This Couldn’t Possibly Happen

Take the time to watch the ~11 minute video below.

Ignore what the media has been telling you since March.

Think about what you know via observation.

Think also about what you have seen/heard others doing and saying.

Ask yourself “Who benefits?” from the current global madness.

6 thoughts on “This Couldn’t Possibly Happen”

  1. He misses a critical step. How will the chip be located at the right location in the brain, and one would need multiple chips in multiple locations to have control over more than one behavior. However, his analysis of how one would convince someone to accept a chip unknowingly is spot on. Think Wuhan flu vaccine. Implantation still requires surgery. It couldn’t happen to control behavior, but it certainly could happen to track people and report on their behavior.

    1. Technology advances at a stunning rate. Look at the changes just in the last 50 years. Still sure that you would need surgery? I am not. A nasal sprayed vax is very close to the brain, think all the druggies ingesting poison this way. I wonder how long until Vernon is the victim of assisted suicide like Epstein.

    2. With a nano sized chip, one injection could contain hundreds. If a number of of the chips were to be coated/connected to a specific protein it would seek out an area of the body/brain and attach.
      Once attached they could be activated/encoded to that individual using a subroutine in the cell phone signal associated with that individual. The individual nano chip could be then combined like the pieces of a worm computer virus to completed circuit. Power to function would be from the phone transmission its self. (All the chips get and confirm how much stimuli they apply to their assigned part of the brain and the net result is what ever.)

      And you thought the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” was fantasy? Guess again Chief.

      (Have not heard if the ability to connect mechanical to chemical protein is there yet.)

  2. Old news , circa ‘ 90s Frankenstein technology. Tin foil hat types have broken this down ages ago .
    The enemy has moved on . Here is one freakish example .
    Google nanobot/ vaccines, digital tattoo , Health passport and listen to nerd podcasts about EMF dangers/ mitigation.
    Time to get busy and spend real money on lawyers to send hate letters to ‘scientists’ , ‘doctors’ and other members of the cult.
    Children yet unborn are depending on us not to be distracted by the sorcerers’ smoke.

  3. A nanotech sniper rifle? It felt like a bee sting and the chip is now implanted.
    Don’t worry comrade Billy Gates loves you and just wants to build a utopia for your benefit.
    You’ll receive a short sharp shock for looking at thoughtcrime wrongthink pages like WRSA.
    Do it too much and it is lights out time.

  4. You may recall the arrest of one Charles Lieber (winner of Israels Wolf prize!) supposedly for failing to disclose his very lucrative financial relationship with the lab @ Wuhan, in his spare time he was a well placed professor @ Harvard.

    Lieber is among other things a nanotech expert, according to jewpedia:
    “Nanoelectronics and brain science. The development of nanoelectronics-enabled cellular tools underpins Lieber’s views on transforming electrical recording and modulation of neuronal activity in brain science. Examples of this work include the integration of arrays of nanowire transistors with neurons at the scale that the brain is wired biologically”

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