Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

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     Here is the article:

     The scenario is probably going to get replayed many dozens if not hundreds of times this summer, in all manner of neighborhoods.

     There are enough attorneys and tactical trainers that read your blog who may want to anonymously put together a DO/DONT DO list for those who are facing a sketchy mob on their own property, like these 2 were.  The 2 attorneys have the benefit of high social clout, resources and familiarity with the relevant legal issues.  They did not in any way show much tactical innovation or flexibility, however.

     For my own input to kick that off, I consider that the woman only had a chromed pistol (can anyone identify the pistol type?).  If there is any chance of an encounter with a mob, a pistol just is not going to do.  All defenders need to be familiar with, have access to and be willing to bear what is the gold standard of such things… an AR platform. 

     People will argue the point, but V.I. Lenin knew that quantity has a quality all its own… and ownership with competent carriage may actually SAVE protester lives – if they see a guy or gal confidently holding an AR at the low ready (or whatever), they must instinctively start thinking of their life choices and consequences.  They may be stupid, but the language of the AR is something difficult to misunderstand.

     The 2 defenders did not appear to have a tactical plan.  Had one or both maneuvered to start to flank the mob, perhaps had a few smoke grenades (yes, you can buy some right now online) thrown into the mix… maybe even had security camera footage to use to support their story, the effect upon normie America would be electrifying.  If they can invade a tony private neighborhood full of the landed gentry, the normie implicitly understands that the same type of mob can bum rush him in his suburban disaster built by wood butchers.

     Consider if you will… the mob had masks, the defenders, none.  The look in the woman’s eyes (pistol bearer) is one of abject terror.  Masks help keep that under control.  Frankly, my balaclava is going everywhere with me from today forward.  Deprive them of the propaganda moment, make it harder to doxx and get canceled.

     What passive measures might have helped?   DOGS.  A few possessive K9 of reasonably large size would have been a force multiplier.  Think of some plate carriers.  In such circumstances, no matter if the mob is getting rambunctious in a gated community, a tract home subdivision or a city block… citizens are going to have to consider the necessity for their own survival when they see a neighbor get mobbed, they need to consider getting geared up and standing WITH their neighbor.  Because… they came for the guy next door today, when is YOUR number going to be “up”?

     Consider the sharply changing trajectory of these riot mob groups if every time they went after someone in a residence, they had to face not only the home owner, but his/her neighbors as well?  What if they realized that they now had such on at least one flank, and reinforcements were probably going to start pinching off their avenue for withdrawl?  Once they sense that and panic, that will be some security footage to see as they bolt for the gaps.  In such circumstance, I would hope that the residents keep their heads and let them flee unmolested.  There is a lesson to even the most obtuse when they realize that the only thing between them and a chalk outline is the good order, discipline and decency of the Average American.  It will be a glorious day when some unnamed suburbanite “fixes bayonets” in a possible dystopian future and performs in a way suitable to his forebears.

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  1. Looking at other sources the woman’s pistol may be a jimenez.

    So there’s something else to add: don’t have a fucking saturday night special piece of garbage as your primary means of defense.

    Pretty clear these two were clueless. Probably part of the wave of limousine liberals that flooded gun stores these last few months.

  2. Much relieved to see this highlighted here.

    I cringed at the sight of that pistol in the hands of one who clearly had no idea how to handle it.

    It is another vivid reminder that those who need to know should forthwith, seek out those who know, and learn every single thing they can, as quickly and efficiently as they can.

    Small moment of grace here that the aggressors had a little more presence of mind than the defenders, though the defenders have gifted the meme’ers a powerfully vivid palate, fit for a masterpiece.

  3. just another example of fat ass murkins full of their own shit, piss, and bluster

    those two parasitis lawyers- but i repeat myself.. wouldn’t have lasted 60 seconds if those protesters wanted to attack

    fatboy wearing pink and his pet sow are typical of the ranks the tradcucks have to field…

    tfA-t farts in their general direction

    300 million+ is going to be a reasonable outcome for murka

    so let it be written..

  4. Say what you will, but… even with their tactless defense, and poor choice of weapon for the woman (who clearly hasn’t trained with it much), these two have done more than many of the commenters here, especially those commenters champing at the bit and/or relentlessly calling for unmitigated war.

