3 thoughts on “Year Zero Approaches In FUSA”

    1. Of course everyone knows that the Lakota Sioux were native to the area north of the Great Lakes and were driven out of that area by the Chippewa, right? The Sioux ended up pushing aside the Plains Indian tribe that lived near the Black Hills and claimed it for themselves. When the Indians Mau Mau other Indians it does not seem to get into the vibrant oral history of their blood ties to the land.

      1. Those God dammed white guys did it, yet again. When are these injuns gonna figure out, we’re all in this together. We have the Klamath tribe here.

        One on one, your good, two injuns a white guy and fire water, shit goes sideways.
        Three Indians firewater and a white guy, your absolutely fucked.

        Just earlier this week had a friend from WRSA, visit, while I was showing em the turf, I also pointed out a memorial in which a great young man Dylan Lambert was partying with four Indians, and drinking for water smoking dope,

        They beat him to death, buried him is a County road dept gravel pile. Just covered him with gravel. Was at the autopsy, they beat this kid like I’ve never seen before, this was hatred, this was pure rage.

        As I transported one of the Indian boys home from federal,court,,we stopped at a bathroom, as he exited he looked at me, said I can’t do this, I can’t do the time, Dirk I’m going to run, what will you do.

        I pulled my 1911, and said I’ll kill you dead, my only regret is that you won’t go thru what Dylan did, the pain the suffering, and the realization that his alleged friends were beating him to death, for crimes committed by our great great grandfathers.

        As he looked into my eyes, he said fuck, you really will kill me won’t you.

        My response, in a country second son. What he saw in my eyes was my rage, for he and his chickenshit associates. He was 19 yrs old then, has been released and convicted again of murder.

        He is the great great grand son of Capt Jack. The Indian Chief who killed General Canby out at the Lava Beds national monument, during the Indian wars here. Canby was the only general killed in the Indian wars across this nation.

        Custer was a Col, had been demoted after the civil war.

        Remus has done some dam fine work regarding the area of TuleLake Ca, the area where the Indian wars her occurred. Hope he continues, not answering his emails.


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