13 thoughts on “Coming Apart”

  1. While I was in college, during MLK day there was a preso on a “Black American flag”.

    That was in 2001.

    Nothing is new under the sun.

    1. Nothing is new to you, as your pot had more heat and you have acclimated to the temperature.

      You’re seeung nothing unusual with black independence day, “Black American flag”, black national anthem, black reparations, etc.

      For most who went to college before your time, there was a small enough amount that it could be avoided, ignored, or was so outlandish word was passed that it was taken for amusement purposes only.

      For those that skipped the indoctrination centers, the propaganda in primary school was not as severe before your time, but ramped up around when you attended.

      The difference now is that it is not being “taught” to minds still forming, but jammed down the necks of those with life experience that has shown the propaganda is false.

      Make peace with your maker, sing your deathsong, and top off your mags.

  2. Can we start now calling the Star Spangled Banner the White National Anthem? “All rise, for the playing of our white national anthem….”

  3. sports are for suckers

    those who watch instead of actually participate are perfect examples of losers who aren’t worthy of life

    fuck the murkin scum and their retard ball games

    tfA-t will now prepare to take a speedboat ride around the islands and forget how fucking pathetically stewpid his former countrypeepul truly are

    burn that shithole Fusa to the ground and start over…

  4. What the hell is a “Black National Anthem”? We are supposed to be a nation of united people, ie “These United States”. Didn’t know that there was a black nation. Where is it?
    Damn fools…………nix the NFL.

    1. “Lift every voice and sing……”
      I recall that opening line, as it was heard by me more than once, during ‘voluntary’ attendance of BHM ceremonies during my time as a soldier “in today’s Army.” And sadly, that time was not as recent as might be thought. That PC/EO really took hold in the 90’s. You do know that a vital life and death necessity, at the Company level, is an EO representative? Go Army Beat Navy

      1. We had to sit thru HumanRelations (HumRel) classes in the early 70’s, being taught to be tolerant of our porch monkey brothers who were getting sick bay (light duty) chits and dodging field duty, then breaking into our wall lockers when we were gone. Pawning our gear and partying while we sat it out in the raining jungle.
        The old M1956 E-Tool was just the thing for popping padlocks off. And we were sleeping with them and our KaBars as the racial tensions picked up over them beating up any single white guys they caught walking around at night.
        This problem isn’t going away except thru violence.

        1. i’ve always been an extreme violence fan

          there’s nothing else quite like it in tfA-t’s book


  5. I was already done with the Negro Felon League.
    Also done with normies who say “our team” crap.
    Where is my cut of the profits for our team?
    Wouldn’t it be funny if the indispensable sportsball heroes wore masks out there.
    WAR is the only sport that matters.

  6. Yet another reason to NOT watch the national felons league ever again. I hope they starve.

  7. Cell phones and sports, you’ll never pry these away from the American people, it’s their life support systems.
    An EMP would be a blessing in disguise.

  8. The Communists have always claimed religion is the opiate of the masses. In this corrupt, syphilitic country, it is sports. ALL sports. The Good Book, specifically 1 Corinthians 13: 11,12; Paul talks about being young and thinking like a child. But, growing up and seeing things as a man. I loved playing baseball as a kid and was on the soccer team at Cal-State Northridge. But, I outgrew it.
    Do not get me wrong. Physical exercise is a key to good health. It is an integral part of my daily regimen, even at age 72. But it is an abomination to waste one’s time and money watching and aping(pun intended) a bunch of tatted-up, ‘roided out, ignorant mutants play football, basketball, etc. H.L. Mencken was right: NO ONE EVER WENT BROKE UNDERESTIMATING THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Bleib ubrig.

  9. Sounds like an opportune time to hack the sound system and crank up some “Dixie” on 11.

    Followed by some “Amazing Grace” – on bagpipe of course.

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