Check Your Cells

Not sure re the how.

But is correct on presence of trackers on both Apple and Android.

You didn’t ask for it.

Nor were you asked about it.

Understand yet?

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  1. I moved to an Alcatel Go Flip (fantastic modern flip phone) which has everything you want except apps to track you. There are various models that work with all major carriers.

    I carry an iPhone5 (because it CANT have any iOS after 10) and only install bare minimum apps that I know wont track.

    The Alcatel can be a hotspot (when activated) to use my iPhone5 when I really HAVE to use a ‘smart’ tracking phone.

    No, you wont hide from NSA or cell provider tracking, but the real threat is App tracking and this setup effectively mitigates this.

    1. I use a 14 year old Razor. I turn it off when I’m out and about. When the wireless co’s stop service for old tech, I’m probably not getting another cell phone.

    2. They can’t track your body, yet.
      But after the next (mandatory) virus vaccine they will.

  2. Per their usual BS, the Elites think that they can outsmart us. Be sure to block this weasel-y feature! When my smart phone wears out-and they all do-I am going back to a dumb phone.

    1. Exactly! Turn off all location apps, check it weekly and RE-turn them off if necessary (sometimes, they magically turn themselves back on), and then go back to a dumb phone when you can.

  3. Also, the Alcatel / iPhone5 setup can be had for UNDER $150 when buying refurbished phones off eBay.
    GoFlip for Verizon –
    iPhone5 for Verizon –

    You can opt-out of the COVID tracking for now, but rest assured you can count down the days before it will be a forced function.

    The proximity uses low power bluetooth but even ‘disabling’ BT wont stop this tracking feature.

    Finally, every BoB should include a faraday bag like this one

  4. They sure worry a lot about what us deplorables are up to , them being all powerful and everything.
    More like terrified.

  5. The “Turn off” and “Delete IDs” functions are grayed out. There went freedom of association, bye bye. Of course, if you bothered to read your smart phone agreement; you don’t actually own the hardware or the service. Guessing that you didn’t know that did you?

  6. The new LED lights can blink on and off faster than you can see, so you don’t notice it.

    They communicate with your phone if you have it out, or your smart watch, or whatever gadget you may use in a store. They can track how you move, how long you spend stopped looking at something, any number of things.

    Not everything about the impending EMP apocalypse will be bad, so there’s that.

    1. Stores stuff bluetooth transponders in the middle of store shelves. Your phone doesnt have to actually connect to it, just the fact that BT is on is enough for store infrastructurr to follow your device through the digital handshake. Stores use this data to track what customers go to which stores, and how they move about the premises.

      Same thing happens with WiFi, though with less location precision. Drive within 100ft of a chain store? They know you did that.

  7. I don’t use CCP crap and I don’t feel sorry for those that do.
    Allow the enemy into your headspace in any way shape or form and you have already lost.
    I would get a sailfawn but the money is better spent on supplies.

  8. Are you really so addicted to instant texting and googling etc 24/7, anyplace you are standing, that you will carry the optimal government geo-tracking, surveillance, wiretapping, listening, recording and social-network analysis weapon in your hip pocket every minute of your life? And by your pillow when you sleep?

    How did you ever manage to get from A to B before cell phones? (Remember “paper road maps?”)
    How did you ever remember your friends numbers and addresses? (Remember, “notebooks?”)

    Idiocracy is here. Everybody complains about Big Brother, but then they carry Big Brother Inc.’s very best weapon against themselves right in their pocket, for the convenience of 24/7 google. (Better to be a 100% govt-monitored slave than to be inconvenienced 5%.)

    Did you know that for road emergencies etc, you can buy and carry a refurbished burner flip phone for less than $10 a month? And keep it inaccessible to Big Brother until you decide you really need to use it? Yes, you can.

