10 thoughts on “PSA: How To Receive WRSA Posts By Email”

  1. How to make this work for dummies, please. I would like to get these posts by email, like I used to. But I am not getting this to work.

  2. I’d like to get your post by email but nothing happened on the link.

    1. Gary, it’s not an email link. It’s an RSS feed link. You need to copy and paste the “feed” link to an RSS feed app. Currently I use an “add-on” app called “feedbro” within the Firefox web browser. Works great. Haven’t tried the comments feed yet.

      Grey Ghost

  3. Cannot get WRSA.us to load on my tablet, can’t get WRSA.wordpress to delete from home page and desk top. (It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya’)

    Will keep trying…

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