9 thoughts on “Happy Secession Day!”

  1. Last light in my AO, currently, firework shows proceeding, as scheduled.
    Friendly reminder that potential for violence is *high* tonight.

  2. i hear a lot of expensive fireworks going off around the island and on the mainland

    i’d bet $ those same childish fat murkin morons don’t have an AR, even 1 ammo can filled, or rifle plates… but they sure are drunk and having a great time celebrating their FREEDUMB! and LIBRETARDY!

    easy pickins on D-Day 🙂

    1. it is sad but…

      the murka has no real reason to exist any further

      the white tatted trash, black/brown welfare scum, commies, cops, politicians, and most of all-the protected whore WIMYN, have ruined everything good America once was

      the only thing to do IS tear it down

      sure glad i don’t have kids or grandkids…

      they will suffer the most

      oh well. 300 million isn’t going to happen without them

      nonetheless tfA-t is pleased 🙂

      burn baby burn

      1. Fuck, think we’re all glad your not breeding American women, hatching out lil looser/haters like yourself. A fucking blessing for sure.

        What happened to you man, I get your stradegy. Your hatred, isn’t the people, you actually hate yourself. But you would wish 300 million die, so you can keep on peddling chicken and Miller lite, great business Stradegy.


        1. You still haven’t figured out tfA-t yet, he enjoys this. He doesn’t hate himself, he’s laughing his ass off at the stupidity around him, just as he did years ago. I see exactly the same thing here too, fat stupid tatted up white trash without a clue in their heads what’s going on in this country today. Why even bother to keep this illusion propped up any longer? It’s dead, no longer of any use, doesn’t work anymore, so why keep flogging a dead horse?
          I also find myself amused at the folks around here starting to have melt downs, like you. Their perfect world is starting to crumble, the lies and false illusions are falling down and they can’t deal with it. My sister was here a week ago, had a total meltdown, her world of money and endless vacations is falling apart in front of her eyes and she’s in denial of it all. Not my problem, I’ve seen this coming for decades now, since the fall of the gold standard and the brainwashing of the masses by the Bolshevik schools and media. I actually expected this to happen well over a decade ago, but somehow they keep kicking the can down the road for another year, and piling on endless debt.
          So go and vote, make your voice heard and let them know you won’t stand for it any longer. But in reality, your vote has about as much power as 1 grain of sand under a tidal wave. Especially when the votes are counted by the Uniparty.

          And what happened with the sitrep on the assault scooters in Seattle and Mt. Rushmore???

  3. https://i.imgflip.com/47ardd.jpg

    Protesters throw Columbus statue into Baltimore harbor


    Demonstrators used ropes to topple the monument while police, who were present, did not intervene.

    Police were reportedly at the scene but did not intervene, as a spokesperson for the Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young explained that protecting statues was not a priority for the police department who were more focused on homicides and other crimes.

    A spokesman for Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. ‘Jack’ Young said the toppling of the statue is a part of a national and global reexamination over monuments ‘that may represent different things to different people.’

    ‘Our officers in Baltimore City, who are some of the finest in country, they are principally concerned with the preservation of life. That is sacrosanct. Everything else falls secondary to that, including statues,’ said Davis.

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