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  1. Covid-1984, negrolatry, it’s like Jonestown Kool-Aid is in the water supply.
    The cucks are the saddest part and they are delusional thinking that the crocodile will eat them last.

  2. Going to be interesting to see how the Historians depict this Nigger low life piece of shit. ” How he died was bullshit, that poopoo, should be held accountable”

    The AG, in MM, has over charged, with malice intended. When the cops acquitted round two will kick off. This is a stradegy, not poor group think, these knuckleheads clearly understand the game.

    Using the system, the people’s money, to advance their communist agenda.
    AG Elison? Is a straight up communists, no beating around the bush.


  3. From the article:

    We must turn to Christ, now more than ever, and stand for what is right. This does not mean giant rallies, but it does mean to resist this false religion at every turn.

    Agreed. We must turn to Christ, and stand for what is right. But what does that entail?

    From the “About” section of the link’s website, one gets an insight of what is referred to above:

    We maintain the traditions of English Christianity as our own. We are Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Roman Catholics.

    Unfortunately, this sentence is self-contradicting.

    “English Christianity” in the provided context is Anglicism. Period. Full stop. Anglicism, brought on by an adulterous, murderous mad King Henry VIII, was an extreme departure of the Christianity that had existed in England for more than a millennia prior. It was a breaking from the Church, and the cause for centuries of unrest with the Christian realm. Occurring on the heels of Lutheranism, Anglicism marked the second largest break in Christendom, with each being a progenitor in what has now been termed “Modernism.” It was this breaking of Christendom which has allowed outward, evil forces to slowly decay Christianity from within over a period of centuries, and which has lead to the precipice upon which western civilization now teeters. In that regard, it makes no sense to consider “Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Roman Catholics” as one one united bloc, as the foundation upon which said bloc sits is erroneous. Only upon the reunification of the protestant sects with the One, True Church will we, as a people, be able to begin the long road back.

    Anything less is merely spinning further along the downward spiral.

    1. we?

      fuck you loser

      and your jeebus too

      what an IDIOT

      how’s your god thing working out?

      why don’t you kill yourself right now and join your cult in heaven?

      because you’re a coward- that’s why


  4. Another triggered Christinsane lamenting the fact that his Murkun brethren have turned to a delusional mind virus other than his own.
    Good luck fighting this ‘new religion’ from your opium den!!

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