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  1. good as far as it goes. but you would be better served with the SOF_T tourniquet.
    Just so you know I not some slob I am a national registry AEMT and I have been through three TC3 classes and trained with the designer of this tourniquet. it is worth every penny so if you don’t mind a plastic windlass snapping of while your femoral artery is open to atmosphere WTF. save a buck. https://softourniquet.com/

      1. Yeah, found out the good ones use an aluminum windlass, the cheap Chinese knock-offs are plastic and break.
        Something to check on your own, I was given 2 by an Army vet, they’re junk. Wonder where he got them?

    1. The CAT works just fine, regardless of the availability of more technically advanced (expensive) tourniquets. And that’s coming from a medic who used them in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with seeing those applied by countless others never failing to do a Grade ‘A’ job. Of course, that was when I wasn’t spending barely a year home (every other year for six years uninterrupted) at the flagpole, using nonexistent downtime preparing to go again and doing another pre-deployment TCCC refresher course……live (goat) tissue labs and all.

      1. DMV Gringo
        I misspoke the unit with metal hardware is a few cents cheaper and a bit faster for a panicked novice to install, not all are medics or even combat life savers. I also pointed out my short resume as to not be some gear hack not to get into Im better than you dick waving contest. use your superior skills to build up others and not your ego.

  2. Doc above, do we want to mention the training one should not be used live except if no choice? The training one will wear out esp elastic wise.
    Keep the real ones in the plastic.

  3. Thanks gentleman, ordering this morning. I’ve discovered that exposure to,the fridges cold here in the winter, does something th the plastic ? Twist device” sorry not sure what to call it.

    Up at a friends lake cabin yesterday, much of the conversation was about applications of these devices. Was trying, ” not successfully to explain that everybody needs at least two, and a great blowout kit.

    Could you guys put out a list of what you consider to be a really good blow out kit? Would be helpful.

    Mine are several years old now. I’m sure better choices are out their.


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