10 thoughts on “Boogaloo Boogaloo Boogaloo”

  1. How many FBI agents does it take to close a garage door? 15
    Loogaboo has them scared and holdovers from the Hussein Hopenchange bath house gloryhole server era released a report about YT supremacy on the rise.
    If the time of YT is over then why are they still releasing these dastardly “militia” reports.

      1. YT YouTube (website)
        YT Mayotte (ISO country code, top level domain)
        YT Yours Truly
        YT Whitey (white person)
        YT Yukon Territory (Canadian province; amusement park)
        YT Yorkshire Terrier
        YT Yoga Teacher
        YT You There?
        YT You Too
        YT Yellowtail (sportfish)
        YT YouThink.com
        YT Youth Theatre
        YT Harbor Tug (US Navy)
        YT Yung Tune
        YT Your Turn
        YT Youth Together
        YT Air Togo (IATA airline code)
        YT Yukon Time
        YT Young Telegraph (former children’s supplement of UK newspaper)
        YT Young Threat (hip hop artist)
        YT Yard Tugboat
        YT Yes Trump (bridge)

  2. Why would any thinking man provide .gov another line of forensic evidence?

    Last week you touted brass catchers. Now you tout unique identifiers.

    Go figure.

  3. Pass. Why? I get it that the author has a spare rifle to paint up in clown colors: that it’s not his go-to gun, and that it still runs after its trip to the paint shop.

    And I get it that he goes to 2A rallies with his rifle, now more identifiable to the Other Folks as being “Him” than sleeve tats on an Antifa puke.

    And I get it that he’s likely donated the contents of his phone to the Stingray towers so helpfully provided at Richmond and other events (helpful, in the sense that participants would not have otherwise overcrowded “normal” tower surveillance.)

    I do think that the author has mis-judged the “assessment” phase on his AAR’s of his events attended. What he’s accomplished, is to flag himself via clown rifle, plus he’s donated his phone to the Stingray towers. If in doing that he’s slowed the insurrection via his attendance at an event with a rifle and phone unique to him- then I missed something.

  4. OMG! I love this paint job!! It is better than AB’s pink rifle. The only thing better would be spaniels all over my little plinkers. This AR must be a joy just to look at, let alone shoot. But to each his own.

  5. Voor, you in the Oregon area! By chance? If you see this email me please.

    Hawaiian shirts, crocs and shorts, what is the def of heavily armed anymore.

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