3 thoughts on “FUSA = The New South Africa”

  1. Exactly. The 1965 immigration floodgate opening was the beginning of the United States of South Africa.
    I’m thankful for having experienced the real America.
    Grampaw was in the USMC during WWII and he gave me all kinds of wisdom and heads up about what was coming.
    He exposed the fake enemedia to me at an early age with a running commentary to go along with Dan Blather or Walther Commiekite agitprop.
    Pappy was in the 101st in the 1960s and he instilled in me a burning hatred of the commies.

  2. More “preview” this was Rhodesia during the transitional government in 1978, there will be a quiz on this material.


    Curious Matt Bracken, setting our differences aside, what would a Navy Seal dropped into this AO advise? Looking for some leadership here. Or should I ask a Green Beret?

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