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  1. The foolishness from the left just astonishes me. Incoherent ideas divorced from reality can be seen through so easily, but critical thinking has become a lost skill. Sabotaging the educational system has yielded an incredible return for the Marxists.

    The answer to ALL the complaints is to draw folks to ponder what the world would look like without the 98% of all invention & innovation produced by white men. Elsewhere I read the insane ramblings of some black female about how Africans ACTUALLY came to the New World before whites, “exchanged technology” with native peoples, etc.


    Too bad they never could work out complex ideas like WRITTEN LANGUAGE or such mechanical marvels as THE WHEEL. Now I will absolutely praise black musicians for the blues & early rock. Honestly I can think of no higher achievement made by blacks, except POSSIBLY the 360 slam dunk. Sadly rap & hip-hop undo most of the musical credit I would assign … so I suppose we are left with a few random athletic accomplishments.

    Which brings me to the last point I am making more &/more often: after the “Rumble in the Jungle” Ali was asked about impressions from his first trip to Africa. He said “I sure am glad my granddaddy got on that boat!” As horrible as chattel slavery was, I have yet to meet a single black person who wishes he was born in Africa instead of here. And of course, it was WHITE MEN in England and then the USA who were the FIRST people on Earth to abolish slavery.

  2. “Ruth Frankenberg, a premier white scholar in the field of whiteness, describes whiteness as multidimensional…”


    1. Yup, just like (((Noel Ignatiev))), thankfully now a worm processing farm
      and (((Barbara Lerner Specter))) who said that “jews will be at the fore-front
      of transforming Europe into a multicultural environment – and we will be
      resented for it.”


      No wonder (((THEY’VE))) been expelled/deported at least 1,031 times
      over the last 2,500 years+. It’s also why Dr. Kevin MacDonald accurately
      refers to them as “The Hostile Elite” in his book, “Culture of Critique”.

      And that’s not even with my going into their never-ending financial/
      cultural shake-down biz called the ‘holo-hoax’…funny how MORE of
      them survived and are on the population records of the day and afterwards
      than the completely fictional ‘6 million’….

      Oh that’s right…math and logic are ‘anti-semetic’……

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Funny how whites won’t wake up to that.
      We’re all brothers and sisters, except when you’re a chosenite. It’s a small club, and you ain’t in it.

  3. You don’t hear Irish or Italians crying about racial stereotypes.
    From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves.
    March 14, 1891 in New Orleans an angry mob of vigilantes surrounded a jail and executed eleven Italian immigrants after six defendants were found not guilty and three declared a mistrial in the death of police chief David Hennessey.

  4. White Fragility is only in the mind of fragile whites.
    Not for nothing thats natural selection at work.
    Law of the jungle.
    Its a jungle out there.
    Our enemy has actually done us anti-fragile American’s a great profound service. They are weeding out the useless, the parasites, the existentially weak, the incurable moral cowards, the professional victims and virtue signalers, and the just plain lazy and crazy, tearing down institutional order, the social sadists, the corrupt, the perverts and pedos.
    Our enemy is creating positive race and culture hybrid vigor for us. Weeding out the defective among us. Only the strong and hearty the vital hale survive.
    Paradoxically our enemy is doing exactly what they intend to destroy in the first place. Its crazy to stop them. They are wasting vast resources cleaning out the detritus of our civilization, whats remains is the survivors people, the strongest among us. They are bringing out our great barbarian virtues in us, making us citizen soldiers great again. Let them consume their resources, waste their treasure, waste their blood. While The Honorable Resistance “surthrives”, builds tribe and community, anti-fragile solidarity and unity. Arming ourselves to the teeth, in arms, hearts & minds. All the things which are anathema, the existential things, that which make us string, indomitable, empowering. It don’t get any more poetic then that.
    The best is it could not happen any other way.
    You could not plan it all better.
    This is fourth generation war in action, open source, leaderless insurgency at work. No limits to this either. In fact there is a logarithmic feature to the force multiplication effects of the increasing membership of The Honorable Resistance.

    What will our enemy do?
    What it always does when it fails.
    Double Down.

    THEM: The Human Extinction Movement, ie, self destruction movement.
    What else is so mind blowingly so unhinged it burns down its own cities. Messes with, meddles in the affairs of, and violates the codes of the most heavily armed culture imaginable.
    Armed exactly for such things to begin with.
    Brings a new definition to stupid you can’t fix.
    So stupid it don’t know its so stupid.

    We already won.
    All thats left is mopping up.
    They will oblige us in no uncertain terms.
    They even tell us so.
    What a time to be alive.
    Target rich environment.
    I hope I have enough boolits.

    1. “If you take EVERY government employee – .mil and .gov – who gets a paycheck and carries a government gun, total that number, and then divide it by the landmass of the lower 48, you get 1 “shooter” for every 1.25 square miles. Be of good cheer.” – WRSA Reader

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