49 thoughts on “It’s Close”

  1. Yes–completely agree.
    We are a dick’s hair close.

    Last year if you asked me if CW was possible, I would have said, yes it’s possible but highly unlikely.

    Now!? –Jeeze. What a difference a month or two makes! It is obvious that these leftist/communist type were more organized than anyone would have believed.

    Just within 48 hours of that felon/fool having a knee put on his neck–the cities exploded with rioting and looting. This was no coincidence. It took that amount of time for the commie organizations to reach a consensus, organize and deploy.

    Wrap your skulls around it please.
    What you saw was an American Tet Offensive.
    And in the process they tipped their cards over, revealing the amount of organization, tactics and so forth.

    Now what you see are skirmishes to keep the pressure on and to keep their movement in the MSM.

    But at some point in the next few weeks these fools will overplay their hand and the damn will break–and not well for the communists.

    1. I think the Floyd murder was planned.
      Noone appears to be considering cops were blackmailed, chipped or mind controlled, or who they were in contact with / de-programmed before arrest.
      Look at the video – dead eyed emotionless zombies …the global enemy has limitless $$ to make this happen …

  2. As my final call
    Sounds the charge
    … To war
    I hate the universe and everything inside
    I detest all I see, nothing pleases my mind
    Execute them all
    It’s my final war
    I hate the sight of you, fashion fake
    I detest every man who cannot stand
    Execute them all
    It’s my final war
    As my final call
    Sounds the charge
    … To war
    I hate the tales you tell, I don’t
    Believe a word
    I detest the stuf you sell, I’ll hunt
    You around the world
    Execute them all
    It’s my final war
    When my days are numbered you’ll hear
    My final call
    I’ll take their lives away, I’ll execute
    Them all
    Execute them all
    It’s my final war
    Execute them all
    It’s my final war

    ©±® Hedlund, Schultz, Olsson, Lindgren, 1993

    1. Okay you flagrant ‘Badger’, whatever you (Kill or be Killed) say.
      Don’t trip over your nightstick on the way out…..mind how you go.

  3. Holy shit!

    Whosoever captured this image needs props. Not one single image displayed by any media outfit has shown anyone who looks like this.

    These guys look very similar to the Dan Love, American Taliban, brand of “ready.”

    This is gonna get real ugly, isn’t it?

    1. Just look up the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club. They’re not hiding.

      And if the FBI has infiltrated them, it’s a sure bet the PSJBGC has flipped him and he’s sympathetic to their cause, and leaking classified FBI intel to them.

      Think Northern Ireland, British Army intelligence units, the SAS, and the Ulster Volunteer Force (Protestant counter-IRA terrorists.)


      1. Always helpful, Thank you MB.

        No reason to think they are not infiltrated. Your point is well taken.

        Looking over that site, I don’t get that “true believer” impression, as much as they try to leave same. Nevermind that…they are armed and will be dangerous to those who are not, or who are, but have no training. St. Louis attorney types come to mind.

        Turned my tribe onto your presentation posted here last week. Lit a fire, for sure. So, thank you again.

    2. You’re living under a rock, this image is widely available from American state media sources. This posting is not the first public viewing. Here’s a hint……they’re a communist ‘gun club’ (PSJBGC). Better yet, do a little legwork yourself and reverse image search the pic.

      1. Have you had your brain chemistry checked lately? Blood pressure spikes are not good either. These things can sneak up as one ages.

        Definitely not living under a rock, but also not up to speed on PNW gun toting gangsta groups. Not my region, not gonna be my region. They do look dangerous, but I have faith they will be met with a more dangerous skill set, should the opportunity present.

        I presume you’d be first in line to handle up in that.

    1. Right…….because (overpriced, LARPing Inc. shilled) plate carriers and ballistic plating guarantees mission success, immortality, and the intestinal fortitude required to set foot on the two-way playing field.
      Acta non verba = ‘plate carriers’

      1. Exactly!

        Acta non verba = current offensive operations (unchecked & flagrantly successful) of Team Globohomo Red

      2. Nope.

        But an old photo of not even a full squad of city fags doesn’t exactly strike fear into my heart, either.

