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  1. Every point the pouting, petulant Denninger makes is tragically salient, the reality remains that a reelection of Trump will mean a little more time to procure essentials.

    That alone is worth the effort to go to the voting booth.

    If he is somehow able to pull a victory out of his ass, the liberal tears will be a nice bonus.

  2. i remember (s)election night

    several here including yours truly called it right them and there

    drumpf was a false hope

    much like this fake god in the heavens is…

    sheeple just have a need to believe in lies and not their eyes

    soon, jebus will decend from the sky, as will mohomud, buda, and david koresh… and all will unite singing kumbaya while holding each others genitals and drinking ice cold coca-colas..

    teh stuepet

  3. I’ve suspected this knucklehead of being a lefty, for many years now. Love it when he uses the tools of the left, to achieve a goal. Never been a fan, always felt his rants, to be ” pointed” Trump wins, Trump looses.

    Life goes on, a very different life. The sheer amount of people who will comply with the left’s doctrine, is unclear to me, but then I’m easily confused.

    While I see Antifa and BLM, out trashing things, I also see millions of men and women out buying guns and ammo. Sadly the mediums used to make a informed oppinion is MSM.

    It appears that the bible thumping, gun and ammo toting side is recognizing. The situation. What I don’t know is this, how many of the gun purchases and ammo purchases are left wing pogs.

    I’m hearing very strong rumors, ” yes from my police friends” that cargo containers of AKs are arriving on the left coast, along with ammo in support of the left.

    These containers are stored for a rainy day.


  4. I cannot argue with anyone about the things the Mango Emperor said he would do but did not do. I did not vote for the man, and I was really troubled when he anointed his (((slimy, reptilian son-in-law))) to his inner circle. It showed which (((cabal))) was really pulling the strings. Whether his senile pedophile opponent prevails against him in November will hinge on who the Marxist puppet masters anoint as Joe’s Veep.
    Haxo was probably right back when he opined it would be better if the Hildabeest won. Then, it would have been time for all of the keyboard commandos, Cucks, Greenwoodites, and other clueless flag-waving sheeple and Normies to take a stand one way or another. Given the current managed “Crises” which are continuing unabated, I believe no matter who emerges from this fraudulent political process will be backed into a corner. A warming civil war is upon us and it will go screaming hot pretty much everywhere the day after Election Day. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  5. You can’t lose when one side doesn’t even know the WAR is on.
    Trumpstein ballwashers had better wake up as well.
    You can’t be owned by Rothschild and not in on it.
    Lock her up? Riiight.
    Barr is deep state and no one will be held accountable for anything.

  6. Denninger is a doom spewer. All doom, all the time, and he is so shrill I can’t read him anymore. Trump has faced more opposition than any American President in history. It’s a wonder he got anything done at all. Denninger can take his Black Pill blog and shove it…

  7. The solution is actually simple.
    Trump has the authority to mobilize militias.
    Declare EVERY legal American citizen to be in the militia.
    Tell them to defend your country.
    And let them sort it out themselves.
    (It avoids the tyrant label which is the main thrust the left is attempting.)
    School me.

  8. At this point it’s simply buying time to help the new people on board.

    With all the cuck ass gun owners who are quick to point out how every shoot was bad and how they wouldn’t have done this or that (Ken and Karen protecting their homes in St. Louis, self defense shooting in ABQ protest etc.). It’s quiet apparent as to why the other team has been running up the score for years.

    To listen to the excuses as “Well he shouldn’t have been there anyways, the local police should have handled it.”

    It’s sickening.

    Conservatives are spineless.

  9. I am not so certain the ‘America of my memory is dead” is entirely a bad thing. By way of example, I offer up the nightly news images of soldiers slogging through Vietnam in my young childhood. The images of JFK’S funeral in my kindergarten year. Reading became my refuge, history became my favorite subject. Later, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Afghan opium flooding the world markets, the 8 year pre-apocolyptic Hussein “presidency” to be followed by the final 8 years of that satanic whore’s finishing torch to all semblance of a sovereign nation status adequately served up that “America of my memory” is nothing short of a wish, at best.

    It was “done” a long time ago. Now comes the reckoning and the reactions of a rudely awakened population.

    The author of this litany of moans and groans remains among the least helpful voices out there. I can only add “welcome to the revolution” and “hope you have something a little more substantial than your list of complaints with which to defend your perch,” comments to his rant which would likely render him shipped off to a reeducation camp under the alternative administration.

  10. Just sent this one out to a bunch of Trump fanboys, can’t wait for all the hate mail to come back.

    KD nailed it, backed by facts and not emotional bullshit. Anyone not believing in the Uniparty needs to do a serious review of these things Trump handed over to the Democrats, working hand in hand with them against the people of the USA. Poster boy for bankster and big business fraud.
    This guy should be labeled the worst president ever, he deceived the entire nation and yet his fan base still worships him, shows what idiots the voting public really are. Engaging some brain cells isn’t required to vote, but the Uniparty already knows that.

  11. First they attempt to take him out during the campaign. Failing that they initiate crossfire hurricane, a blatant and open act of sedition.

    But now, now; the president is supposed to send these kneeling woke bastards to Florida and hope they will accomplish something useful.

    Methinks he needs a watch, he clearly doesn’t know what time it is.

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