7 thoughts on “You Will Be Addressed Later”

  1. It’s nearly hunting season for the individuals at places like Visa that make these decisions.


    Their homes.

    Their families.

    If it’s OK to destroy our lives, it’s therefore OK for us to destroy theirs.

    This is what lawlessness breeds. The opposition really does not understand the stakes in the game they are playing.

  2. Say BFYTW, run those plastic leg bracelet to the fuckin’ max, invest in 5.56 & 7.62 diameter, cupro guilded FMJ, and other fine sudden impact tasties, don’t remit one cent.
    If 10,000 personages did so, then the rule of tens applies with a vengeance.

    At this stage in the festivities, a little reverse woke payback is in order, after all, they are the ones pulled the chain. What are they going to do? Unmask you, cancel culture you, call you a whitenazibad?
    For a grand?
    Costs em’ more than to simply cash in on the Skip Towne insurance premium you been paying for monthly anyways.
    It’s time to go meatspace regardless, use that overdraft to get some back.
    Later dudes!

    10,000 x’s 1000 for boolits =’s 10 million in hard cold fiat debt back at ya bitchez, (thats 3 plus 1000 round cases of combat freedom seeds).

    With the margins of wealth transfer/theft/debt/derivatives riding Occam’s Razor, 10 million gone, adios mthfkrs, in a weeks time could create a black swan event sending the entire bankster racket down the crapper.
    You see it would, (be an act, and its the act that counts in war), be in part a meatspace thing once the deed is accomplished.
    Meatspace is Insurgency.
    This is whats called 4G, open source, grass roots, economic warfare.
    They can not see things outside their institutional control coming.
    The whole construct is predicated upon centralized bankster control.
    Besides, using their fiat contrived mula to buy freedom seeds, thats payback right there, thats poetic.

    Here’s a couple places, I can attest have high grade freedom seeds at working man’s wallet prices:

  3. Boo hoo hoo. (sniff)

    While marketing as the “free speech” alternative to Twitter, Torba pandered to the kosher thought police and banned hundreds of accounts, disappeared groups, and Gab continues to do so.

    Now Torba wants us to sympathize with his plight.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  4. I hope that Judicial Watch takes this on. One of the only groups that I know that isn’t afraid to slay a monster. Frightening beyond belief. To tell the truth, I’d rather jumpstart back to zero and start over, then keep on with this craziness. Living in interesting times? We are living in insanity times: up is down, top is bottom, right is wrong, etc. Support GAB.

  5. Social media, IS, communist manipulation tool. I,fail to,see why anybody on the patriot side allows these media mediums ANY, power over your freedom of speech.

    Sensorship, like AP, IS the tool of the left!. It’s not the content, it’s the ” Staff” who are the problem, which sucks, some dam good men over there.


  6. And how we burned in the camps thinking that an EMP blast would in some ways be preferable to this.

    Moar Stockdale.

    Totally unrelated; If Universities “research” their prospective students to decline their admission based on perceived racist posts from the past, then where will the Democratic party get all their future entertainers, newspaper editors, governors, senators, and such?

  7. WAR is the only worthwhile human activity. If they want WAR and fear the YT then make sure that you are the one to inspire that fear.
    Personally I don’t fear subhuman commie RAT pieces of sh1t and look forward to the Big Battle.

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