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  1. One more thing, and this is important. He says that a people need a religion and that religion will always fill the vacuum. This isn’t exactly correct. Religion is the top down driver of a society. All societies have a religion. That religion is then reflected in the society, and governments are birthed from that religion. He’s right about one thing, there is a religion vacuum in America, but only a vacuum of formal previously understood religion(s), Christianity in this case. My point is; government is ultimately downstream of society, society is ultimately downstream of the religion of the people who make up that society. It takes very careful and continuous pressure for a society to think that the reverse is true. This is brainwashing. A God (whatever it is), through it’s people, has always been in control of a people’s society and held sway over government. You must be lied to over and over from birth in order to be trained otherwise. This is the arrogance of the modern era, that top down command and control can flip this fact, making government the dictator of society and religion. And so far, the 20th century and now into the 21st have proven over and over destruction at the hands of this theory of centralized power. Of course, if you’re a student of the Bible then you know that this isn’t really a new thing at all. When a society gets right with it’s god, the power begins to shift back and the people are left again in peace to their own pursuits. Religion, he correctly states is the glue of the commonality that holds the fabric of society together. It isn’t race. The arab and black muz don’t fight each other. And the white and black Christians don’t fight each other. It’s religion, more than any other factor. How many honkies are tearing your history down and planning to dump you into open trenches? It’s religion that matters.

    1. You obviously don’t know jack shit about religions.
      How many Jewish factions are opposed, or Muslim? And how many Christians don’t recognize others, ask Bonaventure if you’re his equal.
      Imagine if our founding fathers were Pagans, or Muslims, what would that make us today? Your religion is based on who your parents were, what geographic location you were raised in (mainly), not god choosing you out of millions and saying “you’re the special one because you go to the church on 8th and Elm St. on Saturday”.
      Egoistic insanity at it’s best, again.

      1. I was raised by New England Commies, pagans all, godless heathens, never went to church. You’re wrong off the top. No research required. You’re probably righter than wrong though about what I know about capital R Religions, but the American Mainline religion is mostly a stupid waste of time. What I know is the person of Holy God (which is what you are actually troubled by).

        And, you’ve made the classic mistake of assuming I was speaking of the known mainline religions. So, just to be clear, EVERYBODY has their religion, even you, and from your religion your life is structured, and further governed. Now scale that to family and tribe and nation.

        A religion has:
        belief in a supreme being (humanists consider themselves to be this thing,
        if properly enlightened of course. Evolutionists have Mother Earth as life giver. Christians have their sky God. Commies have equality. Etc.)
        Priests and other castes of the order
        on and on.

        1. I don’t agree, I don’t have a religion not do I concern myself with some kinda god. I was
          born into a catholic family and later married into a southern baptist one for a short time, along the way through life I have dated or was involved with witches, pagans and just plain old non believes. None of any of that ever concerned me, it never brought me any benefits or cost me any loss.
          To me anyone who clings to such fables are delinquent in something and uses their god to compensate for their shortcomings. The fact that religious people can not or will not accept that fact proves my point. Enjoy your gods but don’t push it on others.

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