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  1. BRING IT! I will loose at those odds but it will look just like a civil war battlefield they will litter the ground like the fallen leaves.

    1. Yeah, sure you will. Your next important to do, for the summer, is making vacation plans for Labor Day.

      1. Yep. I don’t think any of us saw it coming. Bad on us. I did find an article in Reason mentioning this group in May, looks like they formed in response to Ahmed Arbury. “Black Gunz Formationz” / “Not Fucking Around Coalition(NFAC)”. They’re nationwide. Found the leader’s Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts. Looks like the July 4th show of force had been publicly planned since mid June. Here’s the leader’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh4s1__5WWRSnurVdhDejcw

  2. Odd how if Whites get together and talk about creating a separate homeland they get called all kinds of names…plus the group would be 99% alphabet boiz.

  3. The John Brown Gun Club and the Coalition of Armed Labor are the paramilitary wings for the Red Guard CPUSA comrades.
    Aggregator pages are saying that Jarvanka Trumpstein is serious about arresting agitators and that SCOTUS removed 1st amendment rights for Soros’ agents.

    1. The right is still waiting for their (((Trojan horse))) to save them, even as it’s collapsing they won’t wake up to reality.
      Just the newest model of empty suit in the WH.

      1. and they will always have their fallback default position of mighty sky gods who save the day!

        wave ol gory and sing the national song

        tie yellow ribbons

        trust your guvmint

        support the pooplice

        love your enemy

        turn the other check

        pray for the sinners

        forgive those who trespass

        be law abiding

        no fort sumters

        high moral ground

        and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on…

        the white race simply doesn’t deserve to continue on

        all heed the wisdom of tfA-t
        ask for his forgiveness
        and beg to be blessed

        it’s your only chance

  4. Don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the vast MAJORITY of the “1000” negroes are WHITE. Or talmudics,
    take your pick. Only the loathsome, loudmouth, profane “leaders” are negroes.

    What does that suggest?

  5. I count about 165+ lightly armed people. No support truck, for food, water, ammo,medical, etc. Not all of them carrying rifles, so they may be medics, etc. They were grouped roughly in four platoons, good on them, the leaders are not obvious. The ones carrying rifles did not look ammo heavy, and I saw a couple of Camel-backs, but not enough of them, or canteens. A lot of fatties, and not enough adequate foot gear for a long march, ie; boots. Anyway, this makes about one line company +re-inforcements. No crew served weapons, a lot of individual camo mistakes brought on by bravura and arrogance. Note the fellow with the yellow crossed linked ammo (?) and the white shirts or off camo attire. They were in formation as for a protest, not a tactical formation, as in no visible flank security, front or rear. I think most of them would be running in the opposite direction if shooting started. This all looks like militia theatre, to scare the normies and intimdate them. I don’t think their El Supremo stopped and thought about the fact they were mostly dressed for forest movement, marching on a road, but again, militia theatre. One well trained and equipped squad could turn these back, no crew served weapons needed. Castro pulled this on the New York Times reporter who saw lots of soldiers marching around. What the rep didn’t see was them changing clothes just out of sight in the jungle. Stonewall Jackson did the same to the Yankees in the Valley campaign, and more than once. This bunch is just a lightly rehearsed mob.

    1. You failed to mention approx 85% of the firearms carried were either shot guns or AR Pistols. If you blow up some of the images there are no optics on some of the AR’s. They need to rename their coalition to “The Inside 100 yards Coalition”. Their day could have easily been ruined.

      1. Exactamundo, Bradarino. You’re a good example of a sharp pair of eyes noticing something important that was over looked. Good on ya, and Thanks! And like I said, they look like militia theatre. I hope everyone here has a better idea why militia is so scorned by regulars.

    2. Thanks Sean. Just 6 mos. ago we watched 22,000 “irregulars” show up in Richmond. I guess they got us surrounded from the inside?

      1. I’ll take the irregulars from Richmond any day over these poseurs at the Confederate monument. The ones in Richmond were composed of a lot of veterans. One thing organization of troops does is produce predictable (to some degree, not total) results. I talked about ammo heavy for a reason. After and before a fight, ammo needs to be redistributed in each squad (Sgt. Horville, do an ammo check) so that each man has about the same amount of ammo on them. This way, a squad leader can roughly decide how long his squad can continue during a firefight. Controlling the fire of a squad is the most important job a squad leader has. Running out of ammo in a fight is a fatal no-no. The squad leader must disengage from a fight before that happens.

  6. One other thing. Not only are they not in a tactical formation, but consider what would happen if they DID come under fire from an opposing militia. Almost all of them are right handed shooters, from the way their rifles are carried. An ambush on the left side of the road would cause more than few of them to shoot their comrades in fear and excitement, because they’re already sweeping them in a right handed carry. Better that they were all at sling arms. As real soldiers know, in a tactical formation, those on the right have weapons carried pointing right, and those on the left, pointing left. Militia theatre. I’m sure the Fudds are quaking.

    1. Good advice from a legit jungle fighter.
      Another thing is always scan down and up, look where you’re putting your feet and then up, most people NEVER look up to see what’s above them. Whether it’s trees or buildings, look to see what could be coming down on you.
      Sean understands trip wires and claymores.

  7. God dam boys, underestimating your enemy is a fools errand. 60 days ago we didn’t even know they exist. A two way range has a lot of ” Luck” involved.

    Zig when you should have zagged, you screwed.

    My fear is failing!. Failing my team members, my family, my grandchildren, my god!

    This is what I fear. It’s not death, its failure to fight smart.

    Never ever underestimate ones enemy.


  8. Fear not!
    Pastor Joe Viking and his christ-insane jew-loving brethren will thwart those armed ruffians by making a shield wall of bibles and smiting them with passages from the torah.
    Bonaventure and Liguori will employ a delaying action by setting up tents and shining their shoes.
    I feel safer already don’t you?

  9. Sigh. It just made me want to get some more target practice. Marching that openly, with a scramble sure to screw up their plans, seems a little parade like. Why are these folks holding the muzzle of their “rifles” with the opposite hand-which is through the sling? I did that in my first training class and the instructor about took my head off. “Do you want to get tangled up in the damned sling when seconds count?” After viewing this demonstration of grit and drama, I will take my chances with the country folks. Better odds, I’m thinking.

  10. Well, well. The “intelligence” was the big fight at Gettysburg, because a social media site was confirmed by law enforcement agency. So all the 3%ers and patriot militias chased a shiny squirrel to Gettysburg and the main efforts were Stone Mountain and Mount Rushmore. Those soibois sure are smarter than some on the right. Great deception and it worked.

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