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  1. It is better to be hated by scrunts and genetic misfires. I hate them right back tenfold and don’t mind letting them know right to their face.
    Facecrime and foul language works as well.
    Reading a foreign news aggregator that focuses on how other countries view FUSA and they are having huge belly laughs at the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation.

  2. typical fat slob hairy face murkin

    and the moron still worships the fed corporate flag

    fuck him and those like him = ENEMY

      1. I will note that the ‘pastor’ highlighted in the article was a Protestant Lutheran.

        During the homily today at our traditional Catholic parish, one of the points the priest touched on was how, unlike Protestant Zionists (a false-ecumenism), we can not treat today’s Jews as a saved people, and how it is our duty out of Christian charity (and true ecumenism) to attempt to convert them.

          1. Second this.

            Anyone who is against all the nonsense alphabet agencies and defunding them, spending, repealing guns laws back to 1911 and victimless crimes etc. Is considered a friendly and a fellow traveller.

          2. And peepul like you make them like Christians?

            You’re such a moron.

            And a lonely, pathetic one at that.

            Did yer mommy not love you enough?

    1. Fifty bucks says that goateed, “cool” pastor is ELCA. That particular “progressive” branch of one of the dying, main-line, white Amerikan protestant churches has been ordaining sodomites for years. They are just another Communist Front. When the rural whiteys in my A/O get threatened by the leftist rent-a-mobs, they muster with loaded firearms and confront the problem.
      The first gun show in many months just happened at the Event Center on the WA-ID state line off I-95. Two separate militia groups had tables set up recruiting folks. Even though I am highly suspect of these folks in general, it is very telling about the mindset here in Winterfell. I will wait until I read about a Shaun King-financed mob shows up in that Holy Joe’s town and burns down his racist Lutheran church, due to the racist “White Jesus.” Then we’ll see how understanding this blithering idiot really is.

    1. “I’m guessing he does not work in education nor for the government.”
      Oh really, is that so, Buffalo Jump.
      And exactly how do you know, that
      the probability of him being an undercover cop or fedgov entrapment agent is 0%?

    2. Matt,
      So what have you been doing lately to create an effective
      cultural “No-GO Zone” in your AO for your family and
      other whites?

      If it works for (which it DOES):
      moslems (Dearbornistan, etc.)
      the Ahmish
      Orthodox Jews
      and the whites of Orania (now population of 1,500+;
      they started 20 years back with only TWO families of
      13 people btw).

      Have you noticed ANY lockdowns/’wear a face panty of else’
      idiocy being enforced effectively in ANY of the domestic moslem
      ‘No-Go Zones’ regarding the ‘Stupd-1984’ beer virus hoax?…
      Hmmmm…..me neither..oh wait, their women wear the full
      body face panty..aka burka…and yes, “Islam IS right about women!”.

      it CAN work for white Americans of European descent here!
      Especially since whites are STILL the majority at 68%.

      And, NO one DOESN’T “ask permission” of bolshevik ‘gov’
      to do so!!

      So, what say you?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. i call it a “face jock”

        and tfA-t would gladly side with Islam if given a choice between the two

        they at least have their whores on a short leash…

        which is more than christians can say

        1. Your mother on a short leash… I bet that gives you the warm and fuzzies, don’t it?

          1. i’m going to enjoy taking out my revenge on christers- hopefully it will be ewe- FUCKHEAD

            no mercy for the believers- N O N E

  3. The Catholic Encyclopedia: “Hatred”

    “Hatred in general is a vehement aversion entertained by one person for another, or for something more or less identified with that other. Theologians commonly mention two distinct species of this passion.

    “One (odium abominationis, or loathing) is that in which the intense dislike is concentrated primarily on the qualities or attributes of a person, and only secondarily, and as it were derivatively, upon the person himself.

    “The second sort (odium inimicitiae, or hostility) aims directly at the person, indulges a propensity to see what is evil and unlovable in him, feels a fierce satisfaction at anything tending to his discredit, and is keenly desirous that his lot may be an unmixedly hard one, either in general or in this or that specified way.

    “This second kind of hatred, as involving a very direct and absolute violation of the precept of charity, is always sinful and may be grievously so. The first-named species of hatred, in so far as it implies the reprobation of what is actually evil, is not a sin and may even represent a virtuous temper of soul. In other words, not only may I, but I even ought to, hate what is contrary to the moral law. Furthermore one may without sin go so far in the detestation of wrongdoing as to wish that which for its perpetrator is a very well-defined evil, yet under another aspect is a much more signal good. For instance, it would be lawful to pray for the death of a perniciously active heresiarch with a view to putting a stop to his ravages among the Christian people. Of course, it is clear that this apparent zeal must not be an excuse for catering to personal spite or party rancour. Still, even when the motive of one’s aversion is not impersonal, when, namely, it arises from the damage we may have sustained at the hands of others, we are not guilty of sin unless besides feeling indignation we yield to an aversion unwarranted by the hurt we have suffered. This aversion may be grievously or venially sinful in proportion to its excess over that which the injury would justify.…”


