6 thoughts on “Heresy”

  1. Thank You. I have been looking for a copy of this for awhile. Finding a hard copy in any Bookstore is impossible.

  2. Uncanny. Found that last night from an aggregator page.
    A great wrongthing PDF page was purged from Turdpress but I downloaded it all for copying to media for saving and sharing.

  3. Have a copy, and of course, I’ve read it. The chilling part about a civilization unwilling to save itself while it can, from a flood of barbarians makes me ill to think of it even now. If we don’t when it is go time (when it’s obvious they intend to use force immediately) we deserve out fate. When you see weapons in their hands and they’re coming your way, it’s go time. Getting put in the jug for jumping the gun (sic) just because you’re mad is not best way to spend CW3. Discipline wins battles and wars.

  4. Found this in a used bookstore last year. Written in’73 what may have seemed impossible then is absolutely probable now, and unfolding. Unless first worlders act decisively to repel boarders, with extreme prejudice.

    Another book highly recommended: negroes in negroland, by Hinton Rowan Helper, a compilation of reports from traders, missionaries, colonists & more regarding negro values and activities in Africa from 1500’s to mid 1800’s.

    The absolute same mannerisms and proclivities currently displayed are fully explored from 500 years ago forward. No difference -truly shocking. There has been no improvement nor will there be.

    Available as pdf archive.org, or from booksellers in hardcopy.

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