5 thoughts on “Buppert: Police Academy – The Totalitarian Trail Of Tears”

  1. In certain fashions an organization of armed badged leg breakers where purposefully under a block II dirty stinking commie weaponization program, after all, Weaponize All The Things! (TM), or maybe programmed to be a weapon, or both, and other useful dupe things, yet what it was didn’t have a suitable moniker, upon reflection it appears maybe the plausible notion what was underway was the Karen-nization of inalienable law coerce-ment, a role model for a multitude, a veritable horde, to emulate.
    Herd instinct much?

  2. Once again Bill hits a grand slam, if your not over on ZG, your missing a special treat. Frank, raw, un bashful, sometimes blinding, Bill, has become “Required Reading ” for my circle of life.

    Bright, bright bright, men, women in his circle on ZG, are an interesting group. I routinely take an ass kicking over their, but then I’m still a work in progress, want so badly for our world to remain what it is 20 years ago. Wish for the same quality of life I had, for my grandchildren.

    Not possible at this point.

    Police pensions, ALL pensions are about to go away. The civilians pensions will go first, then any gov related, then fed, retirement sources. The remedy is court, what a fucking joke. A wise family would have the resources to live a few years, gold, silver, cash.
    The real wise family would not live in a stick house, or the hood.


    1. Dirt,
      Responding to your post here https://westernrifleshooters.us/2020/06/26/its-time/#comments
      and earlier (link in the post)

      Dirt wrote:
      “Looks like the Seattle gigs, folding, ” 0321″. When they learned ol Dirt was rolling up they folded camp!. My story, I’m sticking to it. ”

      Yeah, you were simply re-playing Carol O’Connor’s obese general character
      in “Kelly’s Heroes”..the one who sought ‘glory’ above all esle..kind of like
      that beady eyed, sawed off narcissistic sociopathic 4-eyed shitweasel by
      the name of teddy roosevelt.

      Speaking of your ‘accomplishments and past history’…here’s what I didn’t
      have a chance to mention to you in response earlier from your earlier post:


      “No 4 gov retirement checks, get your facts start, fucking whiner. I’d tell you the total after taxes, but you would be even more butt hurt. ”


      Ok, so you ADMIT to being nothing more than a statist prick that exists by being a
      parasite on those of us who still DO create wealth/value WITHOUT being parasites
      (i.e., private work that does NOT include working for the parasitic imaginary entity
      called ‘government’).

      On top of that you’ve openly proved from your own words that you’re a narcissistic
      shitweasel with clearly inflated delusions of grandeur and a teenager’s overblown

      I’d take tfA-t and SemperFi, 0321’s company over yours anytime!
      Especially when the current ‘cold war’ DOES go hot and sporky!
      You’re very likely to get several people wounded or killed with
      your ego and bravado – I’ll pass on that ‘glory’ and fight smart!

      So you were able to avoid being entrapped in the staged false flag goat fuck
      going on in Shit-tattle…IF you even ventured out as far as your driveway…

      What’s going on there is your biz..it’s NOT your AO and you therefore
      DON’T ‘have a dog in the ring’ about it where you’re concerned.

      And now you’re all fired up to go to ‘the chisled rock heap’ and larp some more
      while your wife and kids work themselves up to another set of bleeding stomach
      ulcers over your latest decision…way to go ‘action jackson’…NOT!!!

      What was that advice about ‘Stay away from crowds’…especially
      when they’re primarily bolsheviks and their fellow travelers and
      they’re doing stupid shit that the local bolshevik politicians support
      and approve of?..as in Shit-tattle.

      NEVER interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake….

      Better have your attorney’s # on speedial, and a buddy holding
      money offsite for a bail bond…just saying…and most likely your
      ‘Assault Rascal Scooter’ WILL be impounded..ca$h only to bond
      it out of the yard…


      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. I’d take tfA-t and SemperFi, 0321’s company over yours anytime!

        Surprise, surprise. A morally corrupt sexual degenerate prefers the company of other morally corrupt degenerates.

        In other news, scientists are reporting that water is wet.

        1. And ‘bondo’ the OOOber Doober purile tradcuck puppet of anal puritanism
          crawls out of his extra tiny Kookoo house to attempt to give everyone their
          local time and temperature along with dispensing more verbal horseshit.

          Come the smackdown he’ll most likely be trying to check with the dying
          if they measure up to his idiotic purity tests before he decides IF he’ll
          offer his utterly useless ‘Last Rites’ before he scampers back to give a
          full and proper report to Dope Bung-holy-yo and polish his papal knob
          in abject worship..’kissing the ring’ ain’t enough for this dope on a rope!!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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