    Also goes to show how even the least bit of defense, even the appearance of being armed, will cause BLM/Antifa to choose a different target.

  5. Yeah, that was the first thing that jumped out at me as well. WHERE ARE HIS NEIGHBORS? Too many folks are isolated from the folks who live right next door. Get to know them. Try to be friends with all of them-there are plenty of subjects to talk about if your political spectrums are opposites. You’ll find that you have a lot in common, and people tend to tone down their radicalness around people that they actually have to interact with.

  6. Shotgun is the best gang buster weapon.
    A gun nut buddy has a .50 Beowulf with a muzzle that looks like a WWII German Tiger tank.
    He is of good cheer right about now.
    Careful what you wish for comrades.
    It isn’t all cucks and Karens out there.

  7. I am reminded of the axiom from Al Capone: “…you can get more accomplished with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.” It worked last month here in Winterfell when Antifa over in the Spokane Blue Hive decided to motor on over to CDA and torch the business district. All of a sudden, several, and I mean several folks mustered. They were an up-armed disorganized militia. A carload of Marxists did show up. They shouted some epithets and then turned around and headed back to Insleeland.
    The Daily Fish Wrap reported yesterday(06/29) the business community feted these patriots with a banquet, music, prayers, and accolades at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. The popping sounds in the distance were the heads of all the local Red-diaper-doper-babies exploding. There are still enclaves where folks will take a stand. The local real estate market is booming. Folks are looking for secure areas to raise their families. And with the “Second wave” of the Plandemic allegedly upon us, parents are re-thinking sending their children back to the Public Socialist Indoctrination Centers and are opting for on-line/home schooling. That is music to my ears. Things will still get ugly. Bleib ubrig.

  8. That crowd was SO lucky to run into Ken and Karen,
    They could have run into Bubba And Barbie and most likely will in the coming days.

  9. Nah, saw a better pic and it’s not a Walther P5. Perhaps a Bersa Stainless.

  10. What you see in the video are two ‘Normie-Cons’ reacting to an event which they could not have imagined to happen.

    The BLM mobs crashed the gates of their ‘gated community’ and stormed the area, shouting threats, etc. What these two people had was a lot better than harsh language and waving butter knives.

    These are two “shyster/city types” who do not attend tactical training, go hunting, or even hike in the local park. They have a couple of guns that husband possibly picked up in the last month or so–shot a box or two in the local range or woods and put them in the closet for a rainy day… which came BTW.

    I have no doubt that had they not come out with these weapons, that this mob would have vandalized and burned their home–it is possible that no burning and looting happened on that street because of these two individuals.

    Yes you are going to see a lot more of this in the news–but if it happens to people here, things should be done from cover or ‘roof-topping Korean’ like–wink, wink–nudge, nudge. Or like that happy story that was reposted here (22lr) right after Word-Mess axed the site… wink, wink–nudge, nudge.

  11. No matter what else, my hats off to them, they stood their ground and have the courage to die protecting theirs in the face of a mob.
    It is good to see how powerful our guns are, not in firepower, in what our guns represent.

    Looks like a precisely planned and controlled operation. The objectives numerous. Particular aspects involve how far to push before the use of firearms in defense of person and property, especially where principles of prudence provide rightful legitimate use violent defense from threats.

    This is all about legitimacy and creating an illusion of legitimacy along with projecting illegitimacy upon the legitimate.

    Guns and threat of violent self defense are fertile ground for false narrative spectacular-ism writ large.

    In general we are all novices at legitimate use of our rifles and violent self defense.
    The first few who use their rifles are akin to sacrificial goats from every political angle. Martyrs in one aspect. Useful instruments in other aspects.

    This is a rest run. Everything carefully targeted. Total astro-turf. Psychological warfare ops.
    Expect many more similar, targeting carefully researched targets.
    They will incrementally up their game, approaching the point of no return, always with the objective of pushing closer to the brink, causing the target to draw first blood.

    Only the most vulnerable targets selected.
    Other intent is to avoid getting into protracted conflict/battle, more like hit and run, reconn by symbolic threat and fire.
    Its The Victim Stance full retard, very powerful, with a false media element. The idea is to control the entire narrative, shape shifting to the desired politikal/zocial message and optics. Particular emphasis on optics. Think Kent State. Marxian Icon-ism. Create narrative martyrs. No crisis left unused.

