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  1. Are there really no iron sights on that rifle? Can you actually buy them that way?

    1. most do NOT have sights incorporated on them

      mostly only the crappy old school “front post and carry handle’ style have them

      that said, sights are not needed at bad breath range to be effective

  2. I’m beyond tired of clicking on EVERY! uboob vid posted here and getting a blurry screen which will not play.

    I wish someone would figure it out or help me to do so…….

    1. Good morning, Ought Six. I saw your message but comments were closed on that thread. It is good to hear from you.

      Hope all is well with you and yours.

  3. Who needs sights at ‘bad breath distance’. They aren’t going to be using these at any meaningful distances….

    1. Exactly right. Just stick them in the car window and pull the trigger.

  4. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed (no matter who doesn’t like it, for whatever reason).
    Yep, it’s a bunch of black people walking in public, with rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Is open carry legal in Georgia?
    Are they seen breaking any ‘LAWS’? Nope!
    However, there is no lack of unpunished crimes committed by
    the seditious, treasonous, child raping shitbags of the D.C. political class and the ruling elite. None at all.

    1. As much as folks hate this, those guys had every right to parade themselves too.
      Funny how deep the hypocrisy gets around here.

  5. I guarantee that out of all those peaceful protesters, at least 25% of them, minimum, are not allowed to touch a firearm, let alone open carry.

    1. I wonder if he made one of the “ghost” guns they are always railing against. If so, do you think he used a bunch hand files and drills to carve it out? I’m hoping anyway.

  6. Northern gunner, Your hypocrisy never ends. End of the day, I could give a flying fuck what my ex brothers or the Feds, think.

    So I’ve a question for you, it’s sketchy, it’s personal, what do you find to be the optimum PSI for, well you know, banging that sweet Barbie blow up doll, I’m guessing she’s a three holes, and takes it like a pro.

    Or do you do a rapid adjustment for more pushing the cushion, or popping the nack door. Asking for friends up at the county jail.

    How many years did you make it as an Arizona state prison guard, before you were daughter?

    Happy Imdependence Day to you, I fuck with you, but I recognize your contribution.


    1. Dirt,
      Or should I say ‘Turd Breath’..seems appropriate for some
      feckless tradcon openly statist who opens his mouth to fart
      out ideas for committing theft from a rail carrier or a food
      distribution hub…you DO know that both ARE crimes right?..

      Oh that’s right, you supposedly do..because you WERE a
      cop and this, that and the other back in your ‘Col McBragg days…

      So what happened to your ‘tactical foray’ into the Mount Shushmore
      AO..did your ‘Assault Rascal Chair’ conk out on the outskirts of Keystone
      as the bikers roared past and yelled at you to get off the road and ride
      near the median?,…

      Obviously…”A Bridge TOO Far”….LMFAO!!!!

      As for optimum ‘PSI’..wouldn’t know..but you should since
      you’re apparently ‘Gawwd’s gift for blustering blowhard republo-pachyderms’
      You do know that your Mammoth bretheren ARE all extinct, right….?

      As for ‘pushing on the cushion’ ask your ex cop partner..you guys are
      SUPPOSED to be joined at the hip..or something..right?

      Not that I care what you and your ex cop partners do on ‘anniversary get togethers’…
      you and them do what you want…just keep it off MY front lawn..and no noise at 2AM.

      Other than that, feel free to attempt the act of self-impregnation
      with a Dakota Pine Cone and jabanero sauce laced with sand for lube.

      And stop being a worthless parasite doing multiple double dips for
      your ‘retirement’.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Is it time yet?
    When do we get a say!
    How much needs to be lost before we counter ?
    There are many enemies of freedom active, their switches need turning off.

    Tic Toc
    (I stole that)


      1. Hey DMV I hope you see this reply.

        It pains me, but I have to agree with you.

        Sad part is I earned all the rank and badges to do it, to be that leader. But I have discovered this, citizens don’t follow orders like trained soldiers. They don’t give of them selves like soldiers. That’s why they never served, they are selfish. They want to buy it and it work right out of the box.
        But to learn to function as a soldier takes time, effort, sacrifice and a smidge of humility.


        1. Cavguy,
          All these civilian Rambos think they’re gunfighters, never spent one minute on the yellow footprints or an hour walking guard but think they’re ready for full blown insurrection.
          Try explaining web gear and cleaning kits to these guys, NOPE, they already know better. Not a fucking clue of keeping a tight formation or sound discipline either, what about walking point or tail end? Patrol movement or L ambush?
          I see same thing, nobody will follow orders, they know better, even giving advice is ignored. Too much time watching movies has made them invincible warriors. Enjoy the OJT.

          PS, did you see my comment on Challis?, my old buddy has the gun shop up at the top end of Main St. I had a gun shop in Mackay in the late 80’s, know your area very well.

      2. The leaders aren’t going to emerge until the LEOs get the hell out of our way. If those BLM guys showed up and we had a bunch of our own to meet them, no matter what happens, their guys will be hailed as heroes defending themselves and our guys will all go to jail.

