic I think they would have lost badly, but they aren’t stupid, and violence wasn’t their goal.

Intimidation was one goal and I don’t think they were succeeding at that, but the turnout suppression operation was tremendously successful. I seriously wonder if any LE saw what I did and if they have their stuff together regarding these American Viet Cong. I would not be surprised if team freedom is way ahead of them recognizing the players. I think there’s most definitely a fight coming soon, and it’s winner take all, the stakes have never been higher.

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  1. If you were at an antifa hotel, you should have stayed there and made it your op.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It will be useful in further opening the eyes of some good people that just don’t quite understand the evil we are up against.

  3. If they are in fact using the 2 meter or 70 cm bands without being licensed, it should be easy to intercept these communications. Can anyone in the vicinity of these protests with the technical means to do so please attempt some SIGINT on this?

  4. Great post.

    The MAGA folk are carrying flags and the commies are carrying rocks and bricks and God knows what else.

    1. Exactly!


      Not voting.

      Not another ad nauseam recollection of a normie beginning to see.

      Not tailgating, hanging out, and blowing sunshine, rainbows, and pixie dust up each other’s asses.

  5. “…My best decision in the freedom business has just been being in the freedom business…”

    “…Reading everything I can get my hands on, knowledge is power…”

    “…When it comes to food, water and ammo we definitely don’t have enough, no one does. I’m trying to build community, no man is an island, we are probably not making it through what’s coming alone…”

    Thank You For The Most Excellent and Succinct and Precise AAR.

    There was a WP Inspect tech-space campaign of dirty stinking commie minions reserving tickets for the outside venue to fool Trump’s, basically to keep the numbers of Deplorable’s with tickets artificially low, among other objectives.

  6. The comrades are serious about their utopia crack pipe dream FAIL and will burn this country to the ground.
    That is a feature and not a bug to the CPUSA and their fifth columns.
    Laugh all you want at our feckless external enemies but after a period of deliberate weakening of the US they will make a move.

  7. judo is the art of using your opponents force against him

    judo should be taken into consideration as an effective political tactic

    let’s you and him fight..


    just be ready to strike ruthlessly and decisively when the iron is good n hot

    tfA-t imparts wisdom and truth

  8. Notice if you will there exists two forms of “insurgency”, one is astro-turf, one is grass-roots, one is not open source but highly controlled with centralized management, the other as natural, organic and leaderless as can be.
    Both divergent aspects are fundamental to the picture.

    One has a legacy of self determining self reliant motive power.
    One has to first fight for/over territory, hold that territory, and maintain that hold.
    One is the legacy hereditary plank owner of the territory under attack.
    One has an offensive stance in operations.
    One is defensive by nature and posture.
    One relies close to exclusively on non-organic institutional sources for funding and all other forms of support.
    One is totally organically open source self funded and supported.
    One has reached the stage where it must take the offensive if it is to move forward and realize its objectives, it is highly vulnerable to time and the imperatives of perishable political emphatis.
    One holds all of the moral high ground regardless of the false narratives contrary to moral virtues.
    One must buy and coerce, brainwash and deceive Hearts & Minds.
    One has zero need to win Hearts & Minds, only lead and point out the obvious to the less perceptive or informed.
    Again, one is astro-turf, one is grass-roots, one is artificial industrial faux, one is in and lives within it’s natural environment.
    One is goaded, manipulated, coerced, conned, indoctrinated into violence and other subversive activities, it would not exist naturally without vast centuries long agenda and proxies.
    One ain’t even reached the first stages of rightful vengeance, it is still conserving it’s cold anger, carefully observing, minding its business of resistance to tyranny, building, learning, watching, waiting, understanding anew long learned hard won knowledge codes and traditions.
    One is all about destroying what they have never contributed to or built, they are freeloaders on civilization, with an all outside reality view of itself as the moral victim, without prudence and other pereceptions of responsibility for their actions. They are an army of the ends justifies the means, their objectives center upon the lowest possible common denominator. As an organization, below the ruling masters and their amerikan nomenklatura class of sycophants and lickspittles, there is a collective absence of time sense, a fundamental aspect of why useless ghetto rats and other BLM actors make excellent useful idiots and cannon fodder.
    One possesses time sense in vast abundance, often mistaken for lack of intellectual and philosophical preparedness, unwillingness “to do something”, when what this is at the crux is innate prudence and patience with a very healthy portion of tolerance for things most of the human race would long ago dropped everything and began to exuberantly fighting back. This is a unique kind of tolerance too, it is turn the other cheek, but there for the grace of God I go. In a term, a most reluctant citizen soldier culture. There exists a pantheon of reasons and causes for this inherent character. History teaches, it shows it has a very circular feature about it in The West, specifically the 2000 plus year culture originating in Athenian reco Roman and later Christian history which is the foundation for our American American civilization of ordered and individual Liberty. It is important to recognize a couple features of both Liberty’s: ordered Liberty is very hard, difficult to maintain, much depends generationally on its preservation and conservation, it is vulnerable to every sort of immoral human activity, requiring high and mighty barbaric warrior virtue vigilance, which also is vulnerable to generational effects.
    Individual Liberty, thats a whole different critter. It’s got a myriad of built in anti-fragile, indomitable features, very hard, might be it’s impossible to destroy never mind subvert and waylay. It is also the Unalienable thing. It is carried and or passed on thru the blood, once infected by personal Liberty there is no turning back, for when you are a Freeman of Liberty the truth and answers are irrefutable, there are no other answers, only self delusion and deceit.
    You may not have the resources to put these elements into words or clear thought, regardless nothing is diminished or lost.
    John Rappoport composed a succinct perspective:

