7 thoughts on “13 = 53”

    1. Percentage of Blacks in US population ~ 13%
      Percentage of violent crimes committed by said 13% ~ 53%

      Keep in mind, the actual % is much higher than 53%, since many of those crimes are either unsolved or are covered up via various juking of the stats.
      Also, young black males are less than half that 13%, let’s say 7% to be generous, so it’s closer to 7% do 70% of the violent crimes.

      African genetics/biology ——-> African behavior patterns

      1. “African genetics/biology ——-> African behavior patterns”

        Yes. Do read “negroes in negroland” if there is any doubt whatsoever on this statement. That doubt will be immediately dispelled.

  1. 14 words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Coined by David Lane. 88 precepts: Good advice on the way white men should conduct themselves. Written by David Lane

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