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  1. I’ll bet you my paycheck that Trump gets re-elected. The DNC and all these tiny tyrants on city councils are doing nothing but pissing off people who whom have to stay quiet at work and on social media for fears of being doxxed or losing their income.

    We haven’t even hit the debates yet.

    Those will be glorious. I believe we have another 6-8 years before things get crazy.

      1. Arrogant ignorance is truly the tactic of the right.
        No ego too big, no brain too small, we will win!!!

        After all, WE WON WW2!

        1. It’s a mix of things my friend.

          Outside the echo chamber of social media, the real words are being spoken.

          Secondly, I have been inundated with help and advice from people who used to scoff at me to being deeply concerned. I have helped at least 20 people myself get trained and purchase firearms and taken them to the range to help them. This is the most important thing we can do.

          Third and most importantly is the level of pistivity that flyover America is dealing with.

          Trump is literally the only weapon they have to use to fire back at the left and believe me they will use it. I called it before where I saw my dad a dye in the wool democrat come out stating that he was supporting him in 2016, I was like damn…if he is fired up then i know there’s a TON of people that are. I told everyone to expect Trump to win and he did.

          Anyone worth their salt who can see what time it is and everything the media has done to make them afraid, lose their jobs and call them things that they aren’t they are going to chase that same feeling in November.

    1. I’ll take that bet.

      I wish you were right, but I know you are delusional. Remember this comment come November 4th.

  2. All while the “Right” sits around waiting for just 1 more “R” to ride in and save them. Just 1 more “R” and our Team will win. Been hearing that shit for 40+ years.

    Good Luck.

    1. Yeah, that’s all I hear from my conservative friends, one more vote for the R’s and we’ll be saved.
      Fuk’n idiots.
      BTW, welcome back, good to hear from you.

  3. The rally in the Villages where they guy supposedly yelled “white power?” I was there. He said it, but it was not in support of a racist cause. There was a leftie there screaming that Republicans are racists. The man replied, “Yeah, right we are all racists. White power.” He was being sarcastic.

    1. That’s exactly right. Anyone with a brain and not afflicted with TDS can see that from miles away.

  4. We have until September 2020, then matters ramp up to where no man or woman wants to go.

  5. The “Left” is beyond transparent. They are not brilliant. They are predictable. It remains to be seen if history repeats. Somehow, I don’t think so, in the short term. Let’s see what the non-affiliated citizenry of blue states decide is in their better interests.

  6. I always thought WRSA was a bit too paranoid. Till this past month. The problem is is that every other elected Republican is gone. In the bunker. As our cities burn and we trump voters are beaten, shot and literally set on fire, nothing from our leaders. We’ve got the guns and a million former military on our side. Our ‘conservative’ leaders better step up before we have to. The election is too late. We don’t have months or weeks. We’re down to our last days and hours…
    The Rainman…..

    1. Welcome to the Uniparty.
      Some folks are waking up to the fact they’ve been conned. The rest keep voting and hoping for more change that never comes.
      We live in a nation of idiots.

  7. Civnats being cucked by a Zionist whilst falling all over themselves to stop someone hurting the Zionist’s feelings has to be the cringeyest thing I’ve seen out of the III% club so far, and that’s saying something.

    Y’all ready to stop looking for leaders yet?

  8. Pastor Faircloth in his sermon yesterday said he received a word that we won’t get passed September, that a major event was going to happen that month what struck me is that he actually pointed out a specific month, he’s never done that before it’s rather a somber thing to have a preacher be that specific because of the risk of being wrong,
    That’s a pretty somber thing to consider check it out

  9. I believe that the man holding the pistol is none other than the darling of millennial wokester t-shirt wearers Che Guevara,

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