        Everyone bitching because cops are being defunded and disbanded? Idiots, we still have cops. Cops are still everywhere, and they still have their rifles and dogs and MRAPs and fatigues and backup and radios and they are still enforcing law. The problem is that they’re only enforcing it against us now.

  8. Told you deluded asshats that you were being spoofed (AGAIN) about Gettysburg, but you’d rather jump around like an organ grinders monkey……always pearl clutching with triggered outrage at my comments that violate your Cuckservative sensibilities.

    DMV GRINGO says:
    June 24, 2020 at 17:12
    As always, since accurate and healthy memories are in short supply, here is a rehash of the LARPing idiocy at Gettysburg, May 2017: https://thenewstalkers.com/community/discussion/32380/kavika/guns-and-kkk-members-at-gettysburg-confederate-rally-but-no-foes-to-fight

    Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent hoax created on social media – July 4, 2020 at 9:58 p.m. EDT


    *Photos of clueless Monkeys LARPing to the max included*

    1. why would anyone think of defending a rag of cloth that has betrayed all who worship it? those who do have IFF themselves as non-critical thinkers and the enemy of Freedom

      it represents BLM, antifa, welfare scum, white tatt’d trailer trash, ‘single whore mothers’ and the ruling class that owns them..

      the us rag is the corporations colors- PERIOD

      1. We Proudly fly the Christian flag over the S.C.
        secession flag, and have done so for nearly thirty years.

        1. Ooooh, Team Globohomo Red is checked, cowed, and reduced to fearful tears by that. Just ask the residents of Little Italy in Baltimore…..oops…..aw, shit!

  9. All larping aside, this statue shit will get serious at some point. Yesterday Capt John Parker’s group was at the wrong venue. Sooner or later this thing is going to go hot. Both sides show up with guns now. If I was a derp stater I’d be looking to engineer such a thing for maximum optics. Either way if you’re not armed 24/7 now you’re wrong.

  10. If the mindset of the shooter is `I dont’s care what’s I hit!` then any sort of sight is pretty much superfluous.

    I refer you gentlemen to the body count in Chicago in any given year as to the reality of the above statement.

  11. That was a pretty impressive show of force there even if one guy didn’t have sights on his gun. It looked like they had enough manpower, organization, and firepower to destroy the carving on the side of Stone Mountain if they wanted to. I’d expect a pro-carving response gathering especially since the black militia called out “rednecks and 3%’ers.”

  12. I see the shit-slinging monkeys finally found the comment section on your new website, CA.
    Shame, I was beginning to enjoy the comments on your site again.

    1. Starting your own blog is always an option. You could pay your cousins Twinkie and Sluggo so that the hit counter is at two.

    1. he wasn’t trying to kid you Dick

      you’re an asshole to the highest degree

      fuck off pigscumcop

  13. DMV it is obvious that (we) the right,/TradAms/”self described patriots” etc. have no intelligence apparatus because none of “us” takes this seriously. Or maybe it is the 3%’ers and “Ku Klux Klaners” who still hold a condescending attitude about this entire affair.

    Being reactionary is getting those guys manipulated by the enemy, effortlessly. Those right wing orgs. don’t want to win, they like fighting losing battles and getting spanked.

    The rest of us need to be real resistance fighters and start with real intelligence and knock off the rumor chasing reactions every time the enemy farts in the wind.

  14. I just had a huge belly laugh over Oberlin college. After the $44 million (down to $33 million due to Ohio law) a student who allegedly sexually assaulted a mean girl after she invited him over to smoke some dopey doper is suing them some more.
    Bwahaha! I love it.

  15. “…they came for the White Southerners and their monuments and culture and I said nothing because I was not a White Southerner.” You folks get my drift. All it will take is another “Lexington Green” moment. Someone will fire a shot and these black-clad Marxist tools will unload on the Georgia State Patrol, or the Georgia National Guard, or whoever their RINO governor sends to secure the Stone Mountain memorial.
    The smart thing, IMHO, is to avoid getting into it with these armed, stupid porch monkeys and the white renegades who march with them. I can pretty much guarantee that once they start slaughtering “The Thin Blue Line” and the Weekend Warriors, CWII will be totally on for real and the blowback against them and ALL who support them will be horrific. Bleib ubrig.

  16. Here’s the Twitter account of the leader. Looks like he did post an announcement there of the rally a few days prior. So this would be a good thing to follow or at least bookmark so as not to get blindsided by the next one of these things: https://twitter.com/TheOfficialGra3

  17. Don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the vast MAJORITY of the “1000” negroes are WHITE. Or talmudics,
    take your pick. Only the loathsome, loudmouth, profane “leaders” are negroes.

    What does that suggest?

    1. How much you want to bet they have Talmud advisors/instigators?
      White Christians don’t want to wake up, their enemy is not who they think it is.

  18. Sights or no, they got that many people to show up, with guns. Hows the other side doing?

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