3 thoughts on “Signs Of The Times – Via Gab”

  1. “…if you are going to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.” -H/T to Tuco. Debate is over. It is all about prepping and vigilance. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  2. you’re belief in CONstee2shun-ill protections will fuck you everytime

    if you defend yourself in any shape or form, be prepared to pay dearly for it

    the cops and courts are absolutely your mortal enemy if you are a man of any color

    in the old days, everyone KNEW cunts are batshit crazy and can’t be trusted or believed and gave some consideration to that basic FACT- and the niggers had enough fear of the white man to keep their distance

    the new overwhelming population of cucked betas, LGBTQRS, and feminists have- thru the vote, awarded themselves and POC unearned and undeserved preferred status these days

    betas, bitches, and colored peepul are gonna pay a very steep price in the years ahead- betas and bitches because they are weak, and blacks and brown because they aren’t as intelligent

    tfA-t believes the pooplice protection for these demographics is the only reason they still thrive

    after the blue rendering – cucks, peaceable folks, POC and ‘woke types’ of all flavors will just be collateral damage like so much garbage to be cleaned up and disposed of properly

    this tfA-t understands

    tick tock

  3. Ha ha , hitting steel and fireworks . Deplorable neighbors doing likewise. Not a commie for miles around.

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