        To each his/her own, though.

    1. Well they look hard. Is the white patch a motto or something? Would be harder looking if it was in Latin.

  4. For all you in the PNW, this is the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club. The guy at the left front is featured in most of their social media pics.

  5. Not time yet.

    There is an ‘election’ to come first.

    Going to keep preps up, but also going to enjoy what may be the last sweet summer of my children’s history. We are fortunate to be able to avoid the majority of this bullshit for now. Going to spend a week at the beach, and time outdoors with homemade ice cream and fireflys – while we can.

    They have to have something to remember so they know what to fight to recover.

    I watched Apollo 13 last night.

    That civilization and that level of western, Christian white men who could really achieve and do something is already gone. I’m aspiring to recover that.

    Not time for chaos yet, but the ‘election’ or a dead SC justice may well bring it.

    In the mean time, try and squeeze out happiness and make memories for your family and your loved ones. They will be treasures.

    1. “Not time yet.

      There is an ‘election’ to come first.”

      So, once again, that’s the overused skirt/excuse in play to hide behind.
      Typical. There’s always another Cuckservative Inc., GOP/RNC, ‘election’ of change to pimp (pump & dump) votes for. If you lived a thousand more years, you’d babble that bullshit line to the very end.

      “Going to keep preps up, but also going to enjoy what may be the last sweet summer……”
      What ‘sweet summer’, you house arrest fellating schlub.

  6. lessee

    hairy faces- check
    ball caps- check
    t-shirts- check
    tattoos- check

    all that’s missing is the fat guts

    either way- T O T A L murkin S C U M B A G S

    300 million+ is all it will take to make things right again

    tfA-t leads the way!

  7. A few years ago I could have joked that they (the photo) were posing for Soldier of Fortune magazine, but Lt. Col. Brown folded up and headed for the hills. Too bad, what kind of coverage his rag would have had on this communist insurgency.

    During the quarantine of the plandemic scamdemic I saw many automobiles travelling and these were not “essential” workers who were commuting across state lines. They were (I am profiling) anti-ams and had all kinds of hardware store stuff packed into their (priusses) cars. I got alot of dirty looks from them at the rest areas and when passing them or when they passed my big rig and none of them hung around the truck stops. None of them looked like the hairy scary mercenary in the scary photo above.

    1. “Lt. Col. Brown folded up and headed for the hills.”
      Robert K. Brown gave everything he had, kept it going for as long as he could, until he couldn’t keep the lights on, and his mortal coil was just an ember.
      I hope when you are an old old man, folks say the same about me, or you.

  8. Baby soft hands.
    S’gonna be OK kids.
    A country boy with a squirrel rifle and sneakers will dominate these guys. They have no cause worth dying for.

  9. It seems to me that among the many great opportunities missed to date by the ‘right’ or whatever we’re calling it these days is the posting of politicians of any variety names, address’, phone numbers (including their immediate families) for the world to see (I believe it is called ‘doxxing’). Nothing like exposing the vermin to sunlight. There are other means available but this (IMHO) would be a good start. As M. Tyson stated once, “…everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” ad and to that end, the current opposition has been playing the game well without much pushback.
    On a side note, if we did not turn on the television or access the internet, one would never know or believe what is going on ‘out there’ which leads me to wonder about the rest of rural America and those who think ‘it’ will never happen to them….let the big metropolitan areas fall I suspect and see what happens ,,,,,,,

  10. love the anti fascist patchs, a clue as to who to shoot, errrrr keep an eye on.

    Am amused, apparently if you just want to be left alone to live our lives, be free thinkers, were Fascists!.

    Their’s a definition that’s going to have to be addressed. I’m not speaking of reeducation camps. I’m thinking Turner Diaries kinda purges.

