On Bezmenov

From a reader:

One of Bezmenov’s conclusions is that the demoralized are incapable of
reason – disregarding all evidence that may be contrary to their
ideology. It is only when they “get kicked in their fat bottom” that
they awaken to reality (or perish.)

What we see is the Hobbesian trap, i.e., as the societal chaos
escalates, so does the police state in response, which motivates further
chaos; a vicious cycle. The talking heads then present a Hobson’s
choice: either embrace (even further) the police state, or succumb to
the zombie hordes, defenseless.

The sand in the Vaseline there, though, is this: we are not defenseless,
nor are we devoid of other options.  One such option is to render the
talking heads, those morons in suits and their supporters, irrelevant by
direct action – opt out of the machine and allow the concentration of
power and wealth in the major metropolitan areas to consume itself in a
conflagration of their own making. Detroit offers a prototype – as the
good people were driven out of the city, what was left consumed itself –
the virus killed its host. Another example is Camden – only a few years
ago it was so bad that police refused to even respond – opting to stay
in the relative safety of their cruisers.

Ancient Rome too, for that matter.

Paraphrasing Bezmenov, just make damn sure you “first, avoid the strike”
(stay away from crowds and otherwise build your resiliency) and then
facilitate your opponent’s momentum in the direction necessary to help
him “crash into the wall”, i.e., opt out and thereby render him impotent.

Do what is necessary to ride out the storm, tie it off, with an eye
toward rebuilding on a morally sound foundation of self-responsibility
and accountability. Again, per Bezmenov, embracing a spirituality, faith
in powers unknown, is what’s key, regardless of whether it is
monotheistic or polytheistic.

Local, local, local.

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  1. It’s difficult to avoid ‘taking sides’ … but I agree with the author that it’s imperative to stand back and let them consume each other. Great big groups of Authoritarians, battling for Supremacy.

    As he says, your first priority is to avoid becoming a casualty, yourself.

  2. No doubt on my part. It is My Rifle in My Hands that defines the dialectic, the underlying truth of my Freedom and Liberty. Nobody gets to determine my priorities. Nobody has power over my will. Nothing can force my consent. And I have My Rifle to insure this, or die doing so. But what is even more pertinent its the other fellow who has to die attempting to shove his beliefs up my arse or force me to his will.
    Even Hobbes in all his brilliance in human nature missed understandably a totally unique and unprecedented element: Guns. Lots of guns. Those Guns in the hands of the hands of generations of individuals, the hands of millions of dirt people. That those guns are personal property, the first thing about our guns. What Hobbes missed is consent and withdrawal of ones consent. Consent is something that can only be given, it can not be taken. Even if you are to put a .45 to my head, pull the hammer back, say to me if I refuse to comply with you to give my consent for what you are doing to me, I will blow your brains all over the room. I still have choice, I still possess my consent, sure its a stark choice, but I still win motherfucker, BFYTW.
    Marx & Hobbes missed this thing about us Freemen of The West. Our Rifles, guns which are our property, changed everything, 5000 years of human history totally shifted, a leap like no other, something we are still figuring out, only scratching the surface of the dynamics of the individual who employs free will who is armed with The Rifle, the man who chooses to not comply. who chooses to withdraw his consent. Nothing like this has happened before, it can not be stated enough, Our Rifles in Our Hands in conjunction with our consent totally changes the equation of 5000 years of tyranny.

    Marx was a total failure as a critical thinker, never mind the ideological farce named after him, and the fact he was cloud cuckoo land unhinged, his cultural and economic equations of how to run a self destructive extinction movement, only can be successful when everyone are sheep, either without guns to start with or they are disarmed in enough numbers, the target culture/civilization for your genocide to be successful because a plurality is not large enough to fight back effectively to stop you.

    The Honorable Resistance across America constitutes this plurality. It is Yamamoto’s sleeping giant, this plurality is becoming self aware. It is a great paradigm, a sea change in thinking, of hearts and minds. It has always existed, nebulous, individually isolated, itself as a plurality not aware of itself as legion. The plurality becomes something indomitable when it starts to understand it is a plurality to begin with. This is power. Great unstoppable power. Power unlike any. This plurality is what won the only successful slave revolt. It went to sleep, Rip Van Winkle of liberty, woke up in 1859, fought the good fight, all the great virtues in war against the very same evil again, neither losing or winning, it went into a kind of cold anger dream state, watching, waiting, smoldering quietly for sure it’s time to fight again was pre-determined.
    That time is upon us.
    It could not happen any other way.

    Those who have yet to, arm yourself to the fucking teeth.
    Join The Honorable Resistance.
    It’s time to be citizen soldiers.
    Our resistance is not only fertile our defiance is the most legitimate thing imaginable.
    Our individual Liberty combined with our consent and our Rifles we are the most powerful weapon ever devised. As an armed determined indomitable plurality we are Legion.
    Marx and Hobbes never seen anything like us.
    Our enemy is about to find out this truth of us.
    Nothing about The Honorable Resistance, about BFYTW, needs justified, it is justification itself, it is what legitimacy is to start with. Within this is a nucleus of motive power nothing can deny.

