2 thoughts on “OSINT Framework”

  1. In English, or Engrish, please. I’m fluent in both.

    By context I get that one is bad. What are they getting at here?

  2. Around 60% of all links posted by Westernrifleshooters go to websites that data mine your entire viewing history and do NOT allow you to view the site if you use TOR.
    In other words: you go to the AmeticanPartisan website for example and every 3 letter agency knows in real time that you are there and how long you lingered on which part of those pages.
    TOR obscures your identity, but AmericanPartisan for example, using Cloudflare, FORCES you to reveal who YOU are and WHAT you read.
    As a principle I don’t go try to read those websites, they are likely just cover ups of secret ops.

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