    IF you men have not read, Turner Diaries, you should, I HATE the book, detest it, yet should be required reading. The social experiment has always been a failure.

    Time to correct the problem.


    1. Exactly!
      It’s good to see you accurately taking point. What a difference!

    2. Those Antifa patches are on velcro.
      They could show up at your next shoot with 3%er patches, and you would be none the wiser.

  11. Well they look hard. Is the white patch a motto or something? Would be harder looking if it was in Latin.

  12. Don’t tell him to turn his mags around. Rounds facing to the left, it will be interesting when he tries to slam one home! Couple of them have knee pads, but I’m more concerned with my elbows. I try to keep a soft pair handy, as I don’t expect the same conditions I had during my first training… something humorously called ‘Snowmageddon’ up in WV.

    I was pondering the utility of building a couple of tree houses in the neighborhood just yesterday.

  13. So…just looking at these guys..if I were to encounter them in a loud situation, I would say from their “appearance” that they were on my side. And then I see the arm bands and my thought is that they are Antifa..and by now it is too late for me. Which begs the question…what is OUR patch and/or flag that will tell anyone that we are patriotic trads and really do belive that the only good commie is a dead commie. Need to get on Etsy and get a 10″ x 10″ WII Percenter patch for front and back of my body armour – leave no doubt.

    1. “Need to get on Etsy and get a 10″ x 10″ WII Percenter patch for front and back of my body armour – leave no doubt.”
      That’s all good and well, but plenty of competent hunters are squared away when they step off on the first deer day in their AO, and still some Elmer manages to ding, wing, and kill someone on opening day or soon after. Therein lies the problem.

    2. Note the red bandanas, they are their on or off IFF symbol.

      Your group might carry several colors of similar IFF markers, just sayin.

      It’s such an obvious point, that I must give them higher marks than you, because you had to ask.

  14. Red kerchiefs noted. Rather easy to see patch on shoulder, good aiming point. No camo paint or effort to darken skin. Kind of ammo heavy in the gear dept. Camelbacks noted. 7 men do not an Army make. Doesn’t look like they’re all that disciplined, one or two men fooling with their packs/gear, while El Supremo is already walking away. Great photo. I hope the lawyers in St. Louis see this and take note. Pop the lead stud muffin and rest may decide to didi mao.

    1. But acta non verba does rise to the challenge and test of ‘make or brake.’
      The time of (sounding knowledgeable W/O substance) armchair reconnoitering and analysis, just like the rule of law in America, is long over, done, and dead.

    2. Red bandanas can go on or off as conditions warrant. (Or be switched to green, blue, yellow, or none.)
      Patches on shoulders are velcro, they can become Gadsen flag patches in one second to fool folks like YOU. Face paint is pretty stupid in 4G urban warfare. Get seen in the wrong place with a camo face, you’re shot on sight, or detained and taken to an “interrogation center.”

  15. Just know that these guys who look somewhat squared away, represent the small minority of the bad guys.
    Do NOT think for one second that means you can just ignore them. The Chopistani’s were able to coordinate a response to a vehicle incursion and dump lead into the Jeep killing one and wounding the other. Go watch the video its online with audio. It was sloppy and chaotic but it was effective.
    They have organization, logistics and funding.
    You got training…..maybe. You got guns and ammo but unless you are willing to start handing that out to people you trust to squad up, you will just be a not so mobile supply pod for the Gooks.

    Get fucking set!

  16. The guy in front is the only one with a radio. Who is he communicating with? Is he the leader of a larger element, or is he taking orders from some other unit? How about some SIGINT on these groups?

    What is on those papers that they all seem to have?

  17. If you recognize these guys as known leftists, that’s one thing, but let’s not forget that WE are the REAL “antifascists”,
    and that patch might not be a lie if any of our guys were to wear it…perhaps confusing, but maybe that shows where we need to articulate more and not let them own the title “antifascist”.

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