    Never approach or instigate reaction from organic grass roots well armed resolute American American’s, in particular groups across the hearland in flyover nation, ready to commit to battle.

    Alynski’s rule about picking the target, freezing it, isolating it, pushing it to live up to its principles and codes, injuring it with a thousand paper cuts applies in spades. Fertile ground perfected to paint the desired false narrative.

    The strategy and tactical resources are driven by the relative low numbers of agent provocateurs and controllers. They simply do not have the hard live assets to go at it tooth to tooth. There is simply not the numbers of radicalized and enraged citizenry to create an army comparable to The Honorable Resistance with-which to wage open widespread violent action against Freefor and the pantheon of American American’s who are not afraid, unaffected by totalitarianism’s use of fear, armed along with organic support.

    Other objectives are to create thru sly cunning employment of yellow media resources messaging which creates optics Burn Loot & Murder, and it’s sister organization anti-fart are a moral plurality, everywhere, vast, all knowing all seeing, in so being futile to resist.
    To spread self destructive discontent among American American’s, dismay, depress the will to defy, resist, and stand up to. To keep people from uniting in common cause, undermine solidarity, create an entire class of evil inhuman unmoral violent bigoted extremists.

    It will eventually lead to the accepted reality as American American’s, this is a war of extermination upon us and our civilization, where total Genocide by any means is their final solution. We realize fully in time and through the sacrifice of early Patriots. Somebody has to make lots of mistakes and die so the rest of us can observe and learn. Our Rifles are the center of our history, this history will be the transformative element in winning. It will move to the forefront, its lessons will teach the imperatives, guide us, provide morale, inspire motive power, create great audacity, bring out our best features, create unity of purpose, and espirit de corps.
    Never despair, its our enemies most effective ambuscade, out flank the flankers, remember always it is a war of hearts and minds, this undercurrent remains fixed regardless of action. It is our greatest weapon, defense in depth, against their psychological warfare.

    Their prime directive, because their finite physical resources, and the element of time, both being perishable resources for them, is to create vast despair.
    Resistance is futile is a subtle insidious weapon.
    We do not ever take council of our fears.
    No matter what Resistance is always fertile.
    The great thing, the really great thing, is not to lose your nerve. Keep our heads about us. This has a contagious effect, all outside its seeming diminutive origins.
    They lose-We win-When we not only outlast them, we remain resolute, steadfast-This is winning-How we win
    They can not defeat us because we refuse to not win, failure simply is not an option. We lose there is nothing else. There are no others places like homeland. No one is coming to the rescue but ourselves.
    There are none like us.

    Our Cause We Leave To God and Our Rifles.
    There is nothing but power.
    Our Franchise is the ultimate thing.
    The gestalt, what is manifest, the revelation waiting in the wings, the turning point, the hump we face, the truth we face and must accept or all is lost: kill them all and let God sort out the pieces.
    There is no other grand overriding objective. All else subsumes to this objective. It has always been so. This Warr, is part of our legacy as Freemen, it began before we became American American’s, it is a constant thru our history, it has ebbed and flowed, reared its ugliest form, only to go under our general daily radar, festering, biding its moments and building resources. Thats a long time. What is interesting in this is they have never won, no matter their efforts and actions, they have never beaten whats good and right and legitimate about us, the only victories have been in the rhetorical war, and creation of proxies and useful dupes, but thats ferric victory, for these people are and always will be useless to our cause and our culture, they where never part of us to begin with, sad as that is, its truth. Cannon fodder, is, well…exactly that, cannon fodder. In the larger scheme not a very good asset, only useful, but zombies are what zombies do. Besides people who are controlled and ruled by their fears, are empty souls, they have little to live for, fight for, resist for, but narrow self interest. They already lost, they already thru in the towel, they are not inspired or enlightened, they are nudged, socially engineered conscripts, manipulated, indoctrinated, deluded. What things do they fight for. Instant gratification. Self interests. Illusions. False profits. Pieces of silver. They made bargains with Faust. Sell outs.

    There is not much to fear there.
    Only fear itself within ourselves.
    Permit your fears to rule you and you become one of them.
    You already lost before you have even fought.
    This is this kind of war. Warr as Hobbes points out.


