15 thoughts on “Poison For The Soul”

  1. Hail Odinn. Christinsanity is the stepping stone to the global Soviet with that weak soft turn the other cheek crap.
    Thankfully my parents didn’t insist that I continue to attend church because I walked out after a few minutes of that happy heeben horsesh1t.

  2. This is why I quit “church” all together.

    Being entertained is a higher priority for most than being enlightened and draw closer to the presence of God.

    Once they all started getting on that non-profit 501c3 crack they became the lukewarm water that Jesus spits out of his mouth.

    1. Of course TRUTH doesn’t enter into this for most one EITHER side. It is easy to dismiss Christ if He is NOT who He claimed to be, but if He is: it changes EVERYTHING. Those more concerned for ‘feelz’ don’t want the truth. I appreciate how blessed I am to be part of a great body of believers with a pastor who faithfully preaches the Word.

      1. Does your pastor ever preach about:
        Luke 1:26-55
        Exodus 20:4-5
        Numbers 21:6-9
        Exodus 25:16-20
        3 Kings (1 Kings) 6:23
        3 Kings (1 Kings) 7:23-29
        Apocalypse 5:8
        Tobias 12:12-15
        Zacharias 1:12-16
        2 Maccabees 15:7-16
        1 Timothy 2:5-6
        2 Peter 1:20
        Acts 8:26-31
        John 20:21-23
        Matthew 16:18
        Matthew 16:19 & 18:18
        Matthew 28:19-20
        Matthew 28:18-19
        John 20:23
        John 17:11, 21-23
        2 Thessalonians 2:14
        2 Thessalonians 3:6
        John 21:25
        Mark 16:15
        2 Timothy 2:2
        1 Corinthians 11:2
        James 2:20-21
        Matthew 7:21
        Matthew 19:17
        Mark 10:17-21
        Luke 18:18-22
        John 8:51
        John 15:14
        John 5:28-29
        Galatians 5:6
        1 Corinthians 13:2
        Phillipians 2:12
        Matthew 24:13
        James 2:14-18
        Romans 2:13
        Romans 6:16
        Romans 8:12-17
        Romans 11:21-22
        Hebrews 5:9
        Hebrews 12:14
        1 Timothy 4:16
        Matthew 16:27
        2 Corinthians 5:10
        Apocalypse 20:12
        Apocalypse 21:27
        Matthew 25:31-46
        James 1-22-27
        Galatians 5:19-21
        1 John 3:7 ?

        That’s what I figured.

  3. Modern Christianity is a universalist death cult. Accept that fact and move on.

  4. I saw on Gab this morning a group of Catholics, publicly praying the Rosary, were physically assaulted by the BLM-Antifa mob. Let no one doubt or scoff at where we are headed. The (((Jacobin))) puppet masters have their mobs totally focused on who are: “The enemies of the people.” The Woke Religion which Black Pigeon described in the very well done video posted here a few days back is in our future. It all goes back to previous posts from over a year ago: You may not be interested in the left, but the left is interested in you.
    The ball is now in the court of the Romans 13 robots, pussy-footing “Evangelical” Pastors, and the Vatican II Catholics. Will they stand up or roll over? FWIW, the indoor shooting range here in Rawles Land has been offering courses in Church Security to packed classes. I know the bulk of the folks up here who are Believers are ready to fight back. This was demonstrated a few weeks ago when the local militia mustered to downtown CDA as the rumors(true) occurred about Antifa coming over from Spokane to torch the business. The local red-diaper-doper babies went bat-s**t crazy with LTEs. But even the Reds on the CDA city council were forced to adopt a unanimous resolution supporting these patriots.
    All Blue Hives have become occupied territory. While I feel for those victims in Saint Louis, I cannot help thinking about how that city was said to be a “…wretched hive of scum and villainy” more than 40 years ago. I look for more white refugees to be pouring into the Gem State. The latest word is Emmett, ID is the hottest area for growth. It is Bosnia times Rwanda times Venezuela times Argentina. Plan accordingly.

  5. The Bible tells us that there will be a falling away near the end times. An apostasy.

    This seems to be the perfect vehicle for it. I could count the ways, but you’ve seen them. And you’re going to see more of them shortly.

    1. the “buy bull” is a jew construct

      of course it predicted such

      once people realize they have been lied to by the jew authors, it’s only natural they shun the “greatest bullshit story ever told”

  6. This NC Scout guy is your typical Christian pay-tree-ot; which means he and his ilk are zeros in my book. He’ll feign harsh critiques of his religion but will never get enough balls to jettison the jew-
    on-a-stick cult and all it’s psychotic tenets into the gutter, preffering instead to wait until Geeezus sends in a muscled up version he can again bow (more like bend) over to.
    No wonder his culture, heritage and family are being shit on!
    You will never defeat the jews while bowing down to one, nor can you render to Caesar and be a free man!!

        1. and tfA-t will gladly oblige ending their miserable existence here so they can join their fake god in it’s fake la la land in the sky

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