11 thoughts on “Briggs: You Must Take This Kulturkampf As Seriously As The Enemy Does”

  1. Hopefully the new Red Guards will have a Night of the Long Knives moment but no strong leader is to be found and that is not by accident.
    If the comrades can turn against each other that would be to our benefit.
    The coalition of most favored victims has its foundations in sand and they don’t really like each other but do share a hatred of YT that is a common bond for the comrades.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hawV-yThN0 ( 4 minutes long )

    Terrorist Awareness: “We the Free People of Lansing” (Unedited Version)

    The Ladiator
    June 20, 2020

    Unedited footage showing “We the Free People of Lansing” members directly pointing a firearm on a motorcyclist bystander for revving his engine. There are cops in the background which are standing by allowing this to happen.

    From a live stream provided by Geoph Aldora Espen
    Facebook group
    Woke article about the leader of the bunch (Paul Birdsong, an ex-Bloods member)
    Michigan firearm laws

  3. Na follow 0321s lead go hide in your shack on a mountain outside Jackson Hole Wy, rationalize your every reason standing up to communists is a bad idea. Cuz a patriot could get hurt, Fucking coward.

    This unfortunate task has been passed down to citizens, average men and women, who understand the ramifications of their actions.

    Going to be vacationing at Mt Rushmore, having trouble sourcing a ” right” time to book a couple weeks. Yea, I know opsec.

    You guys tired of hiding behind screen names, anybody have a good look in the mirror last night, did you figure it out, I didn’t think so……….. Talking shits so much safer.

    If I may, I’m researching for purchase the newer Poly Plates for my vest. Anybody understand the engineering side of this, willing to share which ones and were to make that purchase. Budgets 1500.00 ish, for a set. I need two sets. Needs to be the newer poly “lite” plates.

    Gents, I know your all good men, honorable men. My time line, my go time, isn’t yours, I just hope that some of you start to address this crap. I’m scared, and I’m angry.

    Their are millions of men like you/ me, waiting for the right time, to,know their fellow patriots, concerned Americans, are at the end of their rope, and ready to do what needed, knowing the down side.

    My wife is terrified, I won’t come home, via dead or incarceration. Do the crime, do the time, pretty simply actually.


    1. Excellent reply Dirk, and all this coming from a guy who ran off to the mtn’s of Oregon to build his hideaway on 3 gov’t retirement checks.
      Now you’re the one who’s going to show us chickens how it’s done. Urban street fighting from a real LEO.
      Reminds me of the scene in “The Eagle has Landed” where Larry Hagman shows his boys how it’s done. Bang-flop!

      BTW; I’m more of a reconnaissance expert, frontal assaults aren’t my cup of tea.

  4. Know thy enemy,know exactly what do in all situations, get your limit set and stick to it, as I cannot see how much longer this static situation, ya friggin static ! (you all know what I mean) could possibly last. If you got all drilled and clear ( to the point where ya can’t miss) I could suggest that you take your last favorite trip and harden your hearts like me but thats only cause I have had my shit wired tight for years and have no one in tow. Make sure your core friends will really walk way from it all. I keep having the picture of Tom Cruise at the lake sanctuary in the movie Oblivion and he says ” It could have been great”. Cardio and more damn cardio while I listen to “Indestructable” by Disturbed, 14,000 ft peaks at my back….. sincerely best wishes, vested plank member

  5. So the lesson from the video is that we will engage the communists and the government sympathizers/co-conspirators simultaneously on a cold situation which is actually hot and without prior knowledge of danger.

    That biker was in combat before he arrived at that intersection, everyone must get that into their heads now.

    1. Bingo.
      We have gov’t sympathizers that will shoot you dead because they think you’re fighting FedGov, which you are, and they haven’t a clue they’re just another useful idiot helping the bad guys.
      This is turning into a real shitshow.

      Except for Dirt, he knows what he’s doing.

      1. FedGov = Bolsheviks supported BY their Globalist Bankster Elite owners.

        Are the rest of you now starting to understand?….

        And no, cops are NOT your friends.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. No 4 gov retirement checks, get your facts start, fucking whiner. I’d tell you the total after taxes, but you would be even more butt hurt.

    Brother life’s about choices, make good choices, win big praises.

    O yea. ,Ol DIRT is scared shitless, dosent have a clue what to do, just knows he’s not taking a knee, or making further excuses, like you’re dumb ass.

    You really are a whiny fucking looser aren’t you.


  7. Okay, so we have two people living in ideal locations who understand the severity of our situation.
    Now how do we make that a strategic advantage? You both have much to offer and being that many of us have been “inside” of the leviathan it must be understood that that is an advantage, even collecting three pensions. Critique is good, but not when it is meant to be condescending. We need people of value to learn to trust one another for the less than stellar members.

    You both make good points, but please do not scare away newer potential with the appearance of doubt and confusion. Just asking…

    I also understand that people are trying to get through to one another on important issues. That’s an even better plus for us.

    1. Well said. Money is just another weapon. It’s the intent that matters.
      Michael Collins wouldn’t have accomplished shit without helpers on the inside.
      Trust but verify.

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