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  1. Yeah…sure….right!
    Those declarations have not been happening, or lived up to, for many decades now, and there is no slackening visible on the horizon.
    Dig the roadside ditch deeper and pull the dirt down on yourselves.
    For those of you angrily pissin’ and moaning the past month away, just wait until this Friday and Saturday…..you think you felt pangs of defeatism before, just you wait.
    A hard schooling, the hardest lesson, is inbound…..ETA, the next 24 – 48. You were warned, but you frenetically choose the shilling, Paper Tiger braggadocios, limp-wrist respectability, GOP/RNC registered voter/voting path of Cuckservative Inc; happily pimped for your simping pleasure.
    You’ve sown it well, it’s harvest-time.

    1. So R U scolding us because you’ve done so much for the cause and we haven’t or gloating that we are about to get our just deserts or are U just whining ?

      1. These nihilists are on both sides. ‘Our’ nihilists are just jealous that the commie nihilists are getting the boot in first.
        They are always the first to be liquidated when their ‘services’ are no longer required.

      2. Normally, a newly fabricated (unrecognizable/UNK) nom de guerre doesn’t rate more than a “eat a bag of shit, mutt,” from me. However, I’ll entertain you for a moment, entrapment Badger. I’ve posted lot’s, good,bad, and petty, but unlike the shilling turds of Cuckservative Inc. (et al) I’ve never stupidly posted (in the clear) for someone to go out and commit a CRIME, humoring myself while watching someone else catch the brunt of fedgov jackboots…….I’m an asshole, just NOT that asshole. My criticisms are nothing more than what they’ve always been, honest criticism of the shortcomings, mistakes, and failure of the ‘Community’ as a whole.

        1. Been on WSRA for years past. You must be the new guy. Read it all the time. I just don’t post too much since some people started all the cussing and fussing and ranting and raving aka people like you. CA can probably verify for you since you seem to have a burr under your saddle about it, not that I care. UR comment still doesn’t make sense coming across like you’ve done so much.

      3. That DMV Witeboi sure does a low opinion of himself, don’t’cha think?

        1. And it applies to you doubly: “a newly fabricated (unrecognizable/UNK) nom de guerre doesn’t rate more than a “eat a bag of shit, mutt,” from me.”

    2. I fart in your general direction with a blast of insanely vile flatulence.
      May it linger in your nostrils for an extended period.

      1. And to you as well: “A newly fabricated (unrecognizable/UNK) nom de guerre doesn’t rate more than a “eat a bag of shit, mutt,” from me.

  2. It is all for the purpose of demonstration.
    The demonstration is to prove what a worthless shitstain manboons are.
    A creature incapable of learning that falls for the same scams over and over here in the mental institution of the universe.
    There is nothing new under the sun and there never will be.

  3. Sometimes it quite difficult to discern just who is friend and who is foe, who is full of shit, or is simply disappointed with his fellow man’s perceived lack of action.

    Since no one is coming to save anyone in the first place, it’s a safe bet it doesn’t matter who is whom, nor why they are here in the second place.

    Everything I read here is either Helpful or Not Helpful.

    I wish everyone a productive and safe 4th of July. I will be either in the garden or plinking with my Dad. Maybe both. He has just carved out a sweet target range. He was working on it, but after I gave him an AAR posted here, he got it finished. See what I mean? Helpful.

    1. There is lots of good info here. Little harder to find on the new site, but it is here.

      Learn to ignore the screeching and the ‘it’s all the joos!!’ and find helpful information for what is coming. Some people just want to be bitter and angry.

      Walk around them.

  4. One thing I have noticed in most people is the first encounter with violence after a prolonged absence of violence in ones’ personal life. We hear of other peoples’ encounters and how they handled it. Some succumbed to assault, others resist and get hurt or hurt the assailants. Both cases survived. Others have not survived losing their lives or getting “doxxed.” They’re alive corporeally only, dead in the system.

    We all need to do this mental preparedness and forgo judgement of the people and evaluate their situations and its variants. The St. Louis couple handled theirs very well, as did the SUV’s in the “micro” riots. (All Lives Splatter). There is no right and wrong way to handle these situations, only did one survive or die. The St. Louis couple were in combat the moment the assailants stepped out of the procession toward their private gate. The SUV’s was the moment the rioters entered the intersection, even thought the SUV’s were still enroute. That is more than perspectives.

    None of us knows exactly how we will handle the assaults, we can only hope, but based on what? Not tough talking and bravado, based on an informed decision from studying the previous situations of other people whom both survived or didn’t and without the judgements of why they were in that neighborhood, shopping at that hour, etc.

    We whom have not been directly threatened must consider the eventuality of being in a fight, or combat. “We hang together because surely we will all hang separately.” “We are in this together.”

    All this sh*t talking is nerves or fear. Get over it. Stop with the moral high ground and get dirty ditch grounded in the reality of our situation. It’s us against the world. I told my step sister about the impending “TET” and she reacted unexpectedly as receptive to the info and is acting accordingly. I told my sister and she hung up on me. She’s toast or in on it. The aftermath will tell.

    1. I just had it out with my sister last week, she claims to be conservative but when she opens her mouth I’m listening to her commie GF’s. She went into Trump Derangement Syndrome and that ended it for me, not that I’m a Trump follower but rather she had nothing to back up her screaming bullshit.
      I spent years trying to wake her up, along with her cucked husband, they’re nothing but chum for the coming frenzy and I’m past giving a flying fuck over her stupidity.

      1. agreed. no more trying to help or enlighten

        that time is past

        time to make lists and recon targets… to be checked off

  5. ALL wimyn will be in chains and cuffs- FOEVER!

    it’s their place in life- well, that, and on their backs and knees

    tfA-t has spoken clearly

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