23 thoughts on “In The Public Interest”

    1. If the perp is inside, roped to the bed when the firebombing occurs, how is your question relevant?
      BTW, most small business owners LEASE their business property and the american communist terrorists didn’t give one runny shit. Cut no slack, ever.

  1. In the 1919-1921 Anglo Irish war, The IRA countered the British campaign of burning Republican homes and murdering unarmed civilians with a counter campaign that burned out the aristocracy. It worked remarkably well. Just some historical insight.

  2. If you follow the Negroes home, have a care. You will stick out like a sore thumb. It would be best to have a plan, do your recon and then strike. Do it when they are asleep-between 0300 and first light. If you follow the whites home, they will lead you to mom and dad’s basement or some college dorm. If you strike there, you might be killing innocent people. Remember Don Vito Corleone’s axiom: “…revenge is a dish best supped cold.” Always be planning and prepping. Bleib ubrig.

    1. That’s why I’ll paint my face and dress like a basketball player. You know how easy it is to act like a black…my nigger!

    2. Dweezil, only Grandma is up in the AM. Most of the bad guys sleep til 11:00 or noon. Used to go into a lot of projects and shit neighborhoods awhile back.

    3. “…you might be killing innocent people…”
      LOL, funniest thing I’ve read today.
      FWIW, harboring criminals is a crime.

      1. My bad. I should have re-read Selco. There will be no innocent people. There will be no high ground. It will be the Black Flag. Hell is indeed upon us.

  3. ProTip,

    glove up, before pitching gas bombs. I’ve had success at lifting finger prints off of the shattered burnt glass.

    Road Flares are cheap, by the case, burn at roughly 1800 degrees, and once burning rarely go out until burned out.

    Pay cash, while on a road trip far from your town.


    1. Add mothball crystals to the mix and there will be no fragments.

  4. Wear gloves so no powder residue remains.
    If your camo is any good then you won’t be seen.
    Sky camo works great on a full moon night.

    1. The best camo is wearing what your target is, blend into the situation, if you look like everyone else nobody will notice you.

  5. Leave the cellphone at home.

    Video surveillance is everywhere. Mask, billed cap (bill forward, nigga). Mask, remove or replace license plates, preferably with ones from same make and model vehicle. Remember to swap back when done.

    And leave the damned cellphone at home.

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