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  1. Off topic, sorry but, how do i subscribe to get all the posts in my inbox like before?

    1. You are one of many who miss that feature.

      My IT chief is (along with his other duties to fam and work, he is helping me for free) in an argument with the new provider about their lousy template selection.

      It is a known issue and we will fix it asap.

      Thanks for your patience.

      1. Thank you! I like this blog but, as I forget many times to visit the site and not my inbox, along with the Burning Platform and NCRenegade.

      1. I use the “Brave” browser. When I click on those links all I see is the underlying code for the page.
        What should I be seeing?

  2. WWII was about saving communism so it could be implemented in the US.
    The same US bankers who funded the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution bailed out the commies with vital money and supplies.
    The T-34 tank designed by two Americans who got no credit along with generals mud and winter were a huge help to the Reds.
    Also the Germans had no long range four engine bomber and the Russians moved all factories beyond the Ural mountains where no two engine bomber could reach.

        1. When you read about the 1920-30’s and the lies, the Jesse Owens hoax, it’s just like they did to Trump. Every word was twisted and presented 180′ from the truth.
          Same folks, same media.

    1. With the original post, you won’t get reported for (((hatespeech.)))

        1. Saint Mel Strikes Again…I bet this is the 88th time he’s hit a home run!

  3. Murdochmurdoch nails it like a black rapist to a white woman. Heartily recommend all their videos.

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