8 thoughts on “PSA: Know Your Enemy’s Tactics”

  1. Zhe’s pretty enough and smart enough to be a Minneapolis city councilperson.

  2. Another sexual degenerate man who like to disguise themselves as a woman.

  3. Walk away.
    They are a movement of brats, attention whores, everything they do is predicated upon their targeted enemy engaging them, dancing to their tune.
    The victim stance. It is a powerful one. Yet it is only affective when the enemy plays along, is suckered into reacting.
    Case in point: the yellow media is only effective when enough people watch and read it.

    Turn your back to it.
    Thats not to say do not fight.
    It is fighting.
    Because being ruled by their rules is essential to their power over you.
    They have no effective counter to Fuck You.
    BFYTW they are powerless.
    What happens with BFYTW is they must resort to force and violence. This is why they are using riots, destruction of property and symbols of peoples Freedom and Liberty, why they openly threaten all who defy and resist, who walk away. They have nothing else.
    They offer nothing.

    Why give them anything?
    As King Leonidas ordered his 300 Warriors, “Give Them Nothing”

    Andrew Breitbart said they can only win the rhetorical war, that our culture is upstream of all politicks, thats insurgency, its outflanking the enemy, that we have guns, lots of guns, that they can not risk arousing all those guns and the hands they are in. They must be very careful. Highly selective about what and who they use force and violence against, measured, precisely graduated, running the ragged edge just up to but not creating armed resistance to them. They also have to at all costs but armed resistance create an illusion they are not only legitimate but vast in numbers. This farce of legitimacy consumes vast resources, for diminishing returns, as more and more think yes things are going to get that bad, they join The Honorable Resistance, now they have this increasing number of Americans who walk away, turn their backs, who are immune to the illusion, see the farce for what it is. What it is is a cake made of human feces, that they keep slathering with imitation buttercream frosting. What is going on is increasing numbers of people can tell it is still a cake made of human crap, people who totally refuse a helping of it. Not even tempted. It becomes a serious pickle, trying to force people to eat their cake made of human feces, when they get up from the table and walk away, even when they use force and violence to try to coerce people to take a bite it becomes even more difficult to make people eat this crap your serving, because they pull out their Rifles and say BFYTW.

    Its a real pickle. Like painting yourself into a corner.
    But what is utterly the most germane thing here is, you got a pickle because too many people are armed to the teeth exactly because of you and what your trying to force them to do falls on people, a plurality who refuse to go along, people with guns. Lots of Guns. People who outnumber you and your ilk by millions, people with long learned hard won reasons, codes, tradition and history to say BFYTW.

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