5 thoughts on “H/t Bracken”

  1. Something that only works with sheep and others with no courage or the virtues of self reliant determining individualism.
    For those who traded their freedom for an illusion of security.
    For those who are chicken shit cowards.
    The rest just plain stupid, willfully ignorant, and last but no wheres least, living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Not me.
    And at least 100 million fellow American American’s.
    And we who are armed to the fookkin’ teeth.
    Because we say so.
    Because BFTW.

    1. You mean 1 million fellow Americans.
      Just like all those European resistance fighters during WW2, hardly a one stood up to the Wehrmacht, then when the war was over, they were all former resistance fighters.
      90% of the Vietnam vets today are all former SOG, SEALS, Rangers, LRRP’s and Recon, whereas during the war 90% of them were support troops. Can’t tell you how many Marine Rangers I’ve met.
      Humans are naturally bullshit artists and fence riders, it’s just the way the species rolls. History bears it out more accurately than any blog comments.

      1. Americans have not faced starvation.

        Seems a little different this time.

        A man I used to rent a cottage from and I used to have occasional cocktails on his back porch, two or three times a month. He was an interesting, charming man, and I very much enjoyed his company, and learned from his insights.

        He never talked about the war, nor did his wife.

        I learned at his death that he was a ‘real’ hero in battle across the Pacific. I had no idea. We talked about weather, and politics, and salty water, sipping bourbon. I discovered old television interviews of him where he reluctantly described some of the things he did, and endured. He could have well been awarded the Medal of Honor, IMO.

        There are real men of courage and character around you.

  2. Savior self. Don’t worry about what others are saying or doing.
    Don’t freeze when zero hour comes.

    When you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk.


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