    “Freedom isn’t merely an idea. When an individual feels and knows he is free, all sorts of changes take place, even on a physical level:
    Brain function increases and quickens. Endocrine levels optimize. The cells of the body awaken to a higher degree, and energy output rises.
    From the point of view of the free individual, things are upside down. It is HIS power that is primary, not the monolithic corporate State’s.” -Jon Rappoport

    Motive power and Audacity be their name. Against this is this:

    “Fourth Generation war is rooted in a crisis of legitimacy of the state.” – WS Lind

    “Our Cause We Leave To God And Our Rifles”
    Indeed. Ones within and without our government is waging open war upon us.
    There are not enough of them to stop us.
    They only have fear and power to hurt as weapons.
    If everyone who can stands and fights, refuses to comply we can not be vanquished, we are indomitable Men.
    We are Legion.
    When they come Kill them all.
    They will soon run out of armed sycophants.
    Let God sort them out.

    Think I’m talking out my ass here?
    How do you suppose our country and the blessings of Liberty began?
    The fucking tooth fairy left it under our pillow?

    An army of useless ghetto rats and pasty soi red diaper babies, a brainwashed army of useful idiots, is gonna destroy not only this almost unimaginably large resource abundant geographic territory, but us dirt people, when they can’t even control 6 city blocks handed to them on a silver platter, anything which could have shut it down before or during in a NewYork minute held back?

    The sense resistance is futile is the only thing that will make us Freemen losers here. Even when it is given in the light of good intentions. Here again it comes back to prudence, the lack of which is the fundamental issue of our time.
    Just because you believe you mean well is not nor ever but a fucking excuse for not being responsible for your mouth actions and deeds.
    This is the separating dynamic between both sides in this war.

  9. Thanks all for reading. James W.- I actually did stay there for a while, there really wasn’t much to see, the hotel was a ghost town mostly. I observed a van with Illinois plates arriving Fri. and they appeared to be ‘activists’. Between that and seeing the guy with the Revcom banner with the black bloc I’m fairly sure it was Chicago Revcom antifa that was there. I was primarily there to help out a buddy who’s a big maga guy get in the rally, and also to provide him and another who went with security, so this dictated where I was and what I was doing to a large extent. I saw one dude lurking around the hotel a lot, something about this dude hit me on a gut level, I’d say it was likely he was a MFIC and ex military. This guy was fit, had a shaved head and long beard, his eyes were cold, really intense and focused, I won’t forget that dude. Divemedic- we took some HT’s for inter team comms but they didn’t work well due to being in the concrete canyons, also the Baofengs scan so slow that also didn’t help. I definitely would have liked to taken my mobile that scans really fast and has wideband Rx, but I didn’t. I witnessed pure evil, I call it the beast, when that black block roared by it was the beast. Years of knowing what’s going on still didn’t prepare me for the shock of seeing all this. I hope more people can go to some other rally’s, take more people, more SIGINT, better cameras etc. I think these commies are likely really outside the OODA loop of LE and .gov, they have a lot of sympathizers in the Press and .gov. I think I did ok considering this is my first time doing something like this and I have no real formal training. Thanks again to you all, especially CA for letting me tell my story.

    1. Thanks for sharing this-really appreciate your going to the event, doing what you did, and then taking the time to write it up. Keep up the good work.

  10. Trump should use this as part of his campaign. ANTIFA claims they were able to reserve spots and keep people away from Tulsa rally. Demand that voter I.D. becomes a REQUIREMENT for the November election. The Left has been claiming voter influencing in 2016, so they shouldn’t complain about measures making this election more safe, right ?

  11. Yeap, I happen to have spotted a couple of times hooded single walkers
    roaming and looking. And that was a couple of times in my limited walks
    around the neighborhood. Bet they are canvacing more.

    Good heads up on this report, thank you.

  12. If I understand the security of POTUS and VPOTUS correctly, the Secret Service has ultimate say so over the event. Trump and Pence had to have been told by the SS that their safety could not be guaranteed if they spoke at the outside rally site.
    It couldn’t have just been the street level Antifa they were concerned about.

    Additional thoughts:
    If Trump wins re-election he will start responding to the rioting and destruction of public and private property. That this is an election year is why it’s continuing without much response.
    If the plot to remove Trump had succeeded, how long ago would Pence have bent his knees before BLM and Antifa?

    1. “If Trump wins re-election he will start responding to the rioting and destruction of public and private property. ”

      Yeah, just like he drained the swamp, built the wall and curbed illegal immigration. Pipe dreams abound among the groupies. Any of you folks have a clue what reality is?

      1. Is it record low black unemployment, fag rights, Jerusalem as capitol and “Plus the Trans”?

  13. Having read the gloating AAR written by the domestic terrorists, and reading at the sites I do, I was aware of the marxist’s tactics. I appreciate the author’s time to verify.

    The moslems and marxists are currently enjoying a one sided war.

    With the masks off, while the bread and circuses are gone, it is unlikely to remain one sided.

    ‘Everyone has a plan until the get hit in the mouth’.
    Mike Tyson

  14. Thanks for posting, Walter. You OK with this being shared on another freedom-friendly site?

  15. “I would not be surprised if team freedom is way ahead of them recognizing the players.”

    You’d be wrong in that assessment. What the left has in abundance is organization. The right, comparatively, has none. That’s why any initial gains will go to the left. Remember doxxing? That’s just targeting without the killing. Those building their databases don’t even need to know they are a targeting cell and intelligence collection apparatus.

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