  4. Meditations on Hate
    by Andrew Joyce, May 18, 2020


    “‘Hate facts’ are provable realities allegedly tainted with hate, and thus represent aspects of material existence deemed so awful they are denied despite their evident truth.… The entire history of the Jewish people can be read as involving a quite shameless hatred for the rest of humanity. … The war on hate is founded on a ridiculous premise — that everything in modern culture is perfectly agreeable and that there are no logical or moral grounds for strongly opposing anything or anyone in our midst.… The war on hate is founded on a ridiculous premise — that everything in modern culture is perfectly agreeable and that there are no logical or moral grounds for strongly opposing anything or anyone in our midst.… The Jewish campaign against hate is a new attempt at a revolution in values. Those European imbeciles who nibble at this bait, convinced that they are part of some moral crusade for universal brotherhood, are throwing themselves into a campaign supporting Jewish hate. Isn’t it obvious that Europeans who adopt the new values aren’t ‘against hate’ but merely sublimate their instincts and agree to hate themselves? …

    “The Longest Hatred

    “Jews have described anti-Semitism as the ‘longest hatred.’ I disagree. It is clear to any educated onlooker that Semitism itself, insofar as Semitism is defined as the behavioural expression of the Jewish hatred of mankind, represents the oldest hatred in recorded history. The interesting point here is that all Jewish examinations of what they perceive to be the ‘longest hatred‘ are conspicuous in their avoidance of the issue of cause and object. Hatred of the Jews is, for Jews, entirely spontaneous and self-creating. …If Semitism is, as I have argued, the true “longest hatred,’ then what is its cause and object? Causes here are both internal and external to Jews. Judaism, the precise origins of which will remain forever unknown and unknowable, commands a strict separation from other humans and the formation of an ethnic caste above all others. It asserts an ultimate, cosmic superiority, and permits the infliction of a lesser ethics upon presumed inferiors. Jewish hate has arisen from time immemorial in the simple fact that other humans (collectively lumped together simply as goyim) refuse to accept this state of affairs, and that they fail to indulge Judaism’s dominance fantasy. From the beginning of Judaism until the present day, Jews have encountered populations who refuse to see Jews as their superiors. These non-Jewish populations have consistently refused to be subjected to lesser treatment, and they have hated the Jews for attempting to impose it upon them. Jews have responded to this reactionary hatred with a further hatred of their own — a dishonest hatred that hides even from itself and postures as a morose remembering of past injustices. The cycle continues endlessly, with Jewish hatred thus internally and perpetually powered via the momentum of the past.

    “The lachrymose history of the Jews is in fact the story of frustrated attempts at dominance, and although it presents as a tale of woe, it is in fact a hit-list for revenge. Adam and Gedaliah Afterman have written of the Medieval period as a time in which Jews cultivated a powerful theology/ideology of revenge for perceived wrongs perpetrated by host populations. One Medieval Ashkenazi tale, for example, portrays God as ‘listing on his garment’ the names of all Jewish victims of Gentiles over the course of time so that in the future the deity would have a record of those to be avenged. [A. Afterman & G. Afterman, ‘Meir Kahane and Contemporary Jewish Theology of Revenge,’ Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 98, No. 2, (2015), 192-217, (197).] Isn’t it clear that this tale is a mere externalizing of deeper instincts? Isn’t Jewish culture and historiography the real ‘garment‘ upon which Jews name their ‘victims,’ thereby paving the way for a future vengeance executed not by a deity but by the true object of Jewish worship — the Jews themselves?… opponents of all kinds are engaged in mass duplicity, disguising their own selfish interests as ‘love,’ their own grudges as ‘tolerance,’ and their own hatred as ‘kindness.’ Surrounded by detestable things lingering under dishonesty, we must embrace a ‘perfect hatred,’ [Psalms 138:22] and be at peace in it, in the certain knowledge that, while the weak fall by the way side, we will carry it to its completion.”

  5. Keep in mind this too, he could be “plant” or a dupe put there by some leftist organization. I’ve seen numerous times over the past 50+ years. It’s straight out of any handbook on psychological warfare I might add.

  6. Where’s ol’remus these days? Did he get sandbagged or just gone fishing.

  7. Well when tfA-tis right, tfA-t is right. Even is most wont admit it.

    The Flag symbol on his Left is obviously the LGBTQAEIOU Fag Flag.
    The Flag Symbol on his Right is the Corporate United States (U.S.) Flag.

    Neither have anything to do with The United States of America, the United States of America or America.

    One has to do with Fags and the other has everything to do with Slaves.

    1. These normies here are fuk’n clueless what tax slaves they are, they think they have FREEDUMB.
      And they hide behind their brotherly religion so they don’t have to name their (((handlers))).
      Denial is what will keep this nation in perpetual tax slavery, along with voting for their favorite Uniparty member..

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