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  1. The guy is a civnat boot licker. There is a difference between anarchy and lawlessness. Learn it. Anarchy is ignoring stupid laws, lawlessness is purposefully harming others. Before the police were militarized did we have a violent commie revolution? Some people can’t properly connect seemingly disparate things. What changed? The commies took over all of the institutions, INCLUDING THE PO PO, and injected moral relativism (Godless Humanist Evil). That’s what changed. No amount of Police, no amount of government, no amount force can fix this, ever. In fact, all that force WILL be turned against you, count on it.

    America has structural problems that can’t be fixed by any other means other than war since Christians won’t do their job and have given that job to government, their new God.

    Everybody who sees the war coming should want the Police disarmed and disbanded. Maybe they disband during a general conflict maybe not, but a militarized police is not the friend of liberty.

    Choose: Militarized Police or commie revolution? This is the classic false choice and reason why I threw my TV into a dumpster years ago. Ask yourself; why the “news” presents these as the only two options?

    De-mil the PO PO and Americans will be left with little choice but the solve this pesky Revolution themselves!!! The Police and Government ARE IN THE WAY of fixing this. Government is a problem, not a solution.

    As satisfying as it would be to see the government crush this CHAZ zone thing, logic instead of emotion is better long term tool. When you have to finally draw the line, that same force will later be applied to you.

    Stop falling for the false D and R paradigm. Everything you support by the one is used against you by the other.

    1. Yeah, the fact that all institutions within the USG view trad Americans as the enemy is a bitter, bitter pill to swallow for most trads.

      Greenwoodism is a helluva drug.

      But accept it one must, or the odds of making it through the shitstorm plummet radically.

      Godspeed to all.

      1. I probably shouldn’t have been that hard on the guy. If you listen closely he’s not really a boot licker but he still doesn’t get it, get it.

      2. I have hit a wall with the Republicans, I’ve sent many of them links from here and get back nothing but idiotic emails about standing for the Repubs since they fought slavery and are the backbone of the American people. These are the same people that want patriots locked up for subversive activities, remember Malheur? The Branch Davidians? All bad people who belong in prison according to the backbone because they resisted the lawful orders of FedGov..
        They refuse to understand it’s a ruse, a con game of the Uni-party.
        My main concern is even after the hammer falls, they won’t understand who is manipulating them and feeding them false info. How do you work against 2 enemies, the Bolshevik left and the brainwashed right? They absolutely refuse to open their minds to understanding some people want true freedom from oppressive gov’t, they’re perfectly happy worshipping the popo and the gov’t as it is today.

        1. Why should you be concerned whether the Trump lickers figure anything out? Let them all die a miserable slow death!
          It makes no difference to me what gets rid of them; the commies, the gubment or their ignorant lifestyle.
          Good riddance!
          You work against those two enemies by being patient enough to let them weaken each other.
          The status quo must fall apart and it must instigate it’s own downfall!

          1. Very true.
            You want to look out for your friends, and then realize those same brainwashed friends will hang you as a traitor in a heartbeat.

            Back to grey man mode.

  2. Hussein Hopenchange weaponized all levels of government against Trad Americans.
    Third world turds who can’t live without mommygov are easily controlled.
    Armed independent people who know their rights are not so easily controlled.

  3. Fred, outstanding overview. This IS our Fight now!. How about we defund Congress, and Senate, and hang all the attorneys, well with the exception of one dam good one, who runs this place.


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