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  1. what a BOOMER cuckold

    and they worship the jew waterboy drumpf

    tfA-t owns NOT NICE and he didn’t give permission to some washed-up cucks to have any…

    F&F are nothing but moar fertilizer for the fields

    tfA-t is the original NOT NICE

    you will learn

    1. Go suck you lil Indian butt boys cock, you useless fuck. Maybe go out back pray at your GOATHEAD ALTER, maybe abuse a few Banti chickens, sprinkle their blood over your sacred island.

      We going to see you at Rushmore? ,,,,,,na there’s chicken to be sold, with 4.00 delivery!, their on skull island.


      1. Last I checked, and despite his ad nauseam call for the killing of 300M, his body count is still at -ZERO-.

        It’s almost as if he’s nothing but an agent provocateur.

        The great tFat? Nah… couldn’t be.

  2. It’s time for a divorce from utopian statist dullards. Trumpstein was to trick YT into believing that the ballot box could change anything.
    You don’t vote your way out of displacement, replacement and genocide.

  3. F&F, always see you folks as the voice of reason, lately I’m sounding like a crazy man, but I see what you see, I sit in the comfort of my decent home, with all the luxuries available. And for years armchaired this coming attraction.

    I’m 63, retired poopoo, California and Oregon, and I’m literally scared shitless. My doc has been aliened with our nations principles, we are a Nation of Laws, yet the criminal justice system is a mockery, a false truth.

    Fake hips, recent spine surgery, three new discs in my neck two fused, and a metal six screw plate in my throat. I suffer from chronic pain day in, day out. Have another lower back surgery scheduled.

    That’s gonna have to wait, their is not time for recovery, this slippery slope, the left errrrrrr the communist, the Marxist, are not coming, their here, how this nation exists WILL be determined in the next 12/24 months. I hurt, I’m scared, not for me, I’ve live a life few here will ever have the oppertunity to live.

    I Worried about MY FAMILY, MY Friends families. I live on a mountain, those cowards ” Antifa/BLM” were here three weeks ago, got literally ran off Main Street on a rail. Maybe 200 of them, and 800/900 heavily armed red necks, skaters, low Riders, Hispanics, and Blacks were on the streets, protecting the communities from potential assault. I attended, assisted as needed.

    Saw and learned some interesting stuff. Watched the crowd respond EVERYTIME, a protester tried to leave their group, two or more armed citizens would Escort Antifa, one on each side, and our side was armed to the teeth. Actually heard one group who were escorting a communist say,

    Mr, don’t worry, you be a bumb fuck, and we will bury your body parts all over this county. Boy if only these mountains could tell us we’re the rest of the bodies are buried.

    Saw a group of older skaters, go after a kid on a state board,,,,,,he busted out of the crown hauling ass, hit the alleyway, turned left” right in front of me” and was making his escape. Anyway the two skaters, popped out of the crowd on electric scooters, chased him down before he got to the end of the alley, both skaters had dangling m4s and Rhodisian mag holders.

    I was impressed enough that Ive been researching these electric scooters. 20 miles on a charge, carry 250 lbs, can maintain 15/20 mph for the 20 miles. . Bigger batteries are available. I’ve source several down in Reno Nv, I’ll check on em out for purchase, next time I’m down at the VA hospital.

    Anyways, F&F, it will be the GOOD people such as yourselves, who will make the difference. I agree, the time is now. The actions of 10.000 of us will make a difference. The reality is people are going to die. If folks can’t deal with that, it’s better they stay out of the way.

    Anybody who’s going to engage MUST understand this. wE Patriots, are the real enemy of the state, the State hates us, nooooo, they fear us, free men, are scary. It is in fact the state whom Antifa and BLM are representing. We patriots WILL be held accountable, not the communist.
    Did you hear antifa S marching orders from Mancy Polisi, yesterday, folks we must be carful tearing down , erasing our history.

    This fact is a bitter fucking pill for me to swallow, I gave 25 fucking years to my community, thinking I was making a difference. I gave roughly 15 years to our military, What a joke!.

    So now, I’ve resolved to do something, I haven’t done since I was a youth, that is say fuck the laws, I’m going out and making a difference. I can no longer stand by and watch with my thumb up my ass, and hide in my way comfortable house.

    ” All it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing!, not thugs like Tfat, or Recon men like 0321, they were never gonna be in the fight, their both functioning cowards, selfish haters.

    No worries, takes all kinds. I’m not their boss, and frankly I enjoy bantering with both, something about pigs in mud?

    I’m researching sat phones, I don’t know the traceability of them, my cell phone is so old Apple will no longer support it, after sept. I can’t wait to throw this thing away. Been playing with burners, seem to be a reasonable solution for a one time maybe two kinda thing.

    Looks like the Seattle gigs, folding, ” 0321″. When they learned ol Dirt was rolling up they folded camp!. My story, I’m sticking to it.

    So my next gig is Rushmore, never been their, I’m told is a nasty sticky humid place, sound perfect. I haven’t been able to source a campground, so we’ll take our chances in the Walmart parking lot, or simlar local.
    Have old mil brothers their, but don’t want to be their burden. It is their choice to stand up or not, don’t want to imfluence them.

    Lastly, I gotta tell you, I’ve spent the past week, putting my war package together. Google Earth 3D, is your friend!. I’ve got accurate, time sensitive “look down” maps of a 20 block area. I have every building alleyway, dirt path between buildings, ever step structure, for cover, I know the power grid routes in/out.

    I know where to not be, and when to be their. I’ve sourced google street maps, of every building in that 20 block area, to better understand where I’m at. While not obvious, I’m amazed at all the hiddy holes, within the inner city, the public transportation routs who are ran like a Swiss clock, train tram, and ferry schedules, taken my 5 days, I’m not good on computers, but I’m about done.

    This 3D, is so clear I can see the sewer, underground utility man hole covers, a grade 8 bolt, 4 inchs dropped thru the hook point and pushed thru long ways, and then turned sideways has always been a slick access to the underground. Small can of pain bright colors, to periodically spray on the wall, so you don’t go in circles. U dergroumd caving is surprisingly easy to lose your directional senses.

    I HOPE, I PRAY, my putting it out their, sharing the tools will help others, intending on stepping up. PS, don’t use your own vehicles, their is soooo much public transport you don’t have to. your on film, gloves, face and eyes covered, disposable clothing and footwear. Maybe reversible outerwear. Small bottle of bleach, for GSR, and cleansed brass, better yet a brass catcher.

    I’m open to any other ” stealth” options to add to possibilities. Perhaps turn this into a training exercise, site wide. We all need to teach and learn.

    0321 I need you looking like a pine tree at 12.000 ft, and a scope to report movement anywhere in the state of Washington, recon,,what a fucking joke, your a dinasour, you old fuck!.

    Just take a knee, old man. You deserve it. O yea, you still dating Tfat?


    1. all those surgeries and fat too

      what a looser

      like you’re gonna be anything more than a rotten corrupt parasitic cop till you drop dead

      go lay down and pull some dirt around and over ewe

    2. Gee Dirt, that’s too bad. Cheated the system all those years on your 100% VA disability while working full time as a LEO, and now it sucks to be you. Money won’t fix your problems. Who’s taking you to Seattle, an ambulance?
      BTW, I spent the day in the woods with my Stihl chainsaw (made by Nazis) clearing trails at one of the most beautiful ranches in Wyoming. Absolutely stunning beautiful day to be healthy and outside. And I’m fit, only 15 lbs heavier than when I left the USMC 40 yrs ago.
      I’ve worked hard and got a clean conscience, how about you?

    3. Dirt, sorry I missed the paragraph where you said the Seattle gig folded, does that mean you’re not giving lessons on attacking Antifa with an electric scooter?
      The rest of us chickens were really looking forward to first hand experience on motorized scooter tactics in an urban environment. I just read something about that in LEO Blowhards Vol 1 Issue 3.
      Keep us updated on your dementia

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