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  1. Drop by the shop, and I’ll be happy to show you the bodies.

    Our SoCal hospital has been full all week for two weeks running.
    Main hospital: full.
    COVID cohort isolation beds: full.
    ICU: full.
    100% occupancy, all week-plus, and running.

    We only get beds when someone gets better, or dies.

    See if you can guess how that impacts treating regular emergencies, heart attacks, strokes, traumas when there’s no place to go, and the ER is full too.
    Or how morale goes when every shift you’re just taking a beating.

    Just like we told you would happen, back when this was just a storm front on the distant horizon.

    Anybody thought you were out of this, or that it was over, or that it never was…?
    Good luck with that mythos.

    I’ve got a bridge to sell you too, cheap.

    And in L.A. County just north of here, it’s twice as bed: all COVID, all the time.
    Houston is at 100% ICU-full now.
    Texas-wide, they’re running 97% occupancy.
    So much for that “this only happens in blue states” crapola.

    The same story in 10-15 other states. Few if any run by Democommunists.

    So once again, hopeium futures are taking a beating in the market of Actual Reality.

    You can ignore Reality. But you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring Reality.

    I figure when we’re stacking bodies in freezer vans in 10 states just like they did in NYFC, maybe it’ll start to dawn on the brighter retards that maybe throwing the baby out with the bathwater was a bit premature, and that masks, hand-washing, and keeping your distance aren’t such a bad idea.
    Depends on how much Gilligan DNA they have mixed in with Neanderthal.

    And that’s with the caveat that deaths from this rather minor disease are still about #99 on the list of Top 100 Things To Worry About in this pandemic.

    You’ve all still got your food and cash preps ready though, right?

    I hate being the I Told You So guy.
    But most of society, and the beefiest part of the bell curve, is filled with slow learners.
    The No Learners over on the left little end will take care of themselves; Darwin will always have his due.

    1. As the “told you so guy”, you still have everything wrong.
      You’re the “told you wrong guy”. Have been for years. Why I followed your alarmist garbage for so long is beyond me, and frankly an embarrassment.
      You have, obviously, a problem with simple mathematics. This thing could be almost 500 times as fatal, and still not be as bad as the Spanish Flu.
      Get a grip, calm down and be logical.

      1. If what I’ve written strikes you as “alarmist”, I suggest you go back to your high school, and punch your English teacher in the mouth, then seek a refund of the tuition from the institution for so abysmally failing to educate you in the English language.

        But 125,000 of your friends and neighbors can no longer be reached for comment, and palty 7 times the average death toll from annual flu any year.

        The fact that we never told you this was as bad as Spanish Flu nor ever would be was clearly lost on you some months past. The fact that it’s equal to the death toll of over two Vietnam Wars in only a few short months, rather than a decade of bloody conflict, is obviously far beyond your ken.

        But never let silly things like facts interfere with your own inner monologue, and walk tall, having successfully disproven nothing except your own faulty recollection.

    2. dude, the only ones dying or dead are the same ones who were going to be dying or dead anyways

      80+ year old obese, diabetic, on oxygen, .gov dependents are NOT looking at years and years of life ahead of them…

      is it really so bad that the weak among us finally stop being takers of public monies?

      as far as masks go, they don’t do very much at all.. sure, if your operating over the top of open chest cavities- but most of us ARE NOT

      soon, so-called “healthcare” workers are going to shot for towing the commie line of subjugation and obedience. and why are a great portion of these wasters of tax $s so fucking FAT? shouldn’t they be the picture of good health instead? no thamks, i’ll listen to reason and reality..

      NO masks for me – EVAH

  2. “..Arizona, another state facing media contempt, finally beat its earlier high of 67 deaths on May 8 with 79 deaths on June 24. Between those two dates, however, the curve was steady. The Arizona mortalities are concentrated on Indian reservations and to a lesser extent around the Mexican border..”

    Wow…what a surprise!!..NOT!!

    The local ‘indian auu-thoo-aa-tey’ HAVE declared that all shall bow their head
    to the cult of the face panty while anywhere on ‘da rez’. There’s already significant
    pushback from the folks in my AO that are utterly fed up and tired of the bs nothingburger
    that ‘Stupid-1984’ has come to be understood as..the ‘Town of Parker’ ISN’T happy with
    them either (this and other things could unfortunately lead to unpleasantries locally
    when things generally go spicy).

