14 thoughts on “Briggs: On NYC’s New Truth & Reconciliation Commission”

  1. Moral of the story is, don’t get caught!.

    Plan five ways in, and ten ways out. Cover every inch of your body, with disposable clothing, look like THEM.

    Or ask 0321our very own chicken lil, for 19 reasons, to NOT STAND UP, for you convictions, your children.

    I’m just another coward who can no longer stick my head in the sand!


  2. They elected Wilhelm the liberation theology rat so I don’t feel sorry for NYC.

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    George Orwell, 1984

  3. Conversation:

    ***************actual solution*************
    I am considering sending this to all the 2nd orgs to see if anything will happen.

    My question is : am I wrong?

    I have an ACTUAL simple solution to your countries current woes
    And a lot of it will rely on YOU.
    On how well you can get the word out.

    “ Manditory National Conceal carry”.

    Hear me out.

    A mandatory national conceal carry for all legal citizens of legal age.
    The second already allows for this, all that is needed is the order”manditory “
    Backed up with a 1000$ fine for NOT carrying at least one (loaded)firearm on your person at all times*. No limit on the amount of daily fines you may receive.

    *no one is compelled to fire their weapon ever. But you must carry.
    (If you don’t use the weapon when a rapist is plowing your wife, that’s on you buddy)

    How do you do this?

    This is the beginning of a civil war, the president has the power to mobilize
    the citizenry for defence.
    He has to define EVERYONE as militia for the countries defense.
    They will need to be armed, demand it from them.
    Fine them and shame them if they are not armed.
    Use women to motivate the men, “you are not a man, if you cannot defend me.”

    This is the weapon America needs! Self policing.
    The left is desperate to force Trump to become a tyrant, by pass this ENTIRELY by activating/ arming the whole population.
    My understanding of the 2nd amendment is that every person should be ready and able to defend their country and life.
    The left is attempting to prevent this.
    Advocate for the complete _opposite_ .
    Send out the word to All congressmen (R and D)that THIS will be your rallying cry.

    M.anditory N.ational C.onceal C.arry.

    This is what your members WANT.


    Gear up the advertising and the fundraising.
    This IS the push.


    Get that conversation going, This will HORRIFY the left and you will be on EVERY TV SHOW.
    Tell every YouTuber you want to talk.
    The LEFT will make sure the word gets EVERYWHERE as they seek to DEMONIZE
    this idea and YOU.
    They will spread it like the plague FOR you.


    Whip the scare mongers into a frothing frenzy.
    This will go viral.

    In all my years, I have never heard of an active, not defensive move for the second amendment.
    It is always a”let’s bend a bit on this, or that”.
    ‘Lets give them bumpstocks and suppressors So we can keep _______.
    It is actually time to stop this sh!t.
    And demand the exact opposite of what they are pushing.

    A Manditory National conceal carry.

    An armed society is a polite society.*

    *yes, a lot of the smooth brained among us are going to get hurt, but it will all settle out in six months or so , consider it natures way of preventing them from breeding.
    From there on forward the U.S.A. Will become the safest country on the planet.

    War is coming, and no one is coming to save you.
    You must do the work yourself.
    Please save America, it is the last hope for freedom
    Hopefully, when you have saved America we can save Canada.

    Your pal

    I would appreciate a reply.

      1. Sent to 10, except the NRA, they didn’t want to hear from me unless I became a member.

        Anyone who thinks this might be an actual solution, please copy paste anywhere you think it will work.

      2. Recieved. At least the AZ one..

        Totally agree. On all counts. Will have my org send out a presser with these points.

        I will.

    1. I’m against this, and I’m somebody who talks face to face with governors, senators, reps, mayors, sheriffs etc. I’m a 2A Activist, actual.

      Here’s why:
      About National Reciprocity or 50 State Carry.
      1. What you are asking for is; National Gun Control over the wearing of arms across state lines. What you are seeking; is Gun Control. This is the reason that I’m opposed.
      2. Drivers licenses have NO nationwide mandate. Did you know that? They are simply recognized by letter of agreement between each individual state, or by letter accepting all other 49 state DLs.
      3. The way to go is normalization, as with DLs, then reciprocity between states. This does NOT require a National Gun Control Law. The States have authority to do this without congress.
      4. I would like nothing more then to shove National Reciprocity or 50 state carry into the faces of politicians in CA and NY and MD and MA and the others, but this is short sighted.
      5. Once we lose control of the wearing of arms at the State level we are handing the National Congress, an institution that has flipped more times from D to R and back again than a Yo Yo, our right to carry in any manner at all.
      6. The “Commerce Clause” has been flipped. The Gov now claims the power to regulate anything whatsoever even inside of a State. Once you nationalize the wearing of arms they will tread it as any other commodity and tell you, what it is that you can and cannot do, and what you can have and not have, and how many and what type of bullets you can carry, and where you can go, what kind of gun you can and cannot have, etc.
      7. And THIS IS IMPORTANT; they will require insurance, which is de facto REGISTRATION OF GUNS, which, as you know, always leads to confiscation. Remember, every car has a vin number, and everything, even the capabilities of cars is tightly controlled by national regulation.
      Federal National Reciprocity would be a very short sighted mistake. There are many more reasons but this is the baseline.

      1. Exactly right, and more on top all that if they have that outcome.
        That includes what comes around in disguise as carry insurance, or muh gun collection insurance. Listen, 10 or 200 guns get locked in a good safe always. Period.
        Marges daughter that works at your insurance company doesn’t need to know what you have. 4473’s are bad enough. Hell lucky gunner now requires you to send a DL copy or passport card copy before they’ll send bulk Ammo out to you. Incrementalism.

  4. Oh and immediate deportation for any illegal found with a weapon.

  5. Carry a fcking gun and be prepared to use it. Every damn day. Nobody likes to think about getting smoked but some of these fuckers are so demented they don’t acknowledge gravity. Gravity is real and it’s going to bring these cnts down. Fuck them, they have it coming.

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