12 thoughts on “The Woke Breaking Point”

  1. Understand that asking a bolshevist “what their line in the sand is” is
    a exercise in futility as bolshevist’s have “no line” via their ‘moral relativism’

    For them, being ‘woke’ is their form of “being assimilated” (ala the ‘Borg’
    from STNG) and a badge of virtue signalling pride..it also conveys their
    journey mentally into full NPC-hood (which is one of the reasons why they
    so spectacularly emotionally self-destruct when they are forced to face
    reality and therefore the consequences personally of attempting to ignore

    My take on the article, is that the author is very likely a cucked
    semi-emotional creame puff, who if put to the test of reality/
    survival would very likely come in 2nd place (and no one wants
    2nd place..it’s death/destruction!). He’d be too slow to effectively
    do critical decision making and take appropriate tactical/physical

    Lesson here: ‘Don’t be that guy!’

    Other than that, keep prepping, training and networking as possible.

    And leave the ‘Ivory Tower’ bullshit for the ‘Lotus Eaters’…the
    coyotes, worms and buzzards WILL have their way with them soon enough!

    Oh, and Karen needs to shut the fuck up and start make herself
    useful to the universe by earning a living giving quality blowjobs
    to Truckers at truck stops..they’re under a LOT of stress nowadays!
    EVERY Karen needs to step up then kneel down and do their part!
    And Karen will learn quickly to ‘not scrape’ with those choppers!!
    With any luck, she’ll become so good that she can host learning
    seminars for her fellow Karens…”How to give fellatio on the Patio”.

    A ‘relieved and un-stressed’ trucker IS a safe trucker!
    The American Economy supports it’s Trucking industry,
    so donate so Karen can have the knee-pads she needs..and
    lip balm (no kleenex though..she NEEDS to learn to love swallowing!)

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. pretty much an “man” who is attached to a whore is cucked- FACT

      their balls are in their wifes purse, you know, the one the bitch left over at one of her other dicks she swings on..

      you cannot have a relationship with a modern murkin cunt

      even the ugly ones will fuck you over- it’s insane

      put simply it is suicide

      chains and auctions are in the females future

      tfA-t hath sayeth so

      1. Tee, your a fucking looser, go bone your lil Indian butt boy, fucking faggot. My wife of 38 years says she’s gonna stomp you into dog and canned cat food, she ever meets you. Which amuses me greatly.

        Happy Independence Day,


        1. your white trash wife will die horribly like the rest of the murkin scum..

          have a nice day dirt the corrupt pigscum cop

  2. Only a soft weak society of overabundance on the verge of collapse could produce such mongoloid shitstains as the woketards.
    Railing against the man when they are the man. Prattling on about racism when everything has been done to please the vibrants since the early 1960s.
    Over in Iran they watch the CCP owned enemedia “news” footage and laugh with glee.
    Destroyed from within just like Ape Lincoln said.

  3. You’d think they’d have that all worked out before they started torching entire streets of small, mostly minority owned businesses. Funny how the author didn’t exactly address that, specifically.

    An attack of post-mortem conscience, perhaps.

  4. interesting points in the linked piece, thought it is a lot of words to basically say nobody gets to determine what my priorities are, your total lack of prudence because you think what you want me to do is right is still no excuse for your unwillingness to be accountable for what you do, and a last thing which isnt catagorized in any way yet is at the core of why you really really can not determine what my priorities are:
    I’m armed to the fucking teeth exactly because you Woke fucktards stick your fucking nose in my business where it totally dont belong.

  5. I’m wondering if Mr & Mrs McCloskey are asking their Woke neighbors on Portland Place this question. Word on the street is they had more than a couple of Fed vans keeping an (friendly, armed) eye on their house, for what it’s worth. Local security companies pussed-out because of liability if, God forbid, they’d have to neutralize an aggressor.

    1. Wondering if the McCloskey’s have just made another sizable
      donation to black lives scatter..as they have BOTH said that
      they support the organization and it’s goals.

      “Liberal PC [READ: Bolshevist] Atty couple that does PI
      work primarily for the cannibals of Saint Louis.

      And they ALREADY consider fellow whites ‘The Enemy’.

      Yep..it figures…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. I don’t know maybe if you live in a touchy feely world where there is not enough black / white and way too much grey these conversations take place, where I’m at we know when shit is fucked up. The woke nonsense isn’t a thing for anyone I know or have contact with and truthfully seems so retarded. The line is where you cross into my life with your stupidity plain and simple, expect to be treated as such.

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