2 thoughts on “Boiling Point”

  1. The long ceasefire is almost over. I’m no fan of Ape Lincoln but he was right about not being able to fool everyone all of the time and that the FUSA would be conquered from within. He didn’t know that it would be pulled off by a fifth column of clueless dullards who cling to a failed ideology expecting a new result.
    Any word on the shooting of “protesters” at a park in the glorious people’s republic of Louisville?
    They did elect the commie rat governor so they can enjoy the Great Leap Forward.

  2. They and Them, are difficult Targets. Names, tell us, Who, What Where When and How, to get next to these communist, killing useful idiots is counter productive, who are the shot callers.

    MSM, has been very diligent is, keeping those top tier pods, out of the lime lite.


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