    In simplest terms ruthless people do not understand how mean good folks get when their codes are violated.

    1. “It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”

      – Col. Jeff Cooper

    2. Speaking of “Yamamoto’s sleeping giant,” these BLM communist mother-fuckers have really awoken one in this country. The gun stores are emplty. The shelves of ammo are empty. There are lines waiting to into gun stores waiting to order a firearm–that may or may not come. The normie-con’s have slid off their fences, turned off the bread and circus tv’s and are being driven to the far, far right and beyond.

  3. Yuri B! Awww yea. He didn’t know about crisis actors, deep fakes, false flags and a half breed Kenyan bath house gloryhole server making it all legal in the NDAA.
    Look it up because it isn’t one of them there coincidence theories.
    Drooling mongoloids who eat frankenfoods and let teevee think for them are easily fooled.
    All that faded glory, never to return.

  4. “(stay away from crowds and otherwise build your resiliency)”

    Which reminds me. Anyone have a way to check on Ol’ Remus?

  5. Standing by, waiting for “them “to consume themselves, is beyond nuts. Do you REALLY believe their goals are single demential. Do you really believe “they ” don’t understand 4/5 gen warfare? How nieve of you.

    Do you not understand, their mentors ARE real deal war fighters, on someone’s payroll. Likely one of our alphabet agencies who have a dog in the fight.

    Would not be the first times these Intel agencies, or their euro, or ME, counterparts pushed a desired agenda on US soil. ” Twin Towers”

    Make no mistake, what we are seeing is street fodder, the pros amoung them have five ways, in and ten ways out. ” where have I heard that before”

    Gents only a fool ever underestimate his enemies, skills, their Intel, their tools.

    It’s just a matter of time before this ” soft shoe” kids playing at rebellion ends, and the real deal hard cores principled fighters arrive, their ideology/ motivation will be the money, the billionaires pay them to achieve an agenda, and ideology, and the immunity the US govt, will pardon then with.

    These Real deal crack troops, with have get out of jail “chits”, and attorneys at jails bailing em, while the charges are simple, kiddy flavored kinda stuff, their real crimes may never be discovered.

    I shared three weeks ago, about my encounter with Antifa in my town. I identified two shot callers, at the rear of the crowd, sending input to others in front via high end digital radios. Was 25 yards away, watching em while concealed in a truck.

    These guys were pros, these two men were also cold blooded killers, they were not going down, if not overwhelmed. If they were, they had built in exit stradegies.

    These are the guys who must be put down, not the kids, with a radical college understanding, who think their going to a social event. It’s all beer and harmless slogans.

    Isn’t it a shame that “life’s lessons” are wasted on us old fucks. Isn’t it unfortunate that the young don’t grasp, our anger, our rage about “THEM” thinking they can change our world, “without our permission!.” OR that others our age feel they DO have the right to give permission for us.

    Never ever underestimate your enemy or enemies! A rookie mistake, a fatal mistake. The shot callers HAVE far exceeded their early on goals sets. Their planning pretty grandiose ops, in a town near you.

    Round 1-5 are in the bag, They won.

    It is my hope that they still don’t realize that their actions are waking the brain dead, who are fucking in a rage over what’s going down.


    1. Lil’ Georgie Sorrows has bought up an army of prosecutors and DA’s so that the useful idiot comrades can get out of jail for free.
      The Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation is underway and normal is long gone.
      I’m thankful for having lived in the real America and prepared for the FUSA meltdown.

  6. I am old beyond my years, after watching and reading, being awakened early on in my youth to the deception surrounding us. And I am not alone, although I isolate in order to achieve that what others have done, reach a point of inaccessability away from the enemy and their communications blanket. Even whilst being behind enemy lines, I am one of many. Beware the warrior poet.

  7. the murkins are not demoralized- on the contrary, they are full of their own shit, piss, and bluster.. and that’s why they are incapable of rational thought

    it’s demonstrated right here everyday

    the fact that more than half of the population can’t even grasp how brain-fucked they are by buying into Covidscam-19 and the cult of crotch cloth face covers

    it’s just the flu brah..

    face it

    the murkins are too dumb to continue on..

  8. “…What we see is the Hobbesian trap, i.e., as the societal chaos
    escalates, so does the police state in response, which motivates further
    chaos; a vicious cycle…”

    And while all this is going on, the Copsucker Cuckservitives beg for a more intrusive police state in the name of “stopping them hooligans”. They love their overlords.

    I’m pretty sure that the Copsucker Cuckservitives would jump with joy if Trump declared himself King.

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