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  1. tfA-t is amused at the stoopit behavior of the face diaper wearers

    they are worried about a mostly harmless bug and not paying attention to the dinner menu- which, they are the main course…

    and who the fuck would ever want to “work” caring for them?

    it’s not really work anyways…

    surgeons labor, doctors talk shit and prescribe poisonous drugs

    in tfA-t land, these useless units will be done away with

    no more scamming your way thru life

    you will labor or you will die

    take your choice

    tfA-t plans to cut waste from the program- a LOT of waste…

    1. They are the cult of ‘the face panty’..they are legion.
      They shuffle aimlessly in and out of ‘House of Useless Crap’; more
      often than not, they ROLL in and out because they’re fatter than
      the bearclaws that they devour.
      Their dull, lifeless eyes stare outwards like a butchered sheep,
      the only difference is when they see one not of their cult; then
      their cold dead eyes blaze forth with a liches’s hatred.
      Their High Priestess is Karen and her many sisters.
      Their High Priest is Aseo-Fart, Dark Lord of the Bone White Tower
      that he rules from in the festering land of Califagottry where he
      continues to weave the brain numbing spell of ‘corona doom’
      over those that are ignorant and feeble minded.

      They are the cult of the ‘face panty’. Shun them and their
      ways and embrace Sunlight, open spaces and being with
      others that are not them!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Why can’t mommygov declare war on the virus and keep us all safe?
    Dr. Fraudci loves me and wants to build a utopia just for me along with esteemed party member comrade Billy Gates.
    The bestest government that money can buy should be able to buy us all a hermetically sealed bubble to keep the organisms away from our happy food feasting and happy motoring worker’s utopia.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  3. One of the dumbest blogrolls you follow is rancounteur.

    It’s the same chicken little the sky is falling screed. The comments are even more so equally nauseating smacking of smug posturing and virtue signaling.

    At this point, I legitimately do not give a fuck. I am done playing “simon says” with anyone over this bullshit. If I need to go somewhere and buy something I NEED and I have to wear a mask because of store policy, I pull my shemagh over my face, get what I need and GTFO of there.

    Had this been the solution and recommendation from the start everyone would have complied, not until this morphed in destroying local businesses, imploding the economy and wall to wall coverage of “orange man bad”.

    Live free or die.

    Fuck the chicoms for this, the histrionic punk ass media, weak ass woketard low-t white males and all leftists.

    1. Crusty Fremen,

      The chicoms AREN’T the ones that own and operate the NYT, WAPO, NYPost and
      a majority of other electronic media as well as print media – of whom HAVE been
      complicit in spreading Gate’s, Fauci’s and Birx’s ‘corona virus’ nothingburger

      Also ponder this bit of info:

      The WHO isn’t holding off on calling it a pandemic “because the country is
      collapsing”, they’re holding off calling it a pandemic because the Pandemic
      Bonds issued in 2017 by the World Bank don’t mature until July 2020. If the
      bonds get triggered, it would default them due to credit swaps following issue
      (taking the initial $425 million to $Trillions/Quadrillions). It’s also why they’re
      supressing the infection rate increase and falsely inflating the total deaths.

      So yes, the BIG banksters are in on this too along with ‘the media’….how
      could they NOT be?…

      “chicoms”?….no, you’re over thinking it…
      Follow the $$$$MONEY$$$$…and you’ll find out WHO it really is..and
      has ALWAYS been….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. Binary thinking is failure to think, and Aesop exemplifies that failure. Aesop sees that the virus is a real virus that can actually make some folks sick, and therefore concludes that we have not been lied to about the virus.

    Unfortunately, everything we have been told about the virus was intended to deceive. That does not mean that everything is false, or that the truth is the opposite, but it does mean that every bit of the official narrative is misdirection, pointing us at incorrect conclusions. What conclusions are correct? None of Aesop’s.

  5. This article is a bit over a month old, but it says what needs to be said!

    Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

    Of course our ‘resident Dr. Doougie Houser’ will most likely be oober-goobered
    triggered by such an outpouring of facts, reason and logic…

    He can go sit in his corner and suck petulantly on his face panty while
    he grumbles incoherently on about “the big bad covid-19 wolf is REAL!!!”.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Funny watching the media and leaders in their faux masks, most don’t have a clue how to keep a good seal on it, so in essence, it’s not for real in the first place.
    Watch rich bitch Pelosi in her designer masks, many times gaping on the sides. They showed Fauci and Cheney in cheap ear loop masks, filthy rich guys wearing the cheapest disposable masks…..really?
    Ya think they know something……………?

    1. Saw one yesterday on a popup ad, looks like a panty liner (ie, mouse mattress).
      We’ve gone from chemical/surgical masks to vaginal products now.
      Just shows the BS of it all. And folks still keep buying into it.
      What a nation of idiots.

  7. re:
    paworldandtimes link


    The last time I owned a television set was sometime last century.
    I have zero interest in televisionprogramming.
    I might glance at a newpaperprogramming headline every third Thursday as I walk past a dispenser, but usually not.
    I avoid radioprogramming like the plague it is.

    Obviously, I’m not ‘up’ on the latest fads, Michael Jackson and hula-hoops and all that.

    Can somebody explain the difference between a regular mask and a ‘face mask’?

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