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  1. I agree with Rick Moran. If one has paid excruciatingly close attention to the last 12 years, we either support Trump, despite any and all misgivings, legitimate or otherwise, or…we legitimize the alternative. It really is quite simple.

    As for Politico…with bated breath do they proclaim a Trump loss. They are depending upon the gullibility of the average reader. I don’t believe Trump is done…not by a long shot.

    It is amusing, somewhat sadly so, to watch Trump invoke 10 A, to the consternation of conservatives and constitutionalists alike. It is quite enlightening to see law and order types take up ashes and sack cloth at the sight of federal investigations, arrests, and indictments against cross state lines agitators of riots, arsons, assaults, all the while bemoaning the lack of military forces in these cities.

    Where, pray tell, are the defenders of life, liberty, and property? Oh…they are for the most part, reading Fred, who sits in the corner of some third world shithole bar, celebrating his freedom from care.

    Disgusting. Truly.

    1. ewe are part of the problem



      tfA-t has a plan for ewe and your kind..

      1. Yup, let’s put Trump/Kushner back in the WH for 4 more years of betrayal, theft and deceit.
        And the voting idiots hang on to more false promises of fixing things, like the $9 trillion that just disappeared into thin air.
        It appears voting is another version of denial, and we can repeat this exact same gig in 4 years from now.

  2. Remember those polls about the inevitable pantsuit princess, good times.
    Don’t worry our enemies will make a move to turn Amerikwa the Kwanstain into a 3000 mile glow in the dark charcoal birdbath with the like so awesome like president like Abrams at the helm.

  3. I despise Rick Moron. I refuse to read anything he writes. No clicks from me whatsoever.

    He used to be just some half-assed shorthand blogger of low-hanging fruit on AT. Now he’s gone and sucked someone’s dick and hit the big time with a gig at PJM. He was a Never-Trumper from the git-go and now he’s suddenly on board? Like Eric Ericsson at RedState?!?

    Fuck him and his horse. Right in his sorry ass.

  4. Well, Good Morning to you as well. You know, charm school could help with that passive aggressive social style you have worked so hard to develope. It worked wonders for me. Now I can say, ” Well, good morning, and how very nice for you” instead of going with my first thought, “Fuck you, t-fat.”. See how that works? You should give it a try.

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