  9. I installed “GPS Joystick” on my Android, used by “developers” for location spoofing. Comes with fairly easy instructions, works once set up. Opened up “Don’t Be Evil”-oogle Maps, showed my location as the spoofed one. Cat and mouse game, foul up the system any way you can, keep your powder dry, get a little harder every day, mentally prepare……. you will come out the other side, with the future on the upswing for your children/grandchildren.


  10. Time to go back to a land-line and answering machine and ditch the “Smart” phones. Fuck these fucks.

    No longer carrying mine.

    Looks like on the Android you have to leave Bluetooth ON for this to work. Supposedly. I’m sure “they” can turn it on at will.

  11. Damn!!!! There it was!!!@%%$#$%
    So it seems to be connected to my Androids Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth is on; the covid thingy turns on. Shutting off the Bluetooth, shuts it down.
    I tried to erase it, no such luck.

  12. Good call. Thank you for exposing this crap.

    I didn’t expect to actually see this on my android. I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t download it, Google didn’t notify me that they were putting this filth on my phone and they didn’t ask my permission. But sure enough it was actually on my phone.

    Where I found it – on Android phone go to;
    Google (Google Settings),
    and the next screen shows it.

    Google sucks. Their virus is a total fraud. The idiots are controlled through fear. Google is selling fear. People who do not fear – think for themselves and are not easy to control. They need us fearful. The reason for inventing this virus pandemic hoax was to instill fear and terror – to get people to accept having their rights stripped away. What is the next step after people give up their rights to work, own small businesses, go to church, play with their children in a park, etc?

    The pandemic pushers released violent dangerous criminals out of prisons with the bogus excuse that they might die of a fake virus. But they gleefully put us in prison to die from their invented virus if we dare go to church and refuse to wear a stupid mask? The whole pandemic is a lie.

    The only thing China did was manufacture the millions of fake tests (used by our hospitals and other medical quacks) with 100% false positives – over $7mm+ (that we know of) paid for by Anthony Fauci and our own CDC. Think about it, a papaya tests positive for “covid”. Used motor oil tests positive for “covid”. A goat tests positive. A building tests positive – even though nobody in the building ever had it. I’m betting that the test would test positive.

  13. On iPhones all you have to do is deny any and all apps access to health data.

    Any new apps that ask for it, just hit “deny” and use it a few times. Then check settings again to be sure. You can also deny in settings.

    I have a 4s and it’s a piece of cake. Also have a new SE I haven’t used yet.have to get the little slot filled. Will check back if anything is different.

  14. Can’t remove frm my android , have disabled location and blutooth though phoneco always has location data. Says it wrks in tandem w/a ‘health dept app’ which is not present and which I will not add. Phone off xcept for intermittent use, will not use in proximity to other phones, what am I missing short of tossing this thing?

  15. If you have a cell phone they can track you even if it’s turned off. Look into the 911 emergency feature built into every phone.

  16. My iphone 5s doesn’t have this ‘rona tracking shit, but the old lady’s newer iphone does. I real don’t give a shit either way. I’m sure my 5s has other tracking goodies from big brudder. Whoever is tracking me can hug deez nutz. fuck ’em.

  17. Don’t think the BlackBerry OS10 has the new feature. I’m feeling left out.

    1. It doesn’t, but the OS also hasn’t had a security update in more than 4 years. I still have a Z10, still on Verizon.

      I’ve been investigating open source android and linux phones. I want to try LineageOS for open source android, but keep putting it off. More and more “upgrading” to a dumb flip phone looks better and better. I have a couple around, I used to use one with AT&T pay as you go phone cards when I was in the Navy. My ship was in a controlled industrial zone, and no phones with cameras were allowed, so a cheap cameraless flip phone made a lot of sense.

  18. Found out this 3 days ago. Was off when I checked it, is still off. Since 65% of my phone usage is checking the clock,,,,

    I bought a wristwatch. When I have to ditch it, then I will only be 35% inconvienced. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!

    That aint shit homies!

    Google, die in a fire!

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