  12. Communist democrat lawyers with guns! What could possibly go wrong?

  13. Yeah and your own personal swat team would help to, but they had none of that.. Though they did keep the animals at bay so the execution was not perfect, but successful…

  14. CA,

    In response to the reader from over the transom: The pistol appears to be a Walther PPK/S. Pistols are for surprises. When you know there’s going to be trouble, grab a rifle. The video makes it painfully obvious that neither had taken the time to avail themselves of the plethora of reputable trainers that the market has to offer. That he is a personal injury attorney by trade is no small irony. PI attorneys are a detestable lot and true Marxists to the core. If my million dollar mansion were at stake, I’d have some conspicuous posting of no trespassing signs. That the shitbags can’t read matters not. I’d also have been on the globohomo device with 911. As a rule, you don’t say anything to the police when it’s said and done. That’s your lawyer’s job. But you damn well better be on record with the 911 operator that you were in fear of your life. And as much as it pains me to say this, when you shoot one of those shitbags, you’d better be prepared to render medical assistance…to the best of your abilities. Does that mean CPR? I don’t know about you, but my CPR certificate isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if I don’t have a mouth guard and PPE. Can I apply an old, dirty rag to the wound to stop the bleeding? You betcha. That I might wipe my ass with it first off camera is a matter between me and my maker. The point of this exercise is to help the readers appreciate the “optics” of the incident as it plays out at a later date in the courtroom. And never forget the cardinal rules of a gunfight. Bring a gun, preferably more than one. And bring all your friends that have guns.

  15. The gun owning right loves to brag about how many guns they have, but how many are like these two? In a real shooting scenario they’d be dead in a second. I know people just like this, never learned to shoot, they think waving a gun around will scare the bad guys away.
    Gonna be a rough learning curve for most.
    As well as supplying the other side with free guns.

  16. It looks like that semi auto pistol she is waving around is a cheap chrome Jennings/Bryco as far as I can tell.(there was one other company that made them I cant recall)They were made in .22/.25/and 380.The 22 and 25 cals were famous jamamatics and usually wouldn’t cycle well due to the low powered round and cheap design.Sometimes it was the cheap magazines fault.The 380s were better usually because of the hotter round that would actually cycle the gun.They can be smithed to make them better and there are videos that show what to do.I would say hers is a 25 or 380 from the size of the muzzle.Probably a 380.The sights are a joke and they are known as a “belly gun”,basically bad breath distance defense.You would think that with their money they would have something better.If you have one in the pipe it will usually fire,but after that you better take cover or run.

  17. The restraint is commendable. I think for most of us, if we’re outside our home with a rifle, the decision to use lethal force to protect life and property has already been made. I don’t have plans to make myself an easier target by standing in the open not pulling the trigger.

    The revolutionaries, who skipped every math class their entire urban-youth lives, did some math that day. It saved their lives.

  18. Not to mention the wife swept her husband with that pistol several times as she did her little back & forth dance behind him. That said, their private property was invaded. ‘Nuff said RE “justification.” Not going to get into law-parsing – f’ that.

  19. We saw a short video, a few pictures.
    We don’t have the whole story what all their maneuvers and hardware were… the guy did have an extra mag in his pocket.
    Heck they could have a belt fed in their parlor.

  20. Looks like she is holding a Walther PPK or PPK/S. Lousy trigger discipline.

    From what I saw on the webz, they are BLM-supporting lefties. I guess they thought the crocodile would visit their neighborhood.

  21. Okay, points for trying. ( Dirty Harry was bent over with laughter.) But-as Pete has reminded us-owning a gun doesn’t make you a gunslinger. Obviously. So, practice with what you got until a gnat fears for his ass. I’d rather shoot a 22 exceedlingly well and have it as my only standard. BLM imbeciles are gun shy -but sticks, bricks, concrete blocks, etc. will leave a mark. So don’t get hurt. And get your home place fortified with some GSD, pitbull, or Rotties. They need training and so do you-but dogs are AWESOME!!

  22. Personally speaking, in this situation I would have had my rifle slung on my shoulder…until I didn’t. Good on this couple, I say.
    That said, the slagging of them from within the firearms community is another example of us eating ourselves.

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