5 thoughts on “Needs A Morbark On Its Hitch”

    1. And remember what smart people always say if an
      impact with a deer, etc. is immanent….

      “Always speed up!!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  1. The amount of FRN Debt he transferred on those pimp rims and low profile tires made that truck utterly useless except for driving to the mall.

  2. Tony “Cuck” and the ubiquitous beard and ballcap
    i’d bet $1000. Tony Cuck is wearing a t-shirt, has a fat gut, and a tat somewhere…

    what’s with that scummy look anyways?

    is it because they are too lazy to shave and keep their hair groomed?

    tfA-t is disgusted by 99% of all murkins

    let them eat shit and die


  3. For some reason, Little Deuce Coupe just popped into my head. There’s some kind of young people demonstration going on at the main intersection in my town. Monitoring.

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