4 thoughts on “TL Davis: The Era Of George Floyd”

  1. Saint George the Immaculate is a martyr and a saint in the new religion.
    Off topics-enemedia is going all out about mandatory mask wearing for all as part of the other new religion Covid-1984.
    Several enemedia comm channels are “gently” nudging Trumpstein to wear a panty queef guard mask.

  2. Nothing like wearing blinders and then writing a blog.
    It’s all the Democrats fault!!!!!! plain and simple, everything wrong in America and the world today can be heaped on the Democrats.
    And where exactly are the Republicans in all of this? Smudging themselves with holy smoke?
    Anyone that thinks there’s an iota of difference between these two traitorous parties has his head so far up his ass he doesn’t know whether it’s day or night. The media is still playing them against each other, when in fact they are the same, work for the same owners, lie to us equally.
    Can’t say it enough, wake the fuck up! Your brainwashing is showing again.

    1. You dumb fuck, what exactly has your contribution been, you have an excuse for everything don’t cha!. You want soooooo badly to be assumed a leader, was a time I would have followed you.

      Then I saw the truth, your a scared shitless, old man on a mountain. You’ve taken a knee, and you know it. 0321 go have a long hard look in the mirror.

      I did, and I didn’t like what I saw.

      Changes in my path, are happening and will continue, talking shit on WRSA, isn’t enough. Your sage advice, you deep knowledge of warfare 40 years ago is tainted. Your living a dream, your living in the past.

      You, me, we’re old guys now, yet we are what should be leading from the front, not hiding on our mountains. Talking smack basking in our glory days. Yes, I do it too.

      this change is requiring a physical response, they bring a thousand, we MUST show up,with two thousand well armed and switched on men/women Thinking folk, men ready to make swift overwhelming violence, on those we oppose. Shoot shovel, haul ass, if John law shows up, lawyer up. Make them prove it. And for gods sake, do not talk to the cops.

      Sadly we don’t have billionaires and letter agencies funding our travels our logistics, this will be out of pocket, a further hardship.Without the response, communism will arrive without a shot being fired.

      that’s unexceptable. Do you think the ” Minute men” weren’t scared shitless? ” I know I am” Yet I also know, I Gotta go. 0321, their’s simply to much riding on, failing to respond.

      Your a dam good man, I ping on you, cuz I know your heart. A worthy man, a confused man, but then aren’t we all.

      No more.

      My confusion right now is this, what will be the most ” productive” time to be at Mt Rushmore. A two day hard drive, time to put a package together, and respond if required.

      I’m learning that thus far, a heavy response, from our side seems to crumble the communist. It’s a matter of time before we ping the next notch, escalation of force.

      We’ve seen it here in Klamath Falls, and up in northern Idaho. I’m sure their are other examples, just unaware of em.


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