The End Of The World?

One world has already ended:

The information control exercised by the post-WW2 Western governments and their media adjuncts as part of Pax Americana.

For that matter, does anyone really think the acronym “FUSA” (former USA) is mere snark?

You are on your own.

Your governments cannot and will not protect you.

Embrace reality.

Plan accordingly.

2 thoughts on “The End Of The World?”

  1. Where’s the earthquake? Be of good cheer because governments that don’t protect property or rights are null and void.
    The cucks and Karens wail and gnash as they call the police because someone gave them a dirty look or walked through their suburban delusion and the cops say we’ll send someone out in a few hours.
    It’s about time that perpetual adolescents learn that they are on their own.

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