    The reason that indians ARE ‘supposodly’ more ‘at risk’ from the ‘beer-virus light’
    (only 0.026% leathal..still tastes great!!) is the same reason that they die from:

    Killing each other
    Getting killed by the ‘Tribal/Town Police” or Sheriff’s Dept.
    Killing themselves via overdose on drugs or alcohol
    Killing themselves from being extremely obese and continuing to eat unhealthy crap
    Killing themselves by choosing NOT to excercise regularly and lay on the couch and
    watch crap on the tv ALL day
    Killing themselves by becoming diabetics by eating crap from Mc’Death’s every day

    All of the above is caused by a lifetime of…you guessed it…WELFARE Dependency!!!

    TFM covered it properly here:

    The Native American Question

    Welfare dependency NOT the ‘beer-virus’ has and IS causing
    more death and suffering on ALL ‘rez’s’ and will continue to
    do so until indians finally wake up and understand it and
    actively wean themselves off such dependency.

    I give that about as much chance as a Down’s Syndrome retard
    spontaneously being cured of his/her condition and becoming
    a world class neurosurgeon….

    But, as it stands now, the ‘shit of crit’ have officially decided
    to double down on fearmongering mythology and stupid and
    they’re ‘going for covid-19 means masks for $1000 Alex!’.

    You just can’t fix stupid…wake up a few that want to listen…maybe..

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  3. corona fucking HOAX

    FAKE fucking news

    there’s no one of any value sick, dying, or dead

    it’s the fucking flu brah

    tfA-t has grown tired of the nancy’s and karen’s that make up the putrid land of murka

    once again

    it’s a damn HOAX peepul

    they had to do something to take your mind off of the greatest theft in history…

    7 TRILLION that we know about

    makes baby bush and ohomo look like pikers


  4. Diamond Princess:

    January 20th
    The first infected passenger boarded the ship and He left the cruise when the ship reached Hong Kong on January 25.

    February 1st
    He tested positive for COVID-19 and the ship was quarantined but left port

    February 3rd
    The passengers were notified and Japan re-quarantined the ship.

    February 4th
    31 people were tested and 10 were positive.

    February 20th
    2 deaths

    February 23rd
    1 death

    February 25th
    1 death

    February 28th
    2 deaths

    March 1st
    1 death, half the current total.

    March 6
    1 death

    March 19
    1 death

    March 22
    2 deaths

    March 28
    1 death

    April 9
    1 death

    April 14
    1 death

    Of 3,711 people abord 712 were infected 646 have recovered, 14 died, and 52 are still fighting the disease; 4 of which are in ICU.

    This thing spreads faster than a hookers legs, then takes it’s sweet time having its way with you.

  5. 2020 has about 240k deaths in the US above the 5 year average, only half of which are explicitly attributed to COVID.

    For the fluoride drinkers, let me explain: we’re undercounting BIGLY.

    The formula for herd immunity is 1-(1/RØ).

    I’ve seen anywhere from 2.0 to 6.0 for the RØ. Run both scenarios.

    So there you have it. 50 to 83% of the country will catch it. Get your calculator out to verify the math for those two RØ scenarios, I’ll wait. Just remember your order of operations.

    Ok now multiple that percentage by the US population. 320 million or 330, whatever. Illegals mess that number up.

    Then multiple by whatever stupid mortality rate you believe. You believe 0.5% (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) then run those numbers cupcake.

    The CDC this week said they think there are 10x cases than official figures suggest.

    So counting invisible and uncounted mild cases, and taking the excess deaths of the 5 year average you’re looking at 25 million cases out of 320 million Americans (12.8% and we’re going to be 50% to 83% before it ends) with 240K deaths or a “real” IFR of 0.96% mortality.

    If this was a football game we’re in the First Quarter.

    TL;DR using the retarded lowball numbers for mortality and for the RØ we’re still gonna hit over a million dead.

    For context Closed Case Mortality internationally is 8% with a sample size of…drumroll…5,952,282 closed cases.

  6. After my telephone only annual appointment last month with Dr. Dreamgirl the local people’s hospital is back open.
    There is no longer a clerk waiting at the entrance behind plexiglass and you don’t have to sign a waiver to enter.
    Pretty pink (or any color) panty mask wearing is still mandatory as part of the Pavlovian obedience training of a soft weak nearly finished feminized society of peace and safety whores.

  7. Good grief- Brunhilda has the Grand Canyon for a mouth. A man could disappear into the netherworld if he wasn’t careful……..
    My new job, which is actually fun, now requires masks the entire time I am there. I also must sign in daily, under penalty of……..firing?………that I am fever, sore throat, and cough free………..and take my forehead temperature and record it on the managers sign in sheet. My new face burka is wearing out-the elastic ear holds are stretching, after only 3 weeks. So, I either need to drag out my Janome or find a face fit shop. This was not something that I thought